ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Gets Reboot Treatment with Plans for a Trilogy, Liam Neeson May Star

     March 18, 2013


John Carpenter’s 1981 post-apocalyptic thriller Escape from New York is the latest property to get a face-lift.  The original starred Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, an eye-patching wearing, bank-robbing convict tasked with venturing into the maximum security prison that has become Manhattan in order to rescue the President (Donald Pleasence) and gain his freedom.  A reboot was attempted a few years ago but New Line let the rights lapse.  Now, Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures and Studio Canal are teaming up to bring a new look (and a new face) to the franchise with plans of an origin story and eventual trilogy.  Hit the jump for more.

escape-from-new-york-kurt-russellAccording to Deadline, Silver is looking to do more than simply rehash the original picture.  The planned trilogy will start with an origin story similar in tone to how Rise of the Planet of the Apes set up the rest of the films.  A search is currently underway for a writer, but there are already a few frontrunners for the leading man.

Back when the project was under reboot consideration, with Neil Moritz producing and Breck Eisner (The Crazies) in line to direct, Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hardy were all mentioned for the lead.  Since Silver and Studio Canal have previously partnered on Liam Neeson-starrers Unknown and Non-Stop, we can assume that Neeson might very well be under consideration to strap on Snake’s eye-patch.  However, Neeson and Russell are roughly the same age, so it would make sense for a reboot, and especially a trilogy, to go with a younger leading man.  Hardy’s got the edge on youth, but any of these guys would bring an interesting angle to Snake.  Who’s your pick?  Let us know in the comments below!


  • Christian

    Neeson is almost the same age as Kurt Russell. They might as well just do a sequel instead of a reboot. I’d much rather see that.

  • Mark



      Agree. He’s a dead ringer for Kurt Russell. They could be brothers.

    • aces15224

      I agree three. Liam Neeson is no Snake Plisken. I’m tired of that old fart.

    • Alex Kain

      Amen to that.
      If it is absolutely necessary to make a reboot of Escape from NY – Josh Brolin is the man to pick.

  • Ramone

    They should get Timothy Oliphant from Justified. He’s pretty badass on that show.

  • terry

    The lead should be a rouge and a sex symbol. Kurt was that. He was, back in the day, brad pitt. Chiseled, awesome. Still is.

  • Robby

    Cast Liam Neeson as the Duke and Clive Owen as Snake and just have them threaten each other down the phone for an hour and half.

    Greatest. Movie. Ever.

    • Mandy

      Oscar worthy.

  • mike

    How about a female Snake Plissken? If they are going to reboot it, have a badass female lead. Not enough of them in movies.

    • dane

      Are you kidding me? the story was always about a man who feels that he is being outlawed for being a man… ironic isn’t it we live in that very age right now. where the male condition is looked upon as mentally imbalance while our irrational counterparts get a free pass on such psycho babble. the point is pliskin is a man’s man. he is in no way a female creation.

      There are more than enough tough girl crap to choose from. i know ladies who can kick butt are cool to see on screen but even the best female action movies out there are NO WHERE near the likes of action classics such as HARD BOILED, DIE HARD, COMMANDO and RAMBO.
      no offense but women need to get their own action heroes. if Silver is as old school as i think he is he won’t even try that stunt. You don’t mess with the recipe.

      • Mike

        ou don’t mess with the recipe? That’s why the lions share of remakes suck. No imagination. If people are going to remake something then they need to think outside the box. Enough said. I’d still go with a female, someone say like Sandra Bullock or Zoe Saldana. Or even Noomi Rapace. They could all kick ass.

  • William Dickey

    Man, they can not come up with an original idea. Hardy as Snake, give me a break. Would he do that voice! like TDNR errrrrr….. I’m going to throw out a strange idea…. Toby Maguire as Snake. That would fit because the movie is going to be bad, we might as well get a laugh out of it.

  • S. Spradling

    I like Liam, but no way to play the lead of Snake, But Lee Van Cleef’s character Hauk? Plus I think Beaks from AICN who said they should take a lesson form the DREDD reboot is a good idea. Come up with a totally original EFNY and make it BADASS!! That is the only way it will work Mr. Silver.

  • Eddie

    How about they don’t remake this movie

    • ken

      All remakes of john carpenter movies suck! FACT!

  • M&M


  • Sanderson

    Should be Nikolaij Coster-Waldau as Snake and Neeson as Hawk. Period.

  • dodoriz

    This is a reboot that actually sounds kind of interesting but I doubt it can beat the original.

    • ISeemToBeAVerb

      Yeah even Carpenter couldn’t match the original. Escape from LA sucked! Carpenter thought it would be cool to have Plisskin catch a wave with Peter Fonda!?! Cowabunga Dude!

      Oh God! First Halloween. Then The Thing. Now Escape from NY. They better fucking leave Big Trouble in Little China alone! If they have to remake a Carpenter film why not They Live! A better version of that could be done.

  • Mandy

    I think if they are going to do a reboot, starting with an origin story first. Then maybe Liam Neeson would star as Snakes father, mentor, or an inspiration even, as opposed to being Snake. That could work, but him actually being snake just wouldn’t. As great as he is, he’s just to old.

    • ISeemToBeAVerb

      Snakes’s father? I’m thinking Mr Russell would make an excellent Mr Plisskin.

  • oneiwob

    they should have weezy as the duke

  • hugsbunny

    they should just do escape from earth with russell and carpenter.

  • ken

    Neelson, Brolin who gives a f***! This is sad very very sad.

  • Vince

    This is very sad indeed… Why reboot a classic? I would prefer the last chapter “Escape from Earth” with Russell. I’m really pissed right now with Hollywood Executives!

  • (JL)

    Not saying that I condone an “Escape from NY” reboot, but IF they’re going to do it…why not Josh Holloway (Sawyer from “Lost”) as Snake? If you didn’t watch “Lost,” go look at his IMDB page. Cripes, slap an eye patch on him and he’s ready to go right now…

    • danny


  • Whaaat?

    A sixty-one year old Liam Neeson to star as Snake Plissken, originally played by a twenty-nine year old Kurt Russell. I’m not sure that’s a good idea, which probably means they’ll do just that.

  • dane

    Timothy Olyphant would be perfect for this role.

  • John

    I see a couple of people suggesting Timothy Olyphant. I could of swore I remember a couple of years ago when the remake was first mentioned that Olyphant was rumored to be the frontrunner for the part. Then it fell apart and Olyphant went on to do Justified. Does anyone remember this?

  • S17

    I second the Josh Holloway pick! I always thought he would make a great Snake. He’s a dead ringer for a young Russell and we know he can play the likable anti-hero. Besides; I think he deserves to play the leading man in a big picture.


    They already did a remake of escape from ny a couple of years ago…..its called MS one with
    guy pierce…….

  • XKRED27

    How about Emmanuel Lewis, I am sure he is available.

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  • RockerX

    Oooooorrrr…. they could just piss off and leave this classic alone.

  • danny

    Anyone that’s seen Josh Holloway act, knows that he would be the perfect choice :)

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