The Remake of EVIL DEAD Hits Theaters on April 12, 2013

     December 8, 2011


Sony Pictures has set the remake of Sam Raimi‘s 1981 horror film Evil Dead (or “The Evil Dead” if you want to be OCD about it) for April 12, 2013.  The original movie centered on five twenty-somethings who headed up to stay in a cabin in the woods (the worst place anyone on Earth can ever be) only to be met with the horrors wrought forth from the Necronomicon (the Book of the Dead).  The movie spawned the sequels Evil Dead II (considered to be the best in the franchise) and the goofy horror-action film Army of Darkness, all starring groovy chainsaw-wielding protagonist Ash (Bruce Campbell).  Newcomer Fede Alvarez was brought on board to direct the remake after Raimi and producing partner Rob Tapert were impressed by his short film “Panic Attack”.  Diablo Cody was then hired to revise Alvarez’ original script.  Last month, Cody told Steve that the remake would be “unbelievably violent“.

No other movie is currently slated to open on April 12, 2013 [Box Office Mojo]

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