EUREKA Will End After Season 5 in 2012; Syfy Reneges on Commitment to Season 6

     August 8, 2011


Tonight, Syfy announced the show will end after its fifth season.  This is not your average cancellation, though.  Eureka is currently in the middle of airing season 4.5, and just last week, the network committed to a six-episode sixth season.  Syfy exec Mark Stern even stated, “We are hopeful that this will not be the end of the franchise.”  Instead, Eureka has 18 segments to finish out its run; 6 more in season four and 12 episodes on the way in 2012 for the fifth and final season.  Read the network’s explanation after the break:

eureka_season_4_posterSyfy released this statement to EW:

“After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka. But Eureka is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.

Five seasons and 75 episodes is impressive for any show.  But it’s too bad the show has to go out like this.  I believe Eureka used to be Syfy’s highest-rated scripted series (back when it was still Sci-Fi), though I think it’s been supplanted by Warehouse 13 since then.

Eureka, you were always good for lighthearted entertainment.  You will be missed.  Here’s to going out with a bang.


  • Strong Enough

    Renegs tho??

    •!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      Started off as “Reneging.” When I changed it, I forgot how e’s work. Fixed now.

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  • Grunt

    So… Where’s the explanation?

  • Chuffy

    That sucks. Warehouse 13 and Eureka are the highlight of the summer schedule.

    Have the rating dropped or something? I can’t imagine Alphas is doing any better. Maybe if they didn’t have a year long break between half seasons…

    Great shame and I do hope they get to have a proper series closer.

    • sandy kane

      its a shame that wherehouse and eureka are beening takeine off the air. because i like it,and enjoy whaching it it’s one i look forward to seeing ereyyear. please dont take it off.

      sing sandy

  • Phil Beta

    Seriously, SyFy really needs to change its policy about cancellations, or get to another network to air most SciFi series. Good shows have been canceled because of their short-sightedness.

    • Zeran

      They kill the good shows like Dresden files and so on keeping things like ghost hunters ?? WTF But I will be glad to see eureka go it and star-gate the original are the only sci-fi show I purchased on Itunes will save me money. I do like warehouse 13 as well but they are killing it too. but they are not the only ones look at The Gates it was a good show and was not even given a chance at least SCI-FI gives them a chance kind of. And you know it is just Television GET A LIFE and live it you will find it much better than fake stuff lived through others whom you don’t know that get a lot of money to pretend. OK boo me all you want LOL….

  • Hunter D.

    Cable networks traditionally start paying for the whole of a show’s production after season 4 (or maybe it’s starting with season 4, I forget which). This is why you see so many of them go off the air at that point. With the costs split between the production house and the network, there is far more profit to be had for the network, but by extending the show to the 4th/5th season and beyond, the network has to recalculate the cost-benefit analysis. Consequently, a lower rated show with the cost spread amongst more parties is often more profitable than a higher rated show for which the network must pay in full.

    Furthermore, if they look at their repeat ratings and see that they own the rights for X number of years, often forever, they can say, “Gee, making new episodes of the show will leave us with a lower profit margin than just repeating episodes for another 3 or 4 years while we cook up another major show.”

    It’s basic economics.

    • Reformed_Geek

      Thanks for that. Wasn’t something I was aware of and quite an interesting fact.

      • Klek

        Interesting- Thanks!

  • Wes

    Thankfully it lasted this long. It’s a great show. No matter what, it’s better to go out with a bang than a whimper. Bring on the movie!

  • Bill Graham

    WTF? I just start watching this show a few weeks ago after I heard so much about it at Comic-Con. This and TORCHWOOD. Boo. Maybe I will be able to catch up before the series finale.

