ENTOURAGE Movie Gets Greenlight from Warner Bros.

     January 29, 2013


It appears that the long-promised Entourage movie might actually be happening.  Creator Doug Ellin and executive producer Mark Wahlberg have been touting a feature film version of the HBO “comedy” series for quite some time, and now Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has given a greenlight to the project.  Ellin wrote the script and will direct the movie, which he previously revealed takes place six months after the series finale.  Hit the jump for more.

When the show last left off, Jeremy Piven’s Ari was offered a studio head position and Adrien Grenier’s Vince was heading off to get married.  We know very little about the storyline that Ellin has planned for the feature film, but he previously stated that the movie will focus on Vince and his crew “still hanging out and going to fun parties.”  I’m sure that won’t at all be tedious or boring to watch in a full-length movie.

Per Deadline, deals are currently being worked out with series regulars Adrien Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, and Jeremy Piven to reprise their roles for the film, and we can safely assume that more than a few other cast members will pop up as well, in addition to one or two celebrity cameos.  There’s no word on when production might begin, but with The Hangover trilogy coming to a close this May, one assumes WB will want to move forward on Entourage sooner rather than later.  And dudebros the world over rejoiced.


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  • sense 11


    • Que

      Your face is FKn overrated !! … I don’t know what that means, but I can’t wait for an Entourage movie.

    • dogg

      Hell yeah! Entourage never claims to be more than dumb fun, but it’s VERY GOOD AT IT.

    • dogg

      Entourage never pretends to be more than dumb fun, but it’s VERY GOOD AT IT.

  • VicManMan

    VICTORY!!! – Johnny Drama

    • Kaluha

      Hug it out, B*tch!

  • Northern Star

    If Warner Bros feel confident enough in this to greenlight it, it begs the question as to why 20th Century Fox have yet to officially greenlight the much-delayed ’24′ movie… get with it Fox, and get Jack Bauer on the big screen!

    • RunnerX13

      Apples and oranges.

  • Tom

    vince quits acting after he marries alice eve (even though they only knew each other for two days), ari can’t decide whether or not to take the studio head job, until some crazy as fuck, citizen kane-like thing comes along and ari is like “vince would be perfect for this!” so he takes the job, but vince doesn’t wanna get back into acting, and turtle is in prison for sexual assault, and drama is in a psych ward after he tried to kill himself, and e is just douchy e. but turtle gets out of prison, drama gets released from the psych ward, and e gets into a big fight with sloan for no reason, so they all band together to try to talk vince into being in the big movie, then he’s in it, and it’s a huge success and he wins an oscar. roll credits, that was a waste of time and money

  • Just a Poor Boy

    Please, God, please, let this be an excuse for Emmanuelle Chiriqui to finally take her clothes off.

    • Kaluha

      Not a chance. I heard she is a relative of some big shot. Now that she is semi famous, she would not do that

  • Your mum’s Danny Devito

    I was a big fan of the show. I am glad that they waited a while to do this movie. The final season was dreadful and left a real sour taste in my mouth. I just hope that the movie can rekindled the early seasons of Entourage that were fun, sexy & cool.
    Holding my breath for a good movie….

    • Bruce LeeRoy

      If that’s the case I’ll bet you would love the
      Saprano’s Movie(-_-)

  • Kaluha

    I think Ari becoming a studio boss (although the movie would cease becoming a story based on the real agent Emmanuel Ari) would create all kinds of interesting conflicts. Can he still show his loyalty to Vince, the star that made him a star? Can he, the biggest boss in town, still be sideswiped by his past mistakes or indiscretions? Will Lloyd be pulled along for more adventures? Can Turtle be his own man? Can Johnny? Would E become the new foil for Ari now he is becoming a powerful agent himself?

  • Bruce LeeRoy

    I’m going karate kick tha shit out of anybody who thinks this will be good! LMAO Can’t wait to see all the comments change on here when they announce a change or addition to the movie! Whoever likes this news can’t complain about what Michael Bay did to TMNT(which I will go see) and what J.J. will do to Star Wars(same,depends how long It is). Why Warner Bros.? You held out on JL but green lit this bullshit!

  • GIA

    Love it! I CAN NOT WAIT BECAUSE I WILL FOREVER BE A FAN the only people complaining here are the non-fans of the show bunch of haters, what do you care if a movie gets made? are they asking you for money or something? THANK YOU WARNER !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bruce LeeRoy


  • burlivesleftnut


    • REALLY?

      Because the actors realized they couldn’t get any other acting gigs after Entourage and they want to make a little more cocaine money.

  • Anthony

    I agree with a lot of you, the final season (and really the 7th season too) seemed thrown together and honestly, wasn’t worth watching. I’ll pay to see this movie out of some sick sense of loyalty stemming from what the first six seasons were.

    Sadly, I don’t expect much out of this film.

  • Anthony

    I agree with a lot of you, the final season (and really the 7th season too) seemed thrown together and honestly, wasn\’t worth watching. I\’ll pay to see this movie out of some sick sense of loyalty stemming from what the first six seasons were.

    Sadly, I don\’t expect much out of this film.

  • Scott

    Vince is at the top of Hollywood, then he gets hooked on meth, then he gets clean and stars in Aquaman and friends and ends up back at the top. So he flies away in a private jet. Again.

  • Tom

    It would actually be pretty hilarious if adrien grenier cameod as aquaman in JL

  • Bruce LeeRoy

    The First 8 Seasons Excellent! Then they got tired of their own show
    and took it out on the viewers! Why do people agree they were let down but still
    want this whack-ass movie! LMAO

  • MJ

    Why are they making an Entourage movie…aren’t those guys all like well into their 40′s now? It’s just not believable. They should pair them up with the Sex and the City girls and do an Over The Hill Gang reboot. LOL

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