Lionsgate Still Deciding Whether to Go Forward on ENDER’S GAME Sequel; Could Go with TV Spinoff Instead

     November 8, 2013


I enjoyed Ender’s Game, and while the film met predictions at the box office on opening weekend, the true expectation of any potential franchise is to absolutely dominate.  Lionsgate, the studio behind Ender’s Game, didn’t get that dominant box office performance, and now they’re mulling over whether or not they should pursue a sequel.  According to Variety, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told analysts that the studio will “wait another week or two” before it decides whether to make another film based on the Orson Scott Card series of 13 novels (novels that are much weirder than the original book).  This isn’t an encouraging sign since Lionsgate is making its decision made based on perception rather than reality.  The film’s true financial success will be measure in ancillary revenues like home entertainment sales and TV rights.

However, even if Lionsgate decides to pass on a sequel, they might not give up on the property entirely.  Feltheimer says they’re also considering a TV spinoff.  I assume in order to save money, the characters will always decide they’re not up for a game in the battle room.

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  • enderandrew

    I’m assuming if they do a sequel, it will be Ender in Flight, or something from the Shadow series.

    Speaker for the Dead means literally recasting everyone, and that book may be near unfilmable.

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  • Leo Spaceman

    This movie doesn’t need a sequel. It was solid and well done movie that works very well as a one off. The thought of a TV show is a horrible idea and should not be encouraged by anyone. None of the stars would return and it would merely be little kids playing games with horrible kid TV actors.

    The story stood on its own two feet quite well. I read about what happened in the sequels and they don’t sound anything like this movie. They would have to come up with their own story line to keep things consistent for the general movie audience who don’t know about the books.

    Don’t read this paragraph if you haven’t seen the movie and want to. And where would the story go. Oh, the aliens we blew the f**k to kingdom come are somehow back and potentially going to invade us even though they didn’t want to invade us again after they realized we were living people. Lets go trick the brilliant Genius Ender into doing our bidding again.

    Let this good solid film end here and be remembered as is. Hollywood execs need to learn to stop sucking the single titty dry, there are plenty of titties in the world.

    • enderandrew

      If you’ve read the books, there is a series of 4 that basically covers what happens in the immediate aftermath on Earth. I’m assuming that is what the TV show would be based on if they went that route.

      • Lex Walker

        I know it’ll never happen, but I do want to see the Speaker of the Dead continuation, granted the movie didn’t spend enough time inside Ender’s head to really make spin-off work and it’d be an entirely different audience.

      • enderandrew

        Speaker is my favorite in the series. I just doubt it will happen.

      • Lex Walker

        Sounds about right. I remember reading it as a kid though and just being totally confused for the first 100 pages as I tried to grasp the complete tonal shift from Ender’s Game to Speaker. With a book, that’s fine, with a multi-million dollar franchise that’s suicide sadly (though Speaker could be made pretty low budget short of the piggies).

    • Jantakan Khamkhangkwa

      i agree.(and i heard Ender’s game can’t make it that much.) It’s sad because i like this movies. But we can be a kid only one time in our life. Ender has to grow up. we’ve seen so many sci fi and I’m not sure if i still like it.

  • verasgunn

    Most of Ender’s stories would probably not do very well. I think Bean’s Saga would be pretty brilliant, but they didn’t put a lot of emphasis on Bean or Ender’s Jeesh in the movie to do a sequel based on it.

    Bean’s saga could probably make for a pretty decent TV series though.

    • Person

      would love to see Bean’s saga happen.

  • Lance

    Money from ancillary sales is predictable at this point, Matt. Sure, there could be a surprising number of DVD sales, but Lionsgate can’t count on that happening.

    The headaches caused by Card probably put a ceiling on the box office, and limited interest amongst the younger crowd, even as it helped boost Card’s book sales.

  • Hamish

    What network would even air it? Nickelodeon?

  • Hamish

    What network would even air it? Nickelodeon?

  • aviv

    ender’s game is the best movie ever, the idea, everything is special (Expects to continue of this Stunning movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11)

  • Wichada Wisanbannwit


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  • Raymond XD

    Please make another movie of ender’s game . i want to see him grow up and i want to know if he succede there mission in life .