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  • Carolyn Gold

    Ever since the Sci-Fi Channel changed its name to Sy-Fy for reasons no thinking person can fathom, the limited programming has – in plain English – sucked. A season is 10 to 12 episodes long, and the few really good programs are cancelled after 5 or 6 so-called seasons. Empty air time is filled in with ancient reruns of Twilight Zone, or equally ancient horror movies that don’t come near qualifying as sci-fi. Each time a good show is cancelled, more nonsensical ghost or paranormal progamming is brought in. And I really would like to know how wrestling qualifies as science fiction – unless the fakery in it is being pushed as a fantasy element? There are only five decent sci-fi/fantasy series on the sy-fy channel now with elements of fun and good old yarns: Alphas, Eureka, Haven, Sanctuary, and Warehouse 13. Eureka is already on its way out, and likely it won’t be long before the others follow suit. Then you can rename it the Paranormal Ghost Wrestling Channel.

  • gel


    For once can’t they just keep something running independent of ‘the profit’. Without fail, time, and time, and time again, people think that business is just about the $$$. Do something nice for someone without expecting anything back and you may actually feel good about it. I think if their grandmothers were on life support in a reality TV show, and the ratings went down, they’d probably pull the plug. Nice one ‘Sy-fy’. My god why could’nt yhey just leave it as sci-fi?

  • Deb

    This is very sad news. Eureka has been #1 for me. I look forward to watching it every week. It is definitely better than Alphas. I hope SyFy reconsiders their decision and continues with new episodes of Eureka after season 5.

  • Georg

    As usual Syfy cancels good content in favor of unknown crap.

    Perhaps they need a new ratings system to give them a clue about what their viewers like today. Even my wife who has no love of SciFi watches Eureka!

  • Suilebhain

    First Wave, The Chronicle, The Invisible Man, and now Eureka!

    What you have to remember is that the parent network of “SyFy” is NBC, the same network that cancelled Surface, The Others, Journeyman, Dark Skies, Heroes, and, let us not forget, STAR TREK. At this point, I refuse to even involve myself in ANY programming on NBC.

    With Eureka gone, there are only two shows left on S*F* that I watch – Warehouse 13 and Alphas. Haven is too “Lost” for me and Sanctuary blew it when they dumped the blonde for the Kate Freedlander character. S*F*’s movies tend to be underdeveloped crap and all of these bogus reality shows bore me to tears.

  • Brock

    I understand that they need to make a profit but continually frustrating their fan base can only lead to further loss to the channel. I like a lot of people are considering “reneging” on any future involvement with any so called Sy-Fy show unless it rates its socks off. I will look be proactive in turning a blind eye… Maybe even wait til a new show is finished before considering watching it. Then i will D/L instead of wasting money on cable for such a crappy cable channel like Sy-Fy…. Time to cut that channel Spin off will be such a waste. In saying this, i do hope that they give the show closure and not leave us hanging. I still get mad when i think of shows like Odyssey 5, Threshold, Deadwood, Firefly, Kyle XY etc… ( sure not all the same network) but all great shows in my book that went out with a wimper rather than a bang.

  • mawtech

    Brilliant Writers and Actors how do they do it just awesome, this is the best show in a very long time and i hope it gets remebered in years to come as an icon of tv i wish that Sy-Fy and all the other channels would just pay to have a show continue and not worry about the money im sure they make enough, why cant they listen to the fans its a Brilliant Show that i will have in my collection of must have DVD’s series this is just my opinion but i’m sure others agree.

    Bottom line if a show is this great then keep it comming after all it’s supposed to be about entertainment.

  • Debbie Swanson

    The SyFy channel is by far the best network out there and the highlights of my day are seeing Eureka (my favorite by far) and Warehouse 13. These shows are magnificent workmanship and it cannot be going away! Please rethink a 6th season. You have millions of fans out there who would echo my sentiments. Eureka ROCKS!!!!

  • Trixie

    As usual another great show cancelled….. why? so we can see more reality crap with princesses running around whinging all day long?? Eurek was one of the best shows since Stargate and now it’s going…… :-(

  • Karen

    Eureka is awesom and I agree, a year between seasons is way too long. They need to get rid of all those stupid reality shows! Gohst Hunters…really! SyFy is playing shows that I don’t even consider science fiction or even close to it!

