May 7, 2014


Fresh off last night’s drama pilot pick-up news from Fox, the network has announced a trio of cancellations along with news of pilots that it will be passing on (via THR).  Briefly:

  • Enlisted – The freshman comedy series revolving around a Rear Detachment unit has been canceled.  The show hailed from Cougar Town producer Kevin Biegel and garnered positive reviews, but it failed to build an audience on Friday nights after its midseason debut.
  • Dads – In a slightly surprising move, executive producer Seth MacFarlane’s live-action multi-cam comedy starring Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green has been given the ax.  Though the show never caught on like MacFarlane’s animated shows, some thought Fox might give it a pass given how lucrative MacFarlane has been for the network.
  • Surviving Jack – The shortest-lived series of the bunch, this Christopher Meloni-fronted comedy only debuted at the end of March but is being canceled after six episodes.
  • Rake – On the drama side, the Greg Kinnear lawyer series has also been canceled.
  • Additionally, Fox has decided to pass the comedy pilots Dead Boss, Fatrick, and No Place Like Home.

Stay tuned over the next few days as the other networks announce cancellations and renewals ahead of next week’s upfronts, where they will unveil their 2014-15 schedules.

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  • Bob Sacamano

    I’m so glad they canceled Dads it was awful. But MacFarlane didn’t create Dads he just produced it.

    • David Landis

      I gave the pilot a chance. I watched it until the first commercial break and said, “Never again.”

      • LEM

        Same here.

      • Kevin Carter

        I only saw the ads for the show and thought it was terrible. Seemed like something they’d churn out in the 80′s.

      • Kpaqu1

        But in the 80s the writers were on coke. What’s McFarlane’s excuse?

      • Earych

        LOL! Ouch.

  • DNAsplitter

    Surviving Jack wasn’t that bad. I actually enjoyed it. It wasn’t amazing but I thought it was better than a lot of their other programs on Fox.


    Dads was a reminder that not all funny people are funny every week. FXX and FX are embarrassed they even came from FOX,they refuse to ride in the same limo.

    • Kevin Carter

      I couldn’t believe ‘dads’ was ever made…

  • doc

    I’m glad Enlisted failed. I didn’t watch it but the few photos and posters I did see were an embarrassment to the Armed Forces.

    • Scurvy

      The show was actually very respectful of the military.

      • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

        …and my impression was that military guys actually liked it. Or, the few who watched it anyway.

      • TJ

        Military guy here, even though I’m Navy it was fun to watch an Army show, it had heart.

    • randommale7

      It was actually a really nice show, not great but nice…

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    Fox cancels (fill in the blank) is really not news anymore.

    • ResurrectRider

      Too true…

  • JimJam

    shame about Rake… Fox needs to give some of this stuff a bit of a chance

    • Kevin Carter

      Should be picked up by someone else….

  • TrekBeatTK

    Trouble with Enlisted was the time slot. I think it could have done well on Sunday night, in the old Malcolm in the Middle slot. It had that kind of feel to it. I knew Rake was going even though it was a good show. And Surviving Jack needed more of a chance. Again, expecting people to latch onto a new show immediately in a 9:30 Thursday time slot is silly. Particularly as Thursday is the night with the most established fanbases.

  • Kevin Carter

    Gutted that Rake has been cancelled. I really enjoyed that show.

  • Jaclyn L.

    Dads was painful to watch. Rake was just kinda, meh. Enlisted was just a filler show for me, it was entertaining and had a good supporting cast. How many more shows are they going to give Geoff Stults, btw? Surviving Jack was hilarious, I’m so bummed this is going away! I’ll miss Christopher Meloni in that part.

  • TJ

    Damn, watched all except Dads.

  • thefinalword

    Good thing I didn’t watch any of these shows. Vaguely remember an advertisement for enlisted and thought I could get around to watching that. Was a huge fan of The Finder until big suprise, fox canned it. I’m used to this sort of thing from fox. Full of shows I never want to watch, shows I like get a short run before the plug gets pulled.

    Examples: The Tick – Never would have thought the live action show would be hilarious and addictive until I saw it. Insta-hooked until cancellation.
    Tru Calling – Eliza Dushku nuff said.
    John Doe – Admittedly, I’m not sure why I stopped watching this show after an episode or two, I think it had a weird time slot I couldn’t keep up with.
    Dark Angel – Jessica Alba as a dark heroine. This was cancelled why?
    Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – Oh come on! It was in the middle of a very dramatic plot point where the terminator was losing control when it was pulled. Kinda played it up and down from the series start regarding the terminators humanity in question.
    The Finder – This show was quirky and sometimes predictible, but the main character was extremely funny at least once an episode. So worth it on that point alone. The backdoor pilot from bones was pretty good, I wish he had stayed with the girl throughout the series but it didn’t work out that way. They had good chemistry.
    Firefly – The show was good. The movie didn’t quite have me as invested as the plot threaded through the episodes, plus major deaths dampened the experience.

    Potentially I would have watched almost human, seems like it just started.
    I liked The Lone Gunmen’s quick appearances on X-Files, show was iffy, but I watched it just because I liked the characters. Did not like how their story was brought to a close. Would have rather had them stay guest characters rather than that happening.

  • Shaun Smith

    Just bring back 1313 Mockingbird Lane and Happy Town and no one gets hurt.

  • johnrf

    I liked Surviving Jack. It was the best of the bunch. Didn’t get a fair chance. How can they cancel shows after 3-4 episodes? Seems the advertisements determine whether a show survives or not.

  • johnrf

    I liked Surviving Jack. It was the best of the bunch. Didn’t get a fair chance. How can they cancel shows after 3-4 episodes? Seems the advertisements determine whether a show survives or not.

  • bobf123

    jack was a good show, fresh, funny and entertaining. you screwed up FOX!

  • ilr1950

    I never watched any of those shows. Too much of contemporary ‘comedy’ is founded on the idea that really stupid people are funny. They arent. They are annoying.

  • Leo Spaceman

    Law and Order has become utter unwatchable S**t since the new showrunner came in and brought a new cast with him. Its now a horribly written melodrama of Benson and new friends and an occasional who dunnit it not so cleverly thrown into an episode here or there as it tries desperately seem deep or important to those who blindly follow the media’s interpretation of the liberal and/or progressive movement of only rich white people are evil in the end and all minorities or oppressed while initially perceived as guilty and found to have done no wrong as in reality it was the rich white guy who set the whole thing up.

    Losing Stabler bought the Coffin. Getting rid of Munch and Cragen nailed it shut. Making Benson a “sexual assault” victim for the what is it? third time without ever having actually had her suffer the assault and then give her flash backs and constant therapy sessions buried it deeper than Andy Dick’s Anal cavity.

  • James Peacock

    I’m afraid — I agree with you Leo.