Eli Roth to Direct Russell Crowe as Dracula in HARKER

     July 10, 2012


The Dracula re-imagining Harker looks like it’s finally moving forward, but a director change has been made.  In February of 2011, Orphan director Jaume Collet-Serra came aboard to helm the Warner Bros. pic, which follows Scotland Yard detective Jonathan Harker as he tries to track down that pesky Dracula.  Russell Crowe joined the project this past February, but now Eli Roth looks to be making a return to the director’s chair as he’s poised to take over from Collet-Serra.  Hit the jump for on Roth’s bloody return to the big screen.

eli-roth-harkerPer Deadline, Warner Bros. is keen on fast tracking Harker, and Collet-Serra has has his plate full with the Liam Neeson actioner Nonstop, among others.  Thus, Roth is now in talks to take over the director’s chair and helm a bona fide vampire pic of his own.  While it was previously reported that Crowe would be playing Harker, Deadline notes that he’ll actually be taking on the Dracula character instead.  This marks a sort of streak for Crowe, as Dracula will mark yet another iconic role for the actor in addition to the upcoming NoahLes Miserables, and Man of Steel.

As for Roth, he hasn’t helmed a feature film (excluding his short seen in Inglourious Basterds) since 2007’s Hostel: Part II.  He’s currently working on the Netflix series Hemlock Grove, but Harker should prove to be meaty material for the horror veteran.  Warner Bros. is hoping that Harker is the first film in a franchise that will see the detective getting his sleuth on in future installments.  Crowe’s deal is only for the first film, so presumably Harker would be tracking down other creatures of the night.  With the large-scale Noah getting ready to begin production in a matter of weeks, the hope is now for production on Harker to get underway next year.

  • pooper

    “excluding his short seen in Inglourious Basterds”

    Dude is english your first language?


    Is there any “feature” film in Roth’s filmography that should justify my interest or hope in this project’s success?

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  • I hope this comment is worthy

    No one cares about Dracula

  • Rohan

    If Russell Crowe is looking forward to step low, and put a bad mark on his career he’ll say yes and work with Eli Roth. I have nothing against Eli Roth personally, in fact, I liked his small work in Inglorious Basterds, but as a film-maker the guy is sadly not talented at all.

  • mattinacan

    Roth is a one trick pony hack

  • terry

    Are you serious! Crowe is a fat feeaking hack. He sucked as Robin Hood. How the hell could they have cast that fat bi*** as Hood? SMH.
    Now that douche wants to do drakcula. WTF!!!
    Next he’ll be staring in a remake of Gone With the Wind directed by our favorite German hack Ulle Bol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406422932 Fredick

    don’t ever talk shit about carpenter’s the thing. It was Intensly teryrfiing from the start, with terrifing mystery. A hideous monster that takes any form. An environment so isolated you don’t ever feel an ounce of mercy from the director. Relentless fear and suspense, unlike an hour of college antics before you even get to the lame freshman film school gore of hostel, and then a cheery get away safely ending. The thing ends with every one fucked. Keith david and Kurt russell sitting in the snow knowing they are going to freeze to death, all their comrades are done in, and they sit back and take it like men.During the testing of everyones blood, who doesn’t wince when everyone gets their thumbs slashed? And I still don’t have the timing down for when the blood leaps from the dish away from the hot wire, It makes me jump (and anyone else, I gaurantee it) every time.The kill bills were silly and spunky with the retro style fetishes but were clearly the begining of the end for tatentino. As the black album was for metallica.

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