Exclusive: Ashley Greene Comic-Con Video Interview THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON

     July 27, 2009

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While Comic-Con has ended, it doesn’t mean that Collider’s coverage is going to stop anytime soon. That’s because while at this year’s convention I landed about 30 or so interviews and a lot of them were exclusive and on camera. What I’m trying to tell you is…get ready for a ton of great interviews with your favorite actors and directors.

While I debated what movie or TV show to start with, I decided to go with the phenomenon that caused almost a thousand people to camp out overnight….”Twilight”. So if you’re a fan of the books or the movies, the first interview is with Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen in the movies. It’s after the jump so take a look:

The only thing to know is, due to how many people wanting to interview the cast, this interview is kind of short. But I tried to ask her some unique questions….

Many more “Twilight” interviews are about to be posted. Check the front page for more.

Ashley Greene

  • Did she ever try and stand in line with all the Twilight fans
  • Did she know people were camped out
  • Since it was her first time at Comic-Con, what was she expecting


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