Exclusive: Collider talks with the CEO of RealD Michael Lewis

     March 23, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Earlier this morning I was on the red carpet for the premiere of DreamWorks new animated film “Monsters vs. Aliens”. While I didn’t get to speak with as many people as I would’ve liked, I did manage to talk with the chairman of RealD (Michael Lewis) and actually found someone that has seen footage from James Cameron’s “Avatar”! While Michael was tight lipped, it was cool to finally talk with someone that would admit to seeing anything from the movie.

The other bit of news that Michael confirmed was that the “Tintin” trilogy would all be in RealD 3-D. During the interview he said the first one was, but after the interview ended I pressed him on if he meant just the first film or all three. He said it was all three.

And for fans of 3-D films, Michael explains how 3-D works, what advances have been made recently, and what other films are using his company’s technology.

Finally, here’s a link to watch some movie clips from “Monsters vs. Aliens”.

Michael Lewis – ReaLD

· What advances have they made recently to make the effect even better

· Michael explains what RealD is all about and how 3-D works

· What does the RealD slate look like for this year and next year

· Says 40 RealD films are coming

· Says Tintin is 3-D

· Since James Cameron’s Avatar is a RealD movie, I ask if he’s seen any footage and what did he think

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