See the Logo for the EVIL DEAD Remake

     November 2, 2011


A remake of the 1981 horror classic The Evil Dead is in the works over at Sam Raimi‘s Ghost House Pictures.  This news met a mostly wary reception from fans, but the project has a few points in its favor.  Raimi and Bruce Campbell—the director and star of Evil Dead—are on board along with original producer Rob Tapert.  Raimi handed off the project to newcomer Fede Alvarez, probably the smart move to introduce a fresh voice to the material.  Additionally, Diablo Cody (Juno) was brought on to revise Alvarez’s script, which bodes well for a crackling script.

Ghost House unveiled the logo for The Evil Dead at AFM today.  Rather, the logo for Evil Dead, no “the”.  The initial announcement referred to the project with the full The Evil Dead—I am curious to see if the “the” is gone forever.  (This is the minutia that interests me.)  Hit the jump for the official synopsis and to see the logo in high resolution.

Click on the image for high resolution.


Official synopsis:

Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin where they discover a Book Of The Dead and unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

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  • bukowski1980

    It kind of reminds me of Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist logo. Both films take place in a cabin in the woods.

  • Joe

    I am not happy about this one. Please do not disgrace the Evil Dead name by making a shallow, Hollywood model-filled, weak attempt at recreating it.

    • Warpcrafter

      I promised to put a curse on anybody who tries to re-make Evil Dead, and I meant it. Here goes, you bastards.

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  • wacko3205

    Years ago there was a rumor that Sean Wiliam Scott was attatched as the pivotal role of the survior/last cursed (ala: Bruce Campbell) & I got really really excited…with him not attatched anymore…if he ever truly was…my excitement wanes. What can I say? I think that he’d reall be the only one to truly ham it up alla Bruce. :-)

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  • Leon

    Diablome Cody will ruin this movie. I bet the lead is now Female too. Fail Diablome Fail

  • Brian


    • IsThisIt

      I don’t know… probably some bs about low budget horror movies being really safe investments.

      Or maybe it’s that horror movies have solid international box office success?

      Or maybe it’s the fact that Hollywood suits believe franchises/re-makes have pre-established audiences that will see a film based on name recognition regardless of how crappy it is.

      Really doesn’t make sense.

  • bronson

    someone posted a pic showing the logo was stolen from i saw the devil’s poster. it’s true!

  • Max

    If this came out from AFM, is not an official release logo, is just a draft title treatment for the market only.

  • Kenny B

    At least its in Sam Ramis corner. Shit could be way worse

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  • Deadite

    Meh. The original classic font was much better. Besides, with this skank directing it will be guaranteed rubbish for your money. What the f**k is up with her name? Does she still use her pornstar name or something? Why do people like her and Rob Zombie direct films? They have no talent at all. All they do is make terrible snuff films. This film will stink. Why is Raimi supporting this? He has enough money. Campbell too. Wtf is going on?

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