  • Jenny Oh

    My entire family is livid about Eureka getting canceled. It was our favorite show and even our 2 year old loves it! So bummed out although after watching the Christmas episode we are crossing our fingers that they will turn it into an animated show like they had originally intended to do years ago!

  • deejeyid

    I agree with everyone, that cancelling eureka is THE most narrow decission that’ve ever been made, it had comedy,drama and education in one package of television show, that really are very rare nowadays. Out there only drama, actions or fighting series…are we turning out to be in roman ages once again, which the show of bloodbath is the prime time? Eureka has everything that required by our young ones (at least in my opinions) to stay in front of a television, and eventually has a motive to become someone in the show, whether become law enforcement that respects citizens (jack carter), become a soldier that has the best ability in combat (Jo lupo), or become a scientist in every major knowledge known to man (Henry Deacon).
    If its about money why don’t syfy go out there and find some sponsor in any major company, i’m sure one of them is a syfy series fan. Or at least before canceling the show, why don’t syfy held a petition, or survey, or any name you wish, in any social network media, how many are there vote for eureka to be cancelled, and how many of them wants the show still go on..

  • onetkfan

    Will miss this show…… there a possible movie in the future????

  • angel

    wtf… i can not stand those who know more about what the public like and want. they seriously need to open their eyes. I enjoy this show. all the good shows are getting cancelled for stupid shows like ghost hunter let spirits wonder. My thing is this if you look for what you want and you find it. It is not good they should think of their loved ones. hence what comes around goes around. i maybe late coming to the fight but i want to at least get a few punches in. my son likes this show and he is very upset they are cancelling this show. sy fy i probably won’t watch that channel any more.

  • Michelle

    Not happy about the end of Eureka. Does anyone know when the last episodes will are due to air? BTW I like Alphas it has potential as long as they do not mess it up. I an not sure why Ghost Hunters is even on the air fake people pretending to experience non existential paranormal activity. Really, I could believe in ghost but now this show has caused me to question why anyone would tune in for more than 7 min of the show once they see that no ghost are really ever seen, heard or recorded in a manner in which you the view would even buy into it. For Goodness sake add some special effects or call Melinda the Ghost whisper.

  • Christian

    Ffs first chuck now eureka dont networks see the masterpieces they have created. Eureka was 5x better then The Vampire diaries. FOR GOD SAKE SYFY!!!!!!!

  • jAMES

    The cancellation of Eureka was so bloody predictable,… and so freakin’ annoying… But NOT justifiable.
    I’m cancelling my subscription and will NOT be investing any more time engaging with NBC product… S*F* can go F* themselves too….
    It’ll save the frustration I’m now feeling.

  • Liz

    That really sucks!!
    It is a great show!!! They always cancel the good ones. And, we still would like to know why???! Please reconsider the cancellation.
    Thanks, liz

  • Jay

    wow! Every damn time I get really into a new show, I later find out it is going to be canceled.
    First it was stargate universe, then Torchwood and now eureka.
    Leave it to people who only care about money to screw up good shows.

  • ken kelly

    It is pretty sad when excellent shows like eureka are cancelled. So I guess haven and warehouse 13 will be next. How stupid can you be. It like abc cancelling v the best scify show on tv.

  • Eureka FAN

    Is that last animated episode now the last that we going to see? Or when will the last season start? This an awesome series and I bought every season so far, I usually watch the previous season before the new season starts. I used to love Stargate and next in line was Eureka…

  • Flo

    WTH!! Eureka Canceled!!! what are all you people at SyFy drunk? Oh and why is s*** like Ghost Hunters still f***ing running? NICE MOVE SyFY :/

  • Alma

    I love Eureka, I hope another tv syndicate will pick it up. Its a shame good programing is being taken off.

