Etan Cohen Will Direct BOY SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES

     March 6, 2012


In the past few years, popular culture has pitted zombies against increasingly ludicrous foes such as Jane Austen heroine Elizabeth Bennet and Jesse Eisenberg. Next in line for some tongue-in-cheek dueling with the undead: the Boy Scouts of America. And today, Heat Vision brings news that Boy Scouts vs. Zombies will mark the directorial debut of Etan Cohen, long-time King of The Hill scribe and writer of big-screen fare like Tropic Thunder and the forthcoming Men in Black 3. Described as a horror-comedy, the Paramount project will center on a group of boy scouts saving a group of girl scouts from…well, you know. Suggested tagline: “They weren’t prepared for this.”  Hit the jump for more.

The original script, from Carrie Evans and Emi Mochizuki, made the 2010 Hollywood Blacklist, which tracks the industry’s best unproduced screenplays. Drop Dead Gorgeous writer Lona Williams has been tapped to do a second draft.

Presumably, in the new version, the leader of the scouts (let’s call him Dick) will spend the first hour and a half of the film agonizing about the morality of risking  everyone’s lives to save the girls (who may or may not be infected with zombie germs and cooties), while his best friend Dwayne, who’s just hit puberty, angrily rubs his head a lot and accuses Dick of not having what it takes to protect the troupe; in a shocking twist, Dwayne will then kill kindly but weak fellow scout Clotis to save himself when a mission to retrieve the snacks cooler from their old campsite goes bad. It’s just how zombie stories are told these days.


  • Samuel

    Hahahahaha so much walking dead hate…

  • Alex–

    Everyone knows that in a post zombie apocalypse women will be in high demand and worth their weight in gold.

  • Agent_Black


    I’d like to see someone do a decent serious zombie movie, all the attempts I have seen since George Romero have failed. Walking Dead inconsistently swings from good to bad and then back to mediocre as did Zack Snyders ‘attempt’ at remaking Dawn of the Deadand the Resident Evil series was just plain awful. The comedies such as Zombieland (although i appreciate a lot liked the film, I found the final act moronic) just seem to drain the genre or dilute it even further.

    This example is just a cheap strategy to make money, typically like the old 50′s B-Movies… like the alien invasion films we’re seeing lately. When it gets to Scouts Vs Zombies and Cowboys Vs Aliens you know the creative well is running dry and the cash registers and working overtime.

    • Dogg

      Uh, 28 Days Later?

  • Tarek

    Again zombies ? will this never end…

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