Eduardo Noriega Set as Villain Opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in LAST STAND

     October 11, 2011


A formidable foe has finally been chosen to square off against Arnold Schwarzenegger in his comeback project Last Stand. Variety reports that Eduardo Noriega (Blackthorn) has been cast as the villain in the action pic. The story centers on the sheriff of a sleepy border town who serves as the last line of defense against a drug cartel leader headed for the Mexican border. Noriega will play the cartel leader, fleeing to Mexico with $400 million in tow. Kim Jee-Woon is directing, and the cast includes Rodrigo Santoro, Peter Stormare, Zach Gilford and recent addition Jaimie Alexander.

Spanish actor Noriega’s resume includes Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone and Alejandro Amenabar’s Open Your Eyes. Schwarzenegger is currently filming a stint in The Expendables 2, photographic evidence of which was tweeted earlier today showing Schwarzenegger standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. Last Stand opens January 18th, 2013.

  • Katy Terry

    I’m really disappointed that there are no big stars joining Arnold Schwarzenegger in his comeback film.

    • dude

      Stone Cold Steve Austin is rumoured to be in the film as well.

    • Agent_Black

      Big stars? That would be awful and desperate. you can go and see The Expendables for that. For my money Arnold was at his best choosing lesser budget films with better written scripts….Terminator and Predator for example.

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  • Agent_Black

    I have mixed feelings about this film, I wasn’t exactly bowled over at the thought of Arnie’s return to acting considering his mediocre run and drop off throughout the 90′s. My interest was piqued a little when I was given the impression that this would be a western style stand off with Peter Stormare as the villain, an actor who is woefully underused in my opinion despite stand out performances (yet bordering on minor roles) in Fargo, Chocolat and Minority Report to name a few. That said, Noriega was a cold son of a bitch in The Devil’s Backbone so i’ll reserve judgement and reman cautiously optimistic.

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