Evangeline Lilly Reveals Character Details Regarding THE HOBBIT; Says She Appears in the Second Film More Than the First

     January 25, 2012


To say Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit is an ambitious undertaking is a bit of an understatement. What began as a fairly straightforward one-film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkein’s classic novel quickly morphed into a sprawling epic told across two feature films. We know that this isn’t necessarily a page-to-screen feature film version of the novel, as Jackson is bringing back many characters from The Lord of the Rings that don’t appear in The Hobbit. Included in this ginormous ensemble is a brand new character created for the film named Tauriel. Lost star Evangeline Lilly plays the character, and she recently spoke quite a bit about what to expect from Turiel, how much she appears in the adaptation, which of the two films she figures into the most, and how long she’s had to be onset. Hit the jump to see what she had to say.

evangeline-lilly-imageIn an interview with EW, Lilly confirmed that Tauriel (a Mirkwood elf) is a bit of a badass:

“She is a warrior. She’s actually the head of the Elven guard. She’s the big shot in the army. So she knows how to wield any weapon, but the primary weapons that she uses are a bow and arrow and two daggers. And she’s lethal and deadly.”

When asked how much she figures into the story, Lilly said that her character has been expanded quite a bit and actually appears in the second film much more than the first:

“She’s not in the first film very much. She comes into the first film near the end, and has a very small part to play. Her role in the second film is much more involved. Although, I have to say, when I first read the scripts and took the job, she had a lot less going on in the second film. I think the role is becoming a bit more demanding that I had expected it to be. There’s a lot more for me to do now, which is a lot of fun, but it’s a little more pressure.”

Lilly said that she’s been filming on and off for the past six months, and she still has to go back for five months of filming. Judging by the amount of time she’s spending on the New Zealand set, I’d assume that she figures pretty prominently into the films. It’ll be interesting to see how Jackson integrates Tauriel with the other characters from the book, and which characters she interacts with the most. For now, we’ve got quite a while to wait. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens in 3D December 14th, followed by The Hobbit: There and Back Again in 3D on December 13th, 2013.

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  • MatthewM

    Evangeline is so pretty. She started out as a badass on LOST but then for some reason they turned her into a wimpy girlie girl. Hated that.
    Can’t wait to see some stills and check out her ears! Wonder if she speaks any Elvish like Liv Tyler did as Arwen.
    Anyway, wish her well even if she did turn out to be another Hollywood tramp like most of the rest. She had such a wholesome upbringing.

  • Nick

    Seems to me like we’ll meet her character when the company is taken by the Mirkwood elves, and she will command the elven forces at the Battle of Five Armies. Makes sense to write this character in.

  • lovetron

    Epic hotness right there.

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  • John

    OK – officially not interested in this move. I definitely enjoyed FOTR but thought the other two movies were “typical” Hollywood films due to diverging from Tolkien’s script in hammy ways. At this point Im back to waiting for Kubrick or Kurosawa’s interpretation.

    • bobaroo

      Yea… they’re both dead, so unless a zombie apocalypse occurs, I think you should probably stop waiting

      • mark

        A zombie apocalypse where dead directors (and actors) return from the grave to give us more classics…. sounds good to me!

        New Kubrick, Hitchcock, Ford and Welles films starring James Steward or James Dean, Bergman and Bogey….

  • 7gunsalive

    Expanded Evangeline Lilly role = more PJ Hollywood pandering bullshit. Way to balls up yet another classic of English literature. I’m sure Tolkien meant to have a badass Elf chick who’s “a big shot in the army” in there the whole time.

    • John

      One of the awesome things about Tolkien is there are no total “badass” characters. To me there is nothing more boring than watching invincible characters killing orcs by the hundreds while joking about it.

  • Chad

    I’m can sympathize with John here. Tauriel’s character seems to pander to less than noble impulses. If there is anything that recommends Tolkien’s work, it is its nobility and heroic characters. Tauriel has the potential to be like Jar Jar Binks: a character who amounts to nothing more than a marketing ploy to lure a certain demographic into theaters. Will this keep me from watching the film? Not a chance! But it lowers my expectations.

  • JB

    I’m willing to forestall my judgement until actually seeing the movie.

  • BJ

    Wow, someone who is actually waiting to see the movie before passing judgement. That’s refreshing. As I recall, there were a bunch of moaners and pissers who were not going to see PJ’s LotR because it wouldn’t be the books. It’s true, the books were the books, the movies are the movies. Each stand in their own right, with their own merits, and their own faults. Just like everything else in life.

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  • Rachel

    I have faith.

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  • scott

    There is a common complain about readers. Same song and dance we’ve all heard before. Readers always complain if the movie steers a little off from the book.

    The movies are amazing. 6- 7 hours of amazing entertainment that was very unique. Blockbuster I don’t think so.

  • yrsa

    While being compassionate, heroic, healing friends with an efficacy that Elrond would envy. I hate this character and I hate the writer for what is obviously a slap job elven caricature and mary sue.