Allison Predicts the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards Winners

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The 2012 Emmy Awards air Sunday at 8pm on ABC during all of your other programming (set those DV-Rs!), so is the show worth watching?  Will there be any upsets?  Or will it just be worth it to sit there smugly as Bryan Cranston wins again for Breaking Bad, turning to your friends, significant other or Siri and saying “I totally called that.”  Hit the jump to see my predictions for who will win and whoshould win Sunday night based on Vegas odds, rumors, secret handshakes, the predictability of Emmy voters, with maybe an upset or two thrown in to keep things interesting.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Will Win: Modern Family

Should Win: Veep

Modern Family is a great show and it will win without question, but Veep was a hidden gem in the lineup this year.  Not only was the acting superb but Armando Iannucci and his writing team are truly exceptional.

Outstanding Drama Series

Will Win: Mad Men

Should Win: Breaking Bad

Odds-makers are pretty split on these two series.  My heart says Breaking Bad should win and deserves to blow the other (great entries) out of the water.  My brain says that Emmy voters will pat themselves on the back for giving Mad Men a historic fifth win.  Fantastically packed field in this category, though.

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Will Win: Louis C.K., Louie

Should Win: Louis C.K.

I’m going against the grain here, since most predictions point towards Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) to take this category for a third time.  There are always upsets though, and I think this could be the category that does it.  Louis C.K. has the double positive of being both edgy and deserving, and this should be his year.

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

Should Win: Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

The Emmy voters love Louis-Dreyfus, and even though Veep was mostly overlooked elsewhere, the voters may stick with what (and who) they know.  Amy Poehler deserves a nod, but may not get it.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Will Win: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Should Win: Bryan Cranston

breaking-bad-season-4-finale-image-01He is the danger. He is the one who knocks. It’s a little weird that Jon Hamm (Mad Men) has never won for his portrayal of Don Draper, but sorry guys, you can’t have everything!

Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Will Win: Claire Danes, Homeland

Should Win: Claire Danes

Just like with Bryan Cranston, there is not another named mentioned in this category other than Danes. She should win and will, and then we can all tune into Homeland next Sunday and watch her put in another bid to win next year.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Will Win: Someone from Modern Family

Should Win: Max Greenfield, New Girl

Max Greenfield has no shot, I just like to give him notice when I can. This category is going to be a toss-up among Eric Stonestreet, Ed O’Neill and Ty Burrell, but my money is on Burrell, who really carries the show.

max-greenfield-new-girlSupporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Will Win: Julie Bowen, Modern Family

Should Win: Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

Frankly, Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live) probably deserves it the most (if only for legacy reasons), but Modern Family can’t be stopped.  Even though Bowen is likely the win, the biggest criticism of the show is formula and repetition, something most easily embodied by Bowen’s character Claire, who is shrill and uptight and plays one note with about three expressions.  Vergara still keeps things fresh and is beloved, so she could (hopefully) pull an upset on her co-star.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Will Win: Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad

Should Win: All of them

This category breaks my heart, because I want Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) to win All The Things.  I want the same for Esposito as well as Slattery (Mad Men), too.  And as much as I like him, I don’t think Peter Dinklage deserves to reclaim his spot with the trophy this year, even though he remains one of the most accessible parts of HBO’s dense series Game of Thrones (and the odds-makers like him for it).  I’ll be glad for anyone who wins this and sad for all who don’t regardless of outcome.  Strong field.

mad-men-christina-hendricksSupporting Actress in a Drama Series

Will Win: Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

Should Win: Christina Hendricks

I think Hendricks will run away with this without question.  Maggie Smith may be Queen of the Quips on Downton Abbey, but no actress in this category exuded more complicated feelings and pathos on screen this year than Hendricks.  Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) will get overlooked again, unfortunately, but despite Gunn’s strengths, Hendricks still should take the prize.

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FB Comments

  • Amy Ray

    Slattery wasn’t nominated. Jared Harris was.

  • reality check

    Ridiculous. Veep is not only not funny, it’s not even watchable. If it weren’t for Two Broke Girls it would be the worst thing on television. It deserves to be given the electric chair, not any emmys. Breaking Bad and Mad Men are okay, but there are many other shows as good or better than them – it’s too bad you only apparently watch the same overblown, overrated shows every year like the rest of the emmy voters.

    • bence

      You probably enjoy Big Bang Theory

    • Jesus

      As someone who watches everything. There genuinely is no drama better than Breaking Bad on TV right now in terms of consistent writing, performances, scope, and sheer genius. Name something that comes close, I beg of you.

      • nyckage

        Well breaking bad is greatest on tv right now, but still a notch below The wire

  • Mike F.

    Breaking Bad is not “okay”, the show is phenomenal. I cannot speak for Mad Men, but considering the praise, it is obviously not just “okay” either. Though I have only ever seen a few episodes of Veep, I would hardly say the show deserves the “electric chair” as you so elegantly put it. Please, give us your list of “better” television shows, you are obviously some all-knowing wizard of television knowledge. It pisses me off every time I scroll down to read comments like this. If you are not going to comment with something intelligent, only throw undeserved and mindless hate everywhere, just don’t comment. Seriously, Reality Check, was there any important purpose besides to take shots at television shows you want to hate just because they are popular and get renown acclaim? If you do not provide examples of better pieces of television, as you say there are, and why, the post you made is an unneeded spewing of hate that adds nothing to the conversation these comment sections are surely intended to be for.

    • foles36

      Nicely put Mike F.
      Forums should always be constructive and those who choose to spew their puerile bile all over
      such opportunities need to be reminded of that.
      ALSO Breaking Bad is the bravest and most intelligently realized show I think I’ve ever seen so
      fingers crossed it finally gets recognized for everything it’s achieved in screenwriting and acting.

  • foles36

    Nicely put Mike F.
    Forums should always be constructive and those who choose to spew their puerile bile all over
    such opportunities need to be reminded of that.
    ALSO Breaking Bad is the bravest and most intelligently realized show I think I\’ve ever seen so
    fingers crossed it finally gets recognized for everything it\’s achieved in screenwriting and acting.

  • elikias

    I have seen a few episodes of Veep and I have no idea why it was nominated for an Emmy. It’s really nothing special. It’s nowhere near as good as Louie which wasn’t even nominated, Girls, Bored to Death which was cancelled, or even Modern Family.

  • Coach

    Do you guys understand the concept of “will win”… there is no way Louis C.K. WILL win a Best Actor trophy for playing the challenging role of Louis C.K.

    Also legacy is not a reason someone should win.

    Also John Slattery…. NOT EVEN NOMINATED

  • Armando

    Let’s not forget Damian Lewis from “Homeland.” A great villain that you find yourself rooting for

  • Armando

    Let\’s not forget Damian Lewis from \"Homeland.\" A great villain that you find yourself rooting for

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