Incredibly Bloody First Red Band Trailer for EVIL DEAD Remake Starring Jane Levy

     October 24, 2012


The first trailer for director Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake has been released by way of a red band trailer, and boy is this thing bloody.  This clip seems aimed directly at fans of the original that are skeptical of the update, and the gore-factor displayed here in this trailer (along with the fact that Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Rob Talbert are all highly-involved producers on the project) signal that we don’t really have anything to worry about.  The terrifying tone is on full display as we get glimpses of Alvarez’s disturbing versions of the Necronomicon, Deadites, and tree assault, with some tongue splicing and appendage removal thrown in for good measure.  While I was a bit wary about the redo at first, consider me all-in after this incredibly promising red band trailer.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and be sure to read Matt’s recap from the film’s New York Comic-Con panel and check out Steve’s video interview with star Jane Levy.  The film also stars Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, and Elizabeth BlackmoreEvil Dead opens on April 12th, 2013.

Click over to IGN for HD.

Here’s the synopsis for Evil Dead:

In the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin.  When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.


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  • Rick

    The trailer certainly sells it as really scary. I just don’t know if I can manage to give any fucks about this movie without Bruce Campbell. I guess I’m officially an old nerd as of this writing, since I am sure I won’t watch this for the fact that the cast they have, all put together, can’t match Bruce Campbell as Ash.

    Plain and simple.

    YOU GOT IT?!?

    • Solomon

      How fucking pathetic are you? I’m not going to watch this possibly awesome remake just because the original actor (who is now 54) is not going to be in it. I’m probably just as old as you, if not older, and I’ve seen the original as well and loved it. But i’m not going to not watch this movie just because the original actor is not in it. Don’t be stupid.

      • A_Primitive_Screwhead

        I don’t think you get it. This doesn’t fit with the Evil Dead movies. It doesn’t have an Ash, which is a major negative to people. Second, this looks like your generic teen horror flick. “Oh, look a bunch of really pretty people who get killed.” You get that, right? Sure, this movie would probably be okay if it were a stand alone title, but when you take a long established cult classic and rip out all the stuff that people loved about it, then replace it with generic horror filler people are going to react negatively. I won’t be watching this one in the theater. I’ll watch it online when a dvd copy hits, so I don’t waste my money on crap. If it’s not, I’ll be a copy. Though, I doubt that’ll happen.

      • Mr Kippling

        Back off you joker, he gave his opinion and who gives a shit if your as old or older, you prat!
        Besides, talking of pathetic, this remake looks just that. What, because its “darker and grittier” and looks like a death metal music video or some shit its going to be “awesome”? There is no denying it looks like every other modern horror flick, generic, cookie cutter B.S! And honestly what is this going to bring that is new to the series? Yeah nothing!
        Tho i will say an Evil Dead film without Ash is a crime i am glad that they didn’t recast him with a new young actor, kudos for that decision…screw the movie tho.
        In the end tho i to will be avoiding this as that is MY CHOICE, i’ll stick with watching the originals, thanks!

      • Excpired

        You people are so silly. When people don’t recognize a classic film and honor it you bitch and moan about how nobody cares about great films/music/etc, but when they honor it with a remake you cry about how it ruins the original, or how the original was better, or how this tiny little thing is changed.

        It is a remake, it isn’t a crime to watch a remake. It doesn’t “ruin” the original, you can watch a remake and enjoy it and still think the original was better. Take 21 Jump Street for example, it didn’t follow the same guys but it still fit and turned out hilarious. You guys are bashing a movie that hasn’t even come out yet and then you say we can’t judge your opinion – your opinion is based on nothing but your own self-righteousness and therefore its invalid.

        It is going to have a lot of similar scenes and concepts from the original, but obviously from the looks of it they are cutting out a lot of the comedic elements of the series (just off the trailer, I could be wrong). I still think it has a good chance to be a great gory horror film. I may or may not watch it in theaters based on the reviews and whether I have money at the time; but I’m not going to definitively say that is good or bad before I’ve seen it or even heard anyone who has seen it talk about it.

    • mushu

      I am largely with you in that this doesn’t quite mesh without Bruce as Ash.

  • mattinacan

    just looks sadistic, and missing all the camp and fun of the first. no thanks

    • paul tracy

      agreed. what a humorless slap in the face to the original’s intelligence and charm.

    • Chad

      Except that the humor and camp didn’t come into play until part 2. So looks pretty apt, to me, and Raimi & Campbell love it.

      • lovetron

        Yeah, first one played it straight. I suspect some people haven’t truly done their homework…

    • Anonymous

      ehh….the FIRST evil dead didnt have any slapstick or comedy in it

    • Goop

      I hope and suspect (but ultimately have no idea) that they’ll market this thing much like Cabin In the Woods was marketed. It’s derivative and cliche on it’s surface, but hopefully we get something a lot more interesting and thoughtful once we get settled into our seats in the theater.

