Ed Helms to Star in THE NAKED GUN Reboot for Paramount

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Apparently Ed Helms has become the go-to guy for classic comedy reboots.  He was poised to topline New Line’s Vacation reboot until creative differences over the film’s rating led to it being delayed, and now Paramount has tapped Helms to step in for Leslie Nielsen on a reboot of The Naked GunVariety reports that Helms will star in a new Naked Gun film with Night at the Museum and Reno 911! scribes Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant penning the screenplay.  Plot details are unknown at this time, but Helms will be playing a new version of the Frank Drebin character that Nielsen made famous in director David Zucker’s 1988 original The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Paramount went on to make two more Naked Gun sequels in 1991 and 1994, and the films carried Nielsen’s signature brand of slapstick humor.  It should be interesting to see if this new film will be in keeping with that style or if Lennon and Garant will tailor the redo more to Helms’ sensibilities.  Watch the trailer for the original film after the jump.


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  • Doug_101

    WHAT???? No, no, no, no. The Naked Gun WAS Leslie Nielsen. Just let it go and put Helms in “Screwball Cop Movie” as Hank Blebbin.

  • bydavidrosen

    The only thing stopping me from throwing my computer out the window is how great the people involved are… But it’s still something that should never happen. Why not just make a new movie. How many people is the name recognition gonna really get that they couldn’t just get with a random funny cop movie starring Ed Helms?

    • Jcool

      If you watch Hell Baby, the last thing Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant wrote, you might end up throwing your computer out the window.

      • bydavidrosen

        Believe it or not I kind of loved Hell Baby haha. Not in a timeless classic Naked Gun way… But it was probably the best spoof I’ve seen in at least a decade.

      • Jcool

        Well i guess every movie has at lest one fan.

      • bydavidrosen

        I’ll take it willingly haha.

    • Doug_101

      I felt the same way about 21 Jump Street. Funny, funny movie, but had no connection whatsoever to the television show aside from some cameos from the old cast. That being said, Depp’s cameo was pretty great, but beyond that, just call it “Young Cops” or even better “Not So Slim Shady.”

  • kdoc13

    Ok, two problems with this. First, Ed Helms doesn’t do slapstick humor or deadpan like Leslie Nielson. He’s totally the wrong type of actor for the role. I can see Patrick Warburton before I can see Ed Helms in this part. That part is so associated with Leslie Nielson, and his type of humor, that you really need to give it about 30 years before you even consider replacing him. Otherwise it’s Alan Arkin as Inspector Cluseau, or worse, Steve Martin as Inspector Cluseau.

    Second, you’re trusting a re-make of a beloved classic, with all kinds of sight jokes, puns, layered humor to the guys who think funny is an ambiguously gay cop in tight shorts, and a fat girl in a thong swimsuit on a beach (See the Reno 911 Miami movie) or a fat guy playing ping pong (see Balls of Fury). Without the original Zucker Abrams Zucker team, this isn’t going to be Police Squad, but fart, fat and frat-boy jokes that pale in comparison to the original.

  • Jay

    …..ok….. I like Ed Helms and I like that Thomas Lennon is writing… but I am such a big Leslie Nielsen fan so this just seems weird. Also I always thought Alec Baldwin could be the next Leslie Nielsen (started in Drama and says his lines really seriously for hilarious effect)

  • mattinacan

    if they are going to do this, Ed Helms is a great choice. i hope he dyes his hair white.

  • mattinacan

    if they are going to do this, Ed Helms is a great choice. i hope he dyes his hair white.

  • garymcc101@live.co.uk

    Why why why? It’s just not needed, no matter how great Ed Helms is it’s never gonna match up to the originals. Why not just make a new cop comedy, there’s no need for it to carry “The Naked Gun” title.

    • axalon

      Why not just make a new cop comedy, there’s no need for it to carry “The Naked Gun” title.

      Why not make a new cop comedy

      Why not make a new


      ^ That word doesn’t exist in Hollywood

  • doctor_robot


  • Get it?

    Will Ray Lewis or Aaron Hernadez have a role as his partner?

    • Murdoch

      HA HA HA HA HA! Hernandez, definitely!

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  • Héctor Pérez Tovar

    This hurts…..let’s just remake everything now! come, let’s remake Citizen Kane with Michael Fassbender, or MP and the Holy Grail with James Franco and Seth Rogen or why not Young Frankenstein with the cast of 30 Rock! Damn you Hollywood!

    • Thomas K.

      Honestly, I’d be cool with all of those as long as Citizen Kane was the only one actually taken seriously.

      The last two not as much, but…

      Imagine a Fincher directed CK with Fassbender. I’d be down for that.
      I know I’d probably be the only one, though. haha.

  • Thomas K.

    Okay, let me just say I love Ed Helms.

    But WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!
    How are they going to be giving this man the Vacation series AND The Naked Gun series.
    This is absolutely idiotic.
    Outside of Andy(theOffice), and the Hangover series, He’s overacted in everything else I’ve seen him in.

  • Snarky

    I have a thought:
    If they really want it to be in that ZAZ style of Airplane! and Police Squad! why not subtitle the film “From the Files of The Naked Gun”. This would allow the film to exist in the same world and in the same style with a nice little nod to the “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!” while still allowing Ed Helms to be his own character with his own quirks and foibles.

    • JoeNiqua

      That’s the only good idea to have ever come from this.

  • Lance

    The Naked Gun worked because Leslie Nielsen cut his teeth playing the kind of hard boiled tough characters Police Squad was spoofing, and so he was able to play Frank Drebin completely deadpan. He was perfect for it.

    I like Ed Helms, but he plays shy, likable goofballs. I haven’t seen him do anything that suggests he could pull off Frank Drebin without changing him into another run of the mill comedy screw-up.

  • Al Conyado

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! On so many levels NO!!!!!!!!!!

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