Author Elmore Leonard Dead at 87

     August 20, 2013


Legendary and prolific author Elmore Leonard has died at the age of 87.  The acclaimed and influential writer worked in various genres, and over twenty movies were based on his books.  Notable adaptations include Out of Sight, 3:10 to Yuma, Get Shorty, and Jackie Brown, which was based on Leonard’s Rum Punch.  Leonard’s writing also crossed over to TV with Maximum Bob, Karen Sisco, and the beloved FX series Justified.

I’m deeply ashamed to admit that I’ve never read any of Leonard’s books, but it would be foolish for anyone to ignore his impact on modern American writing.  Our deepest condolences go out to Mr. Leonard’s family and friends. [THR]


  • Bronsolino

    RIP Elmore Leonard. A true G.

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  • sadfasdfasdf

    How come Lee Thompson Young didn’t get an article yesterday when he died? Racism perhaps?

    • Why is people like don’t burn before you type things or say things to stop idiocy from escaping people’s brains. One could also be argued that the main audience here probably is not up on knowing who Young was… and with all due respect to Young and his family for their tragic loss… using someone like Elmore Leanord as a beacon to express this idn’t even on the same playing field.

      • it*

  • Al Conyado

    Holy shit 2013 is taking all the legends. R.I.P

    • Daniel O’Reilly

      And three of them were connected to Get Shorty (Dennis Farina and James Gandolfini being the other two).

  • Kale

    Wow, this year has taken a crap load of legends. RIP to another great writer. Don’t feel bad about not reading his books, because I haven’t read his books or watched any of the movies that are based on his novels.

  • Agent777

    A great loss, but it’s also great that he came out of self enforced retirement to write more before he moved on. His paperbacks will grow musty, and adorn the shelves of used detective fiction shelves right next to Chandler and all the greats.
    It’s sad he’s gone, but he contributed so much that really we should celebrate what we were all luck to have.

    And if I might recommend the Ellroy book the Switch, which was a prequel to Jackie Brown, and featured Ordell and Lewis, great book. It’s a breezy, fun read, and to pay real tribute, let’s get some of his titles up the amazon bestsellers list.

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    If you’re ashamed to say you’ve never read Elmore Leonard, don’t say it Goldberg. Just go read one.