    • Nathan

      The first movie is only funny in retrospect, just as this remake will surely be thirty years from now.

    • anonymous

      The original Evil Dead was not fun or a comedy. It was a grim horror film. The camp was really only unintentionally there because of the low budget.

  • thedroop

    “This clip seems aimed directly at fans of the original that are skeptical of the update, and the gore-factor displayed here in this trailer signal that we don’t really have anything to worry about.”
    give me a fucking break! any real fan of the original trilogy can’t honestly say that THIS is assuring. shitwood is obviously not a fan, to him evil dead was all about the gore. where the fuck is the humour!! im still so bitter about the fact that evil dead 4 never happened, wouldve been the better option. hate it

    • Anonymous

      any REAL fan knows this IS in tone with the original and what sam, rob and bruce had sought to do first….a scary balls out horror movie….which they did…..all that humour and stuff came in in the sequels…i for one cannot wait for this

      • brNdon

        Ummmm, no. There is a huge difference between scary and gory. This is the latter. The first Evil Dead was intended to be scary, and it was. This looks like the next wave of torture porn in the vein of Saw 1-30… I think there were 30. Maybe it was 31… No wait, the 31st will technically be Saw 1 the remake… Yea, that’s right.

      • brNdon

        Not to say the first one didn’t have gore, but it didn’t use gore to try and freak people out. It used tone and setting.

      • Sean

        brNdon, this is a 90 second trailer. I don’t know that we’ve seen enough to know whether it’s “scary” or “gory.” You could easily cut together a trailer of the original that would look like the film was just focused on gore.

    • Anonymous

      “it didnt use violence to freak people out”

      what about the hand removal scene? hacking up the body? the deadites melting? ash hacking off his girlfriend’s head? so many violent scenes in the original freaked me out. i guess when it comes to violence, people have differences on what freaks them out and what doesnt. but being a big fan of the original im very excited about this.

      • A_Primitive_Screwhead

        I assume you’re referring to the sequel, which was supposed to be dark comedy. If you remember, after Ash cut off his hand, he had to “fight” it and catch it with an over-turned trash can, weighing it down it the book “Farewell to Arms.” If that freaked you out, I think you missed the point.

  • Anonymous

    the first HAD graphic sadistic violence….

  • will

    The original Evil Dead was a straight low-budget horror film. It had moments of slight comedy, but it was not at all like the sequels. It was actually a genuinely creepy movie, and this remake definitely looks to call back to that. Looking forward to this one now.

  • Nathan

    I like it. This reminds me of Evil Dead 1. The people complaining seem to have forgotten that Evil Dead 2 was a campy remake of the Original Evil Dead, which was more serious. That beings aid, I think it’s great that they took the campy elements of Evil Dead 2 and made them more scary– the rape tree, the possessed arm, etc. Even having a girl named Ashley helps sell the movie as a serious horror flick. The baggage I’m taking with me is Cabin In The Woods. This could easily be a sequel to that great movie.

  • cloud720

    After Cabin in the Woods, I don’t think I will be able to take this movie seriously.

    • Neil

      You nailed it.

  • sadface clown

    Diablo Cody needed a paycheck?

    • Neil


  • Travis

    Clearly misses the point and fails to recognize what made ED and ED2 so very popular for so very long. Unleashing hell on faceless, nameless meat- typical, obligatory and disappointing. It will clean up at the box office because the masses don’t require (or demand) intelligence with their horror anymore…

    • Neil

      Sad but true

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  • Alex

    If you care enough to comment, then there is a very good chance that you are going to see it. Lets just assume that we are all going to see it, and quit complaining until we see the finished product. Cabin in the Woods had its nay-sayers and that turned out to be one of the best movies of the year. Why don’t we all just get excited for another installment in a great series. Bruce Campbell has given his good graces. We should all just accept his word and eagerly anticipate this film.

  • Sean

    I think half the people commenting on this trailer haven’t watched the original Evil Dead in a very long time, and are confusing it’s tone with the tone of Evil Dead 2.

  • Geoffrey

    Where’s the camp, the slapstick, the humor? Just looks like another generic horror porn flick. Have you seen the original Adam? This trailer couldn’t be aimed any further at fans of the original.

  • Nicholas A Reynolds

    Well lets ALL just keep one thing in mind. This cast wasn’t hired to play likable characters. They were hired to play Creepy f@#cking Zombies!!!

  • Grayden

    Can people just recognize that everyone who’s pissy about this being too much like other horror movies fail to understand that all the other “cabin in the woods” movies of the past decade or so were likely HEAVILY inspired by the “cabin in the woods” movies from three decades ago? Evil Dead, Pumpkinhead, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, et al. The isolated location is intentional people, c’mon. If they honestly remade Evil Dead with the same vibe as the original, you’d all be bitching that they were lazy and that it wasn’t horror-y enough for you.

