HBO Gets Extra Innings for EASTBOUND & DOWN with a Fourth Season Order

     July 2, 2012


Kenny Powers is not dead…in more ways than one.  He wasn’t dead at the end of what was supposed to be the series finale after faking his death and coming back to be with his estranged love April and their child Toby.  And now he lives on back at HBO again as the cable network has picked up a fourth season of Eastbound & Down with Danny McBride back as everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, morally questionable ball player.  I guess that explains why the network was so hellbent on calling the last episode of Eastbound & Down a season finale rather than a series finale.

It’s not clear whether this fourth season will actually be the last now, but Variety says it will have eight episodes just like the previous third season.  I don’t know how HBO convinced Jody Hill, David Gordon Green and McBride to do another season as they seemed pretty keen on ending on a high note, but it’s happening.  The question is where will the series go now that Kenny Powers is supposed to be dead?  I can’t imagine he’ll go back to baseball again, but that always took a backseat to his personal problems anyway. As a big fan of the show, I supposed it’ll be nice to have McBride back as Kenny Powers, but I was already fine with the way the series ended, so I hope this won’t be a sad encore for the hilarious comedy series.

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  • penisface

    good, cause i love the show & it “ended” dumb as fuck

  • Steve

    As long as the same creative team is intact i’m not worried. The magic that is Kenny Powers’ personality could flourish without being tied to an obligatory “Trying to get back to the majors” story.

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    Well its better and going in a new direction. He’ll be doing some job like Jet Ski rentals/gator trapper/carnival worker in Florida or Texas. Then u add the “Elvis sightings” angle with Kenny Powers sightings and becomes an urban legend. It should be like 7 of 8 years later and his kid hates him and thinks he’s a loser. April hates him as well and he decides to reveal himself so his kid can see just how big of a deal he was (in his head) and April will respect him again. He then gets a hold of Stevie, his dad and brother and makes his big reveal and guess what…nobody giving a shit. Ah yeah, big ol’ titties!

  • Finn

    I didn’t like the end at all. I thought it got lazy. I didn’t buy the way he just walks off the field like that after three years of trying to get back to the big leagues. The only reason I’m happy for a 4th season is maybe they can make up for the third, which I thought was the weakest.

    • KENNY

      I think you may have missed something here. Its exactly what Kenny Powers would do! He is not about trying to get back into the big leagues, he has the same brain that some X-Factor contestants have. They don’t wanna be singers, they wanna be UBER FAMOUS!

      Him walking off the field at the biggest game of his life, in his head, was Christ like, Legendary, and his own mind bigger than actually playing. He wanted to be remembered for doing it thinking people would look at him as the coolest mutha ever to have lived. To Kenny, walking off was the next level, and faking his own death. Well as someone else put it, he wanted to be remembered like Elvis/Bruce Lee. etc etc.. And him coming back from the dead, again, in his warped mind, Christ like all over again.

      But, in series 4, I’m betting thats NOT how the people outside his head will see it.

      And I can’t wait!!!

  • Hunter


  • Kenny Powers

    I’m back motherf*ckers !

  • Stephens

    I really wish he would go back to teaching at the middle school again. I thought that was part of what made the first season so great was the mixing of his insane ego and personality and a bunch of awkward middle schoolers. The third season was definitely the weakest, hopefully they can make up for that by having a kick ass fourth season.

  • Underground Anthem TX

    Wow, I guess I’m in the minority that thought the 3rd season was a return to form (Loved season 1 but I thought season 2 was pretty bad).

    I kinda liked how they ended the 3rd season, and was totally satisfied with that being the finale. Hopefully, they’ve got something else to say and it’s not just a cash grab, because with that character you need to have an underlying message or it just gets way too obnoxious.

    If Hill and McBride have a kick-ass story, then I’m looking forward to it!

  • Zachrifice

    Agreed with Underground Anthem Tx. The first season was great but I thought the 3rd season was much better than the 2nd. I wasn’t a huge fan of how they left it, so I’m all for another season.

    Hopefully they show more interaction between Kenny and Casper cuz that was one of the best aspects of the show IMO.

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