Eddie Murphy Confirmed to Host the Oscars

     September 6, 2011


It seems like the Academy is making a serious effort to makes the 2012 Oscars somehow worse than last year’s clusterfuck.  First, they hired Brett Ratner whose name inspires confidence in no one except for Brett Ratner.  Then last week we learned that Ratner wanted his Tower Heist star Eddie Murphy to host the ceremony.  Now Deadline is confirming that Murphy will MC next year’s show and I am confirming that I have somehow found a way to be even less interested in the Oscar telecast.

I have multiple problems with Murphy.  First off, he hasn’t top-lined a good film since Bowfinger.  Second, he hasn’t taken a chance since his dramatic supporting role in Dreamgirls didn’t win him an Oscar.   He doesn’t really try to give comic performances any more and phones in awful family comedies.  Finally, and this one is just a personal preference, I think an Oscar host should have the ability to do self-deprecating humor to balance the jokes he or she is going to make at the audience’s expense.  That’s never been Murphy’s style.  The only upside to this news is that we get to see how Murphy does stand-up on a big stage a scant 24 years after Raw.

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  • Serena Price

    I wish Eddie Murphy would do movies for adults again like he used to and ceases doing children’s films. It would be sad and disappointing if he doesn’t.
    Everyone is ready to give up on him. He has alienated his fanbase for years and has seemingly gone out of his way to make lousy children’s movies, with only the occasional adult film once in a while.

  • Rohit

    “but now that Murphy’s name is out there, I want Murphy, and I will settle for nothing less. Maybe I’m missing something, but Murphy—even in this dull latter stage of his career—is the perfect Oscar host, right?” -Collider post.
    I thought Collider was excited about Eddie hosting. Confusing for readers seeing wildy extreme opposite reactions.

    • jazzy jace

      Y’know what Rohit, I thought I was the only who misread Matt’s signals – I guess the joke was on us. Eddie Murphy sold out a long time ago and should look at former SNL alumni Bill Murray (whose career just gets better and better). But this is the same Eddie who tried to convince Simon Cowell in the 1980s he was a singing God (he wasn’t; just another ignorant douchebag!) The only time the Oscars means something is when Billy Crystal hosts it.

      • The Train!

        the author of those statements was Brendan Bettinger, not Matt Goldberg. my assumption on most blogs is that the writers are not providing you with the editorial position of the blog itself, but their own position. clearly, Brendan is more excited about Murphy being the host than Matt is.

        @enigmatic: actually, the problem seems to be that whenever Matt writes anything, people feel inclined to complain about his writing style, as though being a blog on the internet is the same thing as being a news page in the national press.

    • Enigmatic

      I think the problem is the Matt Goldberg seems to have a problem with just about everything.

      • Samtrendi

        Gotta agree with Enigmatic … Matty G just seems to be a hater.
        Eddie Murphy will do wonderfully, it will be funny and entertaining.

        He can simply draw on his coming to america personas and excite the crowd.

        I think if you wanted youth, you go with Justin Timberlake, ladies love him and he can deliver the heck out of a joke.

        my $.02

      • Ash

        Matt is definitely a hater.. He’s probably a virgin too. Go get laid Matt and lighten up. Eddie has done some shit stuff over the years.. but he’s still got more talent in his little pinky than you..

  • Tarek

    Chris tucker is a better choice, if they need a comedic actor.
    Murphy is alas a has been now.

    • Al

      AND CHRIS TUCKER ISN’T?! haha he hasn’t even made a movie since 2007 and then his last movie before that was 2001. Either way Murphy cannot be ANY worse than Ann Hathaway and James Franco.

      • Tarek

        With a slight difference: Chris didn’t play in movies like Norbit or Dave. You must be forlorn to do that! ^^

  • JLC

    This actually makes perfect sense. Maybe the Academy has finally figured out that young people will not watch the Oscars, no matter who hosts. Better to get someone who their parents recognize. Murphy may not have done stand-up in 25 years, but when he did, he was one of the best of all time. If he has even 50% left in the tank from Delirious and Raw, this could be at least decent.

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  • Boo

    The Oscars are pointless

  • james

    Even if it is a massive trainwreck, it will not be boring. Brett ratner makes money, unfortunatley. one of the maj0or problems of last year was that hathaway and franco are simply not that funny and when your live you cant pretend like you do. Eddie murphy at least is funny on stage. Personally, i would prefer dave chappelle to host the oscars but that will only happen in my dreams

  • AlexHeyNa

    I personally think Josh Groban should host the Oscars. That probably sounds like a weird choice to 90% of you, but he is actually quite hilarious. I saw him live and he knows how to put on a show.

    Either him or Seth MacFarlane. He can sing, he’s funny, and he’s classy. The perfect combination for an Oscar host.

  • sense 11

    Seriously what a dumb blog, have you seen Eddie Murphy doing stand up, this is a brilliant move. Sure he makes a lot of shit movies but his live skills are immaculate.

    I disagree with you

    • The Train!

      but Matt is right about murphy’s style. eddie murphy’s persona is confident, not self-deprecating. when i think of eddie murphy’s two comedy films, humility is not a trait that occurs to me. so despite his being a great comedian, i believe Matt’s point remains: maybe he wouldn’t be so great at being a HOST. and certainly, other great comedians wouldn’t be great oscar hosts. it’s not a dig against murphy’s talents as a comedian (supposing he can still find them) to suggest that he may not be right for this job.

      • Alex-mansy

        Murphy’s style is not deprecating it’s straight up nasty, and I mean that in a new way.

        Well they’ve convinced one viewer to give this Oscar’s a go.

  • saabguy85

    Your right about Eddie Murphy but your still a huge D-bag Matt! lol

  • Roy Batty

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’m actually excited about this.

    On the other hand, Matt Goldberg’s cynicism and sardonic humor needs to stop. It’s good make these articles funny, but it’s all too negative and opinionated.

  • deniropacino

    Goldberg, please just write your “original” screenplay and go to Hollywood. stop bitching about everything because you’re not part of Hollywood. you’re like a kid blogging and hating everything. go do a Hollywood satire since you know everything wrong about Hollywood. Geez man.

    i’d see Murphy first before judging him

  • next year

    i know he couldn’t be a host this year(as he will probably be nominated for atleast 3 categories), but GEORGE CLOONEY should HOST THE OSCARS.

    he’s the “joker” in Hollywood. and A listers love him. he’ll be able to make fun of them. everytime Clooney goes up there, Academy members love him.

    next year, George may not have a film so there won’t be a conflict. GET HIM TO HOST!

  • T. Van

    A “has been?” Not “self-deprecating?” Are some of you confusing Murphy with Andrew Dice Clay? Considering the broad fan base that he’s developed from Axel Foley to Donkey (e.g. an age range going from early teens to people in their 60′s), you’d be hard-pressed to find a better host on those grounds, alone.

    Never mind his comedic ability, relationships with other stars and “unique” history with the awards. It’ll be cool to see him as the “conductor” of the Oscar train.

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