  • Anonymous

    People you really need to go back and watch the first one. It was not funny. And people that think the tree rape scene from the original was not sadistic or gross are baffling me. Yes this will probably have more but it has a much bigger budget to play with.

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  • Pocketses

    I am so in love with the fact that so many people here are showing how little they know about the original film, and are trying to sound like the annoying “origin hipster” by complaining that there are changes or the tone is different.

    But this isn’t a different tone from the original, this is pitch perfect with it.

  • DJJ

    The original had NO comedy or slapstick! It was one of the goriest and scariest horror films ever! What is it with you people?

    This looks amazing!

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  • mushu

    That was pretty scary seeing all those teenagers. I don’t think this is aimed at fans of Evil Dead 2, which is what this is clearly rehashing and not retelling.

  • jim

    Angry Molesting Tree…enough said.

  • ozzie

    the first movie were not good movies … they were terrible movies that a few people liked a lot.

    when i saw raimi attached to this it was doomed to be awful … again. but now seeing the trailer i think it may not suck too bad … it has a great cast.

  • wacko3205

    I have’nt fumbled through everyone else’s comments…so I don’t know what anyone else thinks…but DAMN.

    That actually looks to have caught the same bug that bit Raimi & Tapert & Co. when they set out to scare the living shit out of everyone in a theatre chair. That really really looked pretty damn ruff.

    I want to see this…but that right there had waaaaaaaaaaaay to much of a real true life feel to it. I’m impressed…thoroughly impressed.

    I can’t wait. This looks like a nail biting stomach churning whoops I just sharted vibe to it.

    I don’t know man…I’m torn on it.

    It almost gave me something that I have’nt felt in three decades…actual fear. Bone curtling stomach churning what I felt as a kid when I sat through the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    I’m in.

  • Nate

    “How fucking pathetic are you?”

    Damn pal, chill out. If you really are that old, maturity oughtta set in any minute now I hope.

  • Marrowbonez

    Anyone complaining about where the camp, humor and slapstick are, please take a look at the trailer for the original

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  • Jazzy Jace

    So, no sex with trees then? Shame.

  • Sam

    And this talentless hacks finally got their hands on one of my favorite horror classics, and for the hundredth time we get ourself and insult of a remake, turning it into a generic looking torture porn movie of these days, depriving it of all the great bleak humor that Raimi so greatly mastered.
    It looks like shit and all the frames could be for any of the disgusting new Texas massacre movies, with all the green look an all.

    • Nd

      You lose all credibility when you say the originalhad bleak humor. 1. You dont know this one doesnt. 2. The original Evil Dead was a straight up HORROR MOVIE! Youre confusing it with its remake, Evil.Dead 2. Wikipedia, man, it’s not expensive.

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  • Andrew

    I think it’s funny that defenders of this are saying, “Well the original wasn’t funny or slapstick so this one should be either. It was a straight forward horror film.” Well yes, it wasn’t as jokey as the sequels. But the first Friday the 13th wasn’t about Jason, the first Halloween doesn’t mention that Laurie may be related to Myers. The fact that they are not taking into account what fans liked about THE WHOLE SERIES is like spitting in our fan’s face.

    • Sean

      The problem is that people are criticizing the movie for not being jokey, but it’s a remake of a movie that was jokey. You can’t criticize a remake of the Evil Dead for not having the tone of the Evil Dead 2. The problem with talking about THE WHOLE SERIES of Evil Dead movies is that each film had a radically different tone. This is a remake of the the first film and appears to have the tone of the first film.

      That isn’t spitting in the face of fans of the series, that’s respecting fans of the original film.

  • Daniel

    Horrible. It looks slick, glossy and high budget just like every other horror movie remake in the past years.

    The actors are “hip”, unlikable and unrealistic.

    This is NOT what made Evil Dead popular.

  • terry

    Same old sh**!
    A bunch of Abercrombie and Fitch employees(the ones pretty enough to be on the floor. Meh!) that get sliced up one by one.
    Another paint-by-the-numbers horror flick.
    Yawn! Yawn! And more yawn!

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  • A_Primitive_Screwhead

    I don\’t think you get it. This doesn\’t fit with the Evil Dead movies. It doesn\’t have an Ash, which is a major negative to people. Second, this looks like your generic teen horror flick. \"Oh, look a bunch of really pretty people who get killed.\" You get that, right? Sure, this movie would probably be okay if it were a stand alone title, but when you take a long established cult classic and rip out all the stuff that people loved about it, then replace it with generic horror filler people are going to react negatively. I won\’t be watching this one in the theater. I\’ll watch it online when a dvd copy hits, so I don\’t waste my money on crap. If it\’s not, I\’ll be a copy. Though, I doubt that\’ll happen.

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