Final Trailer for ENDER’S GAME Starring Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, and Ben Kingsley

     August 6, 2013


Summit Entertainment has released the final trailer for director Gavin Hood‘s adaptation of Ender’s Game.  The film tells the story of Andrew “Ender” Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), a young boy sent away to Battle School to hone his military skills in order to save the world from an impending alien invasion.  As someone who hasn’t read the book, I was pretty underwhelmed by the previous trailers.  However, this final look at the film does a nice job of selling the massive scope of Ender’s Game, and it finally gets across the stakes that Ender faces.  The visual effects are mighty impressive and the ensemble cast is more than proven, so here’s hoping Hood delivers a worthwhile adaptation.

Hit the jump to watch the final trailer.  The film also stars Hailee Steinfeld, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, Abigail Breslin, and Harrison Ford.  Ender’s Game opens November 1st.

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Here’s the official synopsis for Ender’s Game:

In the near future, a hostile alien race called the Formics have attacked Earth. If not for the legendary heroics of International Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), all would have been lost. In preparation for the next attack, the highly esteemed Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford) and the International Military are training only the best young minds to find the future Mazer.

Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), a shy but strategically brilliant boy, is recruited to join the elite.  Arriving at Battle School, Ender quickly and easily masters increasingly difficult challenges and simulations, distinguishing himself and winning respect amongst his peers. Ender is soon ordained by Graff as the military’s next great hope, resulting in his promotion to Command School.  Once there, he’s trained by Mazer Rackham himself to lead his fellow soldiers into an epic battle that will determine the future of Earth and save the human race.


  • Cobby
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  • Lex Walker

    Oh good, another trailer that not only gives away the ending, but actually makes it the main focus. W. T. F. Hollywood?

  • Petras

    I have read the book many times and listened to the CD version, which is phenomenal. The trailer does not give away the true “ending” of the book, nor does it, in my view, show “Ender’s Game”. This is a vital plot point. The question is whether the PTB who made this film capture Ender’s journey beyond the generic tropes displayed in this trailer. I enjoy what is on display, but that last bit with Ender screaming “NOW!” is far more theatrical than what actually happens. So, let me ask a question: “When you near the end of a game you are playing, how do you feel knowing it is going to be over the moment you make one simple move? And you win. Then what if you dropped the Hiroshima bomb and went to visit the city years later and they were waiting for you to show up?” If they do this right, you will be devastated and hopeful.

  • Petras

    Okay, so I asked TWO questions.

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