  • Scott

    Well Eureka is getting the same treatment as FireFly….at least they let Eureka dig into multiple seasons and is by far the best show SyFy has to offer. Eureka is the only reason myself and many others tune into your network. I’m not a fan of Warehouse 13, Ghost Hunters or Haven which all seem to be cheap/rushed productions that came along after the Eureka franchise. Way to stick to your guns SyFy, may your terrible business decisions and ideas lead you to bankruptcy and cancellation of your network. Sincerely your lost viewer. You had one good show and after this year…well I hope your network really doesn’t last much longer then this year.

  • Cindy Reed

    Since SciFi changed to SYFY is has steadily gone done hill, adding crap like ghost hunters, and paranormal crap, urban legends, WWE smack down (the worst), dropping all the good shows. Well I hope USA, who has had some really good shows, shows some intelligence and picks up some of these shows or develops some so I have something enjoyable to watch. SciFi used to be one of the channels I watched regularly but this has been on the decline for me since they canceled the Stargate francises and Firefly. And now Eureka. This network seems to be run by neanderthal idiots. Sorry to give neanderthals a bad name!!! SYFY you suck. Come back SciFi, I miss you!

  • joseph godfrey

    Think eureka is the biggest show out of warehouse 13, alphas so on… really will miss watching carter stumble his way threw each show… Hope someone else will pick the show up.. really hate to see another firefly being let go..

  • claire

    Such a shame – don’t watch much sci-fi but really enjoyed the unusual take on technology by the writers and the cast work together so well – why don’t they try and get another channel to take it on ? Will enjoy the next series !

  • Rachel

    I don’t think they should end it with only five seasons. I think that they should continue it until the people that like the show get tired of it!!!!!

  • Tom

    I understand that they need to make a profit. The fact is, they do make a profit. However, they dump a great show for a lame show in order to make even more short term profit. A great show will give long term revenue stream, become a cult classic, be talked about for decades, have a huge fan following, and create loyal viewers. These really lame shows like ghost hunters and reality shows, they give a quick short term profit but are quickly forgotten.

    The network, along with All TV NETWORKS, are run by short sighted executives who know nothing about the shows and fans that they create content for.

    I really wish people used more long term thinking. The problem with our modern society is that everyone things short term only. This type of thinking will result in the cancellation of great shows, trashing our economy (like we are seeing right now), and destroying our planets environment.

    LONG TERM THINKING, that is what we need. Slow and steady wins in the long run.

  • Leighann

    im extremly upset that there will not be a season six and im really looking foward to watching season five. i just started watching on netflix i think that if people new about the show more people would enjoy it as much as me and my boyfriend do. we dont miss an episode. i watch it every night on netflix. i SERIOUSLY think they should reconsider there choice in canceling the sith season

  • Zahma

    This is a big loss. Love the show. I agree time for Eureka the movie it is too much fun to watch to loose. Ever think that the replacement will not work? Hope you rethink your choice and do season six at least.

  • Cindy

    I was shocked when I heard that Eureka was being cancelled. What an idiotic move! That show has such a huge fan base, as is evidenced by the comments in here. I can\\\\\\\’t imagine how they\\\\\\\’re not making money on the show, as I thought they made oodles of money on selling the advestising spots. It is/was a quality show that combined so many different genres, and as such, that is why it appealed to such a wide variety of people. Wake up SyFy (that was a major waste of money changing the name from Sci-Fi – and what on earth was the purpose??) and keep your good programming and keep your viewers happy, or you\\\\\\\’ll lose them…very simple!

  • Steve

    I live in the UK and have unashamedly downloaded this series because I love it so much, it seems most if not all American networks simply care about the profit and not their viewers, after all where would any network be without its viewers.
    It’s a shame you don’t have a “BBC” that has been showing “Dr Who” for 40 years!!

  • Karen in uk

    I live in the UK too & have loved watching Eureka, please please please do season 6, Iove it

  • Steve

    Syfy have lost me as a viewer now, disgusted with their performance and swift u-turn on Eureka – UK viewer

  • Anonymous

    itz veri annoying dat u guys are shutting eureka down!as in lyk criouzly,what the fuck!!??

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