ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Remake Not Happening at New Line

     July 20, 2011


Those of you concerned about the amount of remakes currently circling Hollywood now have one less project to worry about. The long-gestating remake of John Carpenter’s 1981 Escape from New York has been dropped by New Line. Over the course of its development, the remake had names such as Gerard Butler and Jeremy Renner reportedly interested in taking on the role of Snake Plissken made famous by Kurt Russell. From a directorial perspective, Breck Eisner (The Crazies) was most recently attached to the project with a script co-written by Allan Loeb (The Switch) and set up at producer Neal Moritz’s Original Films banner.

For those unfamiliar with the film, Escape from New York is set in a post-apocalyptic New York City that has been downgraded (or upgraded depending on how you feel about NYC) to a maximum-security prison. As the story goes, the eyepatch-wielding/convicted felon Plissken takes on the challenging task of rescuing the President (Donald Pleasence) from the prison kingpin (Isaac Hayes). The stakes? If he succeeds, he is pardoned of his crimes. If he fails, a device he’s wearing will kill him. While those hoping to live in an Escape from New York remake-free world can breathe a sigh of relief for now, Deadline does well to point out that New Line’s dropping of the property also means that the film is back up for grabs. In other words, we aren’t out of the woods just yet.

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  • Edward Lee

    There is a God. Leave Snake alone. The original is perfection.

  • Shines4

    GOOD!!!! Leave this movie alone! Know actor can beat Kurt Russell for the role of Snake.

  • Dave Drunkalot

    Actually, he was injected with a time release explosive into his jugulars. The thing he was wearing was merely a countdown timer.

  • Old Soldier

    Thank you New Line.

  • Marc

    The remakes are crap, they change the story line, add a lot of cgi and as for the music score. You know your not going to get, the atmosphere and haunting music. Planet of the apes, Rise of the planet of the apes, I am legend. CRAP…
    I don’t know why the studios have to remake when they can make a prequel like they have done with THE THING. Or with this project, continue the Plissken chronicles.
    Make John Carpenter’s ESCAPE FROM EARTH.

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