Doug Ellin Nearly Finished with ENTOURAGE Movie Script; Film Picks Up 6 Months After Series Ended

     September 12, 2012


For anyone still itching to see an Entourage movie, the film just became a bit more of a reality.  Series creator Doug Ellin recently revealed that he’s on page 110 of the screenplay and he’s nearly finished.  The movie will pick up six months after the show’s series finale left off, with Ari (Jeremy Piven) now a fully-fledge studio head and Vince (Adrien Grenier) hours away from some impending nuputuals.  Ellin notes that Ari’s studio head status was “page one” for him, but the film also focuses on Vince and his crew “still hanging out and going to fun parties.”  Who needs character development anyway, eh?  Hit the jump for more.

entourage-movieThe film is still far from a foregone conclusion, as HBO has yet to look at the script.  Deadline cautions that the network also has to strike deals with the ensemble cast, so there are quite a few moving pieces that have to come together in order for the film to move forward. The quality of Entourage tapered off greatly after the first couple of seasons and I find it hard to see how a feature film is necessary/enticing.

Ellin’s assurance that the movie will still see the characters “hanging out and going to fun parties” is a bit depressing, since that’s exactly what they did for the duration of the series.  That said, the show does seem to have its fans and I’m sure they’re eager to spend a couple more hours with Vince and the gang.

  • jcho

    Is anyone really waiting for this?

  • Johna

    Yes we are waiting for this in case you didn´t know this, Entourage is the longest runing show ever for HBO they were on for 8 YEARS! so yeah there are a lot of fans and we are hoping this will become a reality PLEASE HBO MAKE IT HAPPEN

  • Johna

    YES WE ARE WAITING FOR AN ENTOURAGE MOVIE the show was on HBO for 8 years! it was so much fun it has a lot of fans over 2 million on facebook

  • ScaredForMovies

    They should have gave Ari and Drama a spin-off years ago. Only reason it was worth watching at all. I could stomach Vince but wasting time on E and Turtle stories was lame.

  • ShaneT

    I didn’t mind this show when it was on HBO, but really?!? We get this, but not a effing Deadwood movie? Sigh…

  • LEM

    Did anyone remind them it started as a comedy?
    ShaneT is right we should have gotten more Deadwood.

  • Person

    Still really wanna see this; even though the last season was terrible, there were seven great seasons before it.

  • Matty

    THanks, but where is the FNL movie?

  • James

    I have followed this show from The Pilot episode to the finale, so yes, Im looking forward to a movie happening.

  • Bill

    Awful news. I enjoyed having these talentless hacks off the airwaves. Will the funding for the film be provided by Valtrex?

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