Heed the Words of Kenny Powers in 3 New Posters for EASTBOUND & DOWN Season 4

     August 21, 2013


It looked like Eastbound & Down had come to a close last season, but La Flama Blanca isn’t going to flicker out that easily.  The fourth and final season of the hilarious HBO series will premiere next month, and three new posters have been released to remind us all why Kenny Powers is one of TV’s most memorable characters.  Each tagline sounds like it could have come from Powers, which makes sense since Kenny Power’s biggest promoter has always been Kenny Powers (with Stevie coming in a close second).

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  Eastbound & Down premieres September 29th.

Via IGN.




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  • Nate B.

    The world can always use more Kenny Powers, and Larry David.

  • who the fuck are you?!!!!

    Kenny, we had a great Hispanic adventure, I got to go ass to mouth on maria, and we found edwardo sanchez, I look forward to what lies ahead good friend, sincerely you’re best friend, stevie J. p.s. Kenny motherfuckin’ powers is back!!!!!