BABY DRIVER Will Be the Next Edgar Wright Film

     July 22, 2014


Every cloud has a silver lining.  When Edgar Wright left Ant-Man back in May, a lot of people were understandably disappointed (Wright himself probably chief among them).  But here’s the thing, what that really means is that we’re getting more movies that are his vision top-to-bottom.  More “Edgar Wright Movies.”  For eight years it looked like Ant-Man could actually fit in that category, but forces at either Marvel or Disney began to push back.  Personally, I’m glad Wright didn’t waste another 18 months working on something that might have felt diluted by executive notes.

Wright fans now find themselves in a happy scenario where they’re getting a new movie from him sooner rather than later.  It’s called Baby Driver.  You may even remember this title being bandied about 6 years ago when he signed a two picture deal with Working Title Films following Hot Fuzz (the first film under that deal ended up being The World’s End).  Back then the film was described as “a wild spin on the action and crime genre which will be set in the U.S.” And now it’s apparently happening.  Hit the jump for more on Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver.

baby-driver-edgar-wrightPer Deadline, the film is in the vein of the Cornetto Trilogy and is a “collision of crime, action, music and sound.”  It appears that Wright will be the sole writer on the script.  There is no word yet regarding any involvement from Simon Pegg or Nick Frost, so we’ll have to wait and see on that one.  Baby Driver is said to be on the fast track so hopefully we won’t be waiting too long.  The film will be produced by Working Title’s Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Nira Park. Working Title has a deal with Universal, so it’s likely they will distribute (but not yet official).

I’m elated by this news.  This makes all of the Ant-Man drama worth it, and I’m happily surprised it’s coming together so quickly.  I’d much rather have a movie with Edgar Wright’s vision intact than something compromised.

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  • appolox

    HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • jk

    Best news of the day!

  • TigerFIST

    It’s great I guess but he was going to do another movie eventually. I STILL WANT EDGAR WRIGHT TO DIRECT ANT-MAN & AM PISSED HE’S NOT!!!!!

  • TigerFIST

    I’m still pissed with Marvel/Disney for dropping the ball. Guess they were afraid of original fresh quality and wanted the same olé shit! It’s messed up that they had no idea how to use the property, had two phenomenal writing to helm the script (Wright & cornish), and had test footage from Wright that they couldn’t have come up with themselves, then change things enough to force him out then bring in someone they could control. Total crap and Marvel keeps having fallouts with directors!!!!!

    • eternalozzie

      I cant believe you are still crying about this … the entire movie had to be re-written because Wright did something weird to the script … he’s a good niche film maker but in the end probably wasn’t a good fit because most large blockbuster films are ran by a team of film makers not just the director …

      • TigerFIST

        Dude don’t reply if you don’t know what you’re talking about. The entire script wasn’t completely re-written per Fiege. And how do you know Wright did something weird to the script? You don’t.

      • eternalozzie

        I didn’t realize you were in the room when they were written by Wright. Or were hiding in the bushes looking through his window? Have you seen Wright’s movies? … they are goofy humor pieces … 3 of them are the exact same humor … and I sure that’s exactly what he turned Ant-Man into causing Marvel to have to rewrite the whole thing.
        No one here is dissing your idol … he just wasn’t a team player nor the man to write a Marvel movie and Marvel realized their mistake too late.

      • TigerFIST


    • blahblahblah

      speaking of Disney, there is this one Disney song you should listen to called “let it go”

  • Ted

    Am I the only person on Earth who didnt give ONE fuck about Edgar Wright (who I respect as a filmmaker) leaving the directors chair of a Marvel movie? It seems like the majority make this seem like such a fucking drama…

    • dude

      Oh, you must be so edgy and cool. Congratulations.

      • milo

        Funny, I keep getting the impression that those whining that Wright was the only one who could make this movie were the ones wanting to be “edgy and cool”. Realizing that there are other good directors in the world is just common sense, nothing seems “edgy and cool” about that.

      • dude

        Good directors? Like who? The guy who did bring it on and yes man?

      • El Maskador

        Well played

    • vpuik

      No you’re not.

    • im mister manager

      I’m not a fan of marvel movies but Edgar Wright making one got me interested. I got over it pretty quickly though.

    • eternalozzie

      No Ted … you are spot on … it’s just a few people fangirling over Wright

    • BigJimSlade

      The only time I’ve ever given ONE fuck about a Marvel movie was when Wright was attached to one.

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