Emma Watson Set to Star in Sofia Coppola’s THE BLING RING

     February 29, 2012


Now that a yearly Harry Potter shoot is no longer a part of their schedule, the stars of the most successful film franchise of all time are starting to branch out. Daniel Radcliffe has been making a successful run on Broadway in between film projects, and now Emma Watson is preparing to stretch her chops as a leading lady. Variety reports that Sofia Coppola has tapped Watson to star in her next project, The Bling Ring. The film is based on the true story of a group of teenagers who robbed the homes of the rich and famous between October 2008 and August 2009, coming away with over $3 million worth of loot from the likes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, and Lindsay Lohan. Coppola wrote the project, which she will also direct and produce.

I think Watson has incredible potential and I’m excited to see her take on a Coppola film. I didn’t love Somewhere, but Coppola has an undeniably unique voice and a knack for making young actresses flourish onscreen. Watson just wrapped The Perks of Being a Wallflower and is set to re-team with Potter director David Yates on an adaptation of the memoir Your Voice in My Head. The actress has some challenging dramatic material ahead of her and I’m eager to see Watson come into her own.

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  • nile

    emma watson is not successfull actress.she is same mimics in all movies,tv movies and commercials.
    if we must talk about young actress,shailene woodley,rooney mara and carey mulligan are best.

    • Evan

      Yikes, if Shailene Woodley and Rooney Mara are the cream of the actress crop, then we are in for a world of pain. Woodley may have been good in the Descendants, but I think her years’-long work as the worst actress of a terrible cast of Secret Life of an American Teenager is a much better indicator of her talents.

      As for Rooney, what the hell has she done that is so great? Dragon Tattoo was lackluster at best, and she didnt create nearly the iconic character Noomi Rapace did. Also, she was the star of one of the worst films of the decade – The Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Yuk!

      Mulligan I feel is a bit overrated, but has some talent for sure. I would definitely place my faith into actresses like Chloe Moretz, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Olsen, and even EmmaWatson WAY before I give roles to Woodley and Rooney (and dont get me started on the awfulness of Mia Wasikowska and Lily Collins).

    • Evan

      If those actresses you listed are the cream of the crop, then we are in trouble indeed, because they are awful.

      I am much more inclined to believe that Shailene Woodley’s talent is better reflected as the worst actor on the terribly acted Secret Life of the American Teenager as opposed to the small role she had in the Descendants.

      As for Rooney Mara, what in the world has she ever done? Dragon Tattoo was lackluster at best (reflected in the BO), and she didnt come close to creating the iconic character (most people would still point to Noomi Rapace as the definitive Salander). Then, she also STARRED in one of the worst films in the decade – the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. She has yet to do anything exciting or incredible.

      I admit that Carey Mulligan seems to have some talent, but she is a bit too weepy in most of her roles for my taste – so I reserve judgment on her.

      I would definitely give roles to Chloe Moretz, Dakota Fanning, Jessica Lawrence, Zoe Saldana, and even Emma Watson well before I would give it to someone like Mara or Woodley (and dont even get me started on the awfulness of Mia Wasikowska or the girl from Mirror Mirror).

      • Modigliani

        Poor box office for Dragon Tattoo? It grossed 100 million in the States and another 100 overseas. That’s not awful.

        Furthermore, box office gross indicates NOTHING about the quality of a film. Spy Kids grossed 147 million. Fight Club grossed 37 million in America and Canada. Is Spy Kids a better movie than Fight Club? Hell no. Is Fight Club’s 37 million dollar box office indicative of its cinematic quality? Hell no.

  • chris

    Coppola and Watson? Hell yeah!

    • cloxlider


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  • lady blue

    I’m so looking forward to seeing Emma in a serious acting role. She developed into quite a good actress during her Harry Potter stint, and on top of that she’s a super sexy young lady now! Go Emma go!!!

  • clara

    I’m excited! Daniel did well in The Woman in Black…I think Emma will also be great!

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  • Matt

    Absolute nonsense about criticizing all those young actresses.

    Do you know where half the stars of today were at the same ages as most of these people? Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, George Clooney, on and on and on and on…everyone starts somewhere.

    You can’t delegitimize them because they appeared in bad stuff in their first roles. Or even that they looked bad in them. It really has nothing to do with their long term ability.

    I’m not sure about Watson but she’s beautiful and has a clean image, and that will get her good roles a while.

  • emma good

    I love you