Elijah Wood to Play Serial Killer in MANIAC

     November 4, 2011


Elijah Wood shined in the debut season of FX’s Wilfred, but now the actor is taking on hallucinations of a decidedly darker sort. The actor has nabbed himself the lead in the indie remake of the 1980 serial killer pic Maniac. Deadline confirms (as first reported by Bloody Disgusting) that Wood will play a serial killer who works at a shop that sells antique mannequins, and spends his spare time stalking prey on the internet and planning out his kills. The character suffers hallucinations that take him back to when his mother abused him, and he gains a sense of revenge against his mother each time he kills a victim. Nora Arnezeder (Safe House) also stars, as reported by BD. Franck Khalfoun (P2) is directing the indie, and Alexandre Aja (Piranha 3D) and Gregory Lavasseur (The Hills Have Eyes) are onboard to produce.

Wood is set to reprise his role as Frodo throughout the year-long production of The Hobbit, and recently completed work in the dramedy Celeste and Jesse Forever. His voice talents will be on display with the release of Happy Feet Two on November 18th.

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  • George Cloof

    Saw story on Rotten Tomatoes…laughed as I clicked on it, thinking how funny it would be if it was a remake of the 80s movie, instead of some quirky comedy.


  • Warpcrafter

    What’s this about Frodo somehow being in The Hobbit? He hadn’t even been born yet! They’d better not make the whole damned movie a bunch of flashbacks told to Frodo by Bilbo, like the Neverending Story. That would suck so bad.

    • christine

      Like Jordan N said they second hobbit movie is a bridge from hobbit to lord of the rings. Frodo will have a small role in it. have faith! they will be awesome.

  • Jordan N.

    Supposedly The Hobbit will be two movies, with an epilogue in part two that bridges the gap between The Hobbit and LOTR. I share your concern, though.

  • Martyn Conterio

    I think fair play to Wood for taking on something very dark. The shotgun death scene in the original is amazing and it’ll be interesting to see how they top that one.


  • cheese

    Reading the rottentomatoes title “Elijah Wood is a Maniac”, am I the only one who pictured Elijah Wood in a black leotard, getting doused with water on stage?

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