Eric Brevig to Direct Brendan Fraser in WILLIAM TELL 3D

     September 7, 2011


Everything about this sentence is awful: Yogi Bear director Eric Brevig will reunite with his Journey to the Center of the Earth star Brendan Fraser for William Tell 3D.  This sounds like a disaster in the making—let’s break it down.  Brevig parlayed his solid run as a visual effects of supervisor on such films as Total Recall, Men in Black, and The Day After Tomorrow into a directing career that, after two films, is the definition of uninspired.  Fraser’s recent work is making it hard to maintain my policy of rooting for all Brendans.  And these two are joining forces for William Tell 3D, which is kind of title you make up to mock the 3D fad.  Gah.

Brevig replaces Nick Hurran in the director’s chair; the $27 million production is relocating to Romania and Switzerland for a March 2012 start date.  Chad and Evan Law (Hero Wanted) are tweaking their script with a family audience in mind.  Hit the jump for more on their take.

Deadline passes along this synopsis from the producers:

Tell is a revered historical figure in Europe. Hermann Gessler, the local potentate of the Hapsburg monarch, forces Tell to shoot the apple off his son’s head because he refused to bow before Gessler’s hat. Tell drills the apple cleanly and wins both his and his son’s freedom. When Gessler asked Tell why he had two arrows in his quiver, Tell informed him that the second was for Gessler, had Tell missed with the first arrow. His defiance ignited an uprising against the Austrian government that led to the formation of Switzerland.

If this movie had an apple on its head, I’d aim for the heart.

william tell

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  • Tarek

    Poor Brendan…The Mummy (1) was his first and last good movie.

  • Ned Danson

    I’ve always preferred Brendan Fraser’s smaller films such as With Honors, The Last Time, Journey to the End of the Night, The Air I Breathe that no one sees or go straight to DVD. The only movies that he is in that get publicity are the godawful huge blockbusters like The Mummy films, Journey to the Center of the Earth, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Inkheart, etc.

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  • Natalie

    Let’s give these two gentlemen a break here and maybe a chance right along with that. I really think that the concept is pretty cool…I see why the studio wants to create a story like this…it something that the younger generation can really learn from. Ask any twelve to fifteen year old who William Tell is and they’d probably wouldn’t know…I mean he’s no Justin Bieber….so it’s kind of educational in a sense. The 3D part might add a twinge of fun, it’s not needed but people may still want to see it in this format. And lastly eric brevig is a pretty decent director so I have faith that he can pull this tractor together pretty well. I mean, the last director who was attached to this film what were his credits exactly? Did they stand up to brevig’s? His experience in. Special effects can really gives him more of an advantage to have a greater vision for the film…so the directing choice here makes complete sense. Brendan Fraser…we know he’s had a rough time recently in his career, trust me I think he’s realized that now since he’s changed agents. He’s not only stacked up bucket loads of work, but bucket loads of more decent quality work….and that’s something I’m proud to see. Don’t believe me….look up the Irish Comedy “Whole Lotta Sole” or ” Gimme Shelter” the indie drama in which he stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens or even the Four Kings which Fraser will star alongside Eva Longoria….so give the man a break, he seems to be trying to find his niche again…something tells me don’t write em off just yet, he remembers last year I don’t think he wants his career to be put in that position EVER again. Your fans Eric and Brendan are rooting for you! Woot, Woot!!!! Now drop it like it’s HOT!

    • Tarek

      Senator Natalie. Reading you brings warm feelings to my heart.

      But for certain, Senator, in grave danger Brendan is. So he must put it right this time.

      And last thing: Tell him to lose at least 20 pounds, ’cause he looks like a donut now.

      Ps: I’m a fan of Brendan.

  • Sugreev2001

    Of all the heroes in all of the world,they had to make a movie on William Tell…in 3D no less.