Exclusive Collector’s Items Announced for 2009 San Diego Comic-Con

     July 2, 2009


The official Comic-Con website has just announced what exclusive collector’s items will be available at this year’s convention so collectors can begin scouting what they want to buy, who they may need to trample, and how much ridiculous mark-up can they sell the items for on eBay to hapless souls who couldn’t afford to make it to San Diego (or were just too late to buy passes) but can afford to slap down $400 for a $20 Angry Stay-Puft Coin Bank.

But I’ll admit there are some fun looking items that will be floating around the Con.  I dig the Stay Puft-Venkman mini-mates, the Little Big Planet Sackboy from Mezco, and the Silver Astronaut Snoopy because WHY NOT.  Of course, I will likely end up with none of these toys (yes, they’re toys; all of these things are toys unless they’re t-shirts) as some hardcore collector will have smashed through the hordes of attendees so he can have the pleasure of breaking-even on his flight and hotel by selling the over-priced item.  That is the way of the Con.

Click here to see all of this year’s exclusives.  The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con will run from July 23rd to the 26th with a special “Preview Night” for 4-Day pass-holders on July 22nd.

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