CBS Greenlights New Contemporary Sherlock Holmes Series ELEMENTARY

     January 17, 2012

The contemporary series Sherlock, which takes the iconic detective and brings him into modern day Britain just garnered a third season, but now CBS is going to try and bring the classic literary character to the United States with a new series called Elementary. THR reports the network has just given the greenlight to the series from writer Robert Doherty who will also executive produce with Sarah Timberman (Unforgettable) and Carl Beverly. There aren’t any details on the series except that in will see Sherlock living in New York City. That could very well mean this won’t be a British detective anymore. Honestly, I can’t say I’m all that thrilled with the prospect since the BBC has delivered such a stellar contemporary series already, but we’ll see what happens.

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  • Cumberbutt


    • Michael

      Yes. Because there’s certainly never been an adaptation of the brilliant original Sherlock Holmes character before.

      I love Sherlock dearly. I genuinely cried watching Reichenbach, and I don’t do that. But that doesn’t give the BBC a right to have the only adaptation on the market. Hundreds of actors have played Sherlock Holmes before. If this one is good, it’ll be good without effecting the BBC’s; if it’s bad it’ll get cancelled and you can ignore it.

      • Drake

        America already has a version of Sherlock Holmes it’s called HOUSE M.D. he live at 221 b for gods sake, doesn’t CBS understand this.

      • L.

        Because it’s definitely not a coincidence that they want to make this exactly at the same time that Sherlock is making such a huge success.

      • Robin

        Yes, because it’s definitely not a coincidence that Sherlock was made after Richie’s film was a general success in the movie industry.

        Wait. What?

        You mean several companies are coasting along the current Sherlock Holmes trend? Oh.

        Yeah, I agree with Michael. BBC doesn’t own Sherlock Holmes and CBS is well within their rights. Who knows, they might make a unique show that doesn’t bomb; then fans will have TWO wonderful shows to satisfy all their fan-needs. The only harm that can come from this is CBS screwing up and losing their own money. Ironically, that doesn’t impact us, so let off it and let the company do their thing.

  • Shira

    Wow, a modern Sherlock Holmes? I wonder where they got THAT idea!! Moffat– STOP THEM!

  • Perihar

    It’s elementary that this will be a disaster! :’(

  • Christi

    What? WHAT?! I’m all for good adaptations, and plenty of them, but this is just a clear and blatant rip-off of BBC’s brilliant “Sherlock”. I’m sorry, moving him to New York is NOT a big enough change. And Holmes in America? That just sounds like we’re off to a bad start already…
    I don’t want to live in this country anymore.

  • sense 11

    Elementary will fail because its a bad idea, a really bad idea

  • grittymcgritterson

    Funny, since Sherlock- as it turns out- never actually said “Elementary My dear Watson.” that should show the level of thought that went into this…

    • Beast

      That was my first thought as well.
      I don’t expect much from this if it can’t even get its facts right.

    • renner

      The name of the show isn’t “Elementary My dear Watson”, it’s just “Elementary”.As quoted from The Adventure of the Crooked Man:

      Holmes chuckled to himself.

      “I have the advantage of knowing your habits, my dear Watson,” said he. “When your round is a short one you walk, and when it is a long one you use a hansom. As I perceive that your boots, although used, are by no means dirty, I cannot doubt that you are at present busy enough to justify the hansom.”

      “Excellent!” I cried.

      “Elementary,” said he.

      Holmes did use the term “elementary”, so it fits as a title for the series.You just assume it’s a play on that phrase.And it doesn’t matter if he actually said that phrase, as it’s still associated with the character.

  • jack

    this will fail not because there can’t be another adaptation in the modern day, but because whomever they choose to play holmes could never hold a candle to benedict cumberbatch.

    • grittymcgritterson

      Also, ABC.

      • grittymcgritterson

        sorry, worse; CBS


    This could be good or bad, but either way it’s obviously a shameless rip off of BBC’s success.

  • J

    while im all for great adaptions
    this really just seems like its riding on the back of the BBC’s version, after its garnered so much acclaim recently.
    And i dont have a lot of confidence in american adaptions, or CBS. So i’m calling this one out as probably rubbish.

  • Mark

    The US already has its interpretation of Sherlock Holmes. It’s called house. Holmes and Watson. House and Wilson. A genius in his field who is an arrogant show off and struggles to main human connections. Sound familiar? There’s even a “near death” moment in the House episode “Out of the Chute” that very much echoes one of the final scenes from the recent Sherlock episode “The Reichenbach Fall”.

  • pa,e;;la

    LOL. Holmes in America? Preposterous! A Sherlock Holmes without an English accent is like a fish with no gills.
    It’s a blatant try to top over BBC’s Sherlock and gain more profit. Besides no one can top Benedict’s acting skills.

  • jessie

    Total rip off of the BBC.

    They’ll never do as well because they dont have the greatest actor in the world playing Sherlock. Cumberbatch is god.

    • Emily


  • Hanka

    CBS is crazy?? This series of its not enough?
    Only Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock!

  • Sundari

    Greedy CBS. I can’t wait to see who they cast as Sherlock and Watson though. Should be hilarious.

    I’m also really looking forward to the U.S remake of Misfits. Good luck with that.

  • Cumberbitch

    Why does every good British show get remade in America?! Why not just save some money and just show the ORIGINAL?

  • Hasnan

    BBC one Sherlock was the best Sherlock based adoption. But i will definitely see the CBS version also, cause Sherlock is my all time favourite character. For those who don’t know Elementary name is taken from the famous quote of Sherlock Holmes in earlier movies, ” Elementary my dear Watson” and frequent use of word “Elementary” by Sir Arther anon Doyle in his stories when Sherlock is explaining deductions he had made.

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