Exclusive: Denzel Washington and Jackie Earle Haley Comic-Con Video Interviews

     July 28, 2009

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Warner Bros. had like 29 movies at this year’s Comic-Con. Okay, I’m exaggerating by saying 29, but they had the most movies and the most actors and filmmakers of all the studios in attendance. And while some of the red carpets at this year’s Comic-Con were incredibly difficult to land any interview on, the WB carpet was the best. That’s because for almost two hours they had actors and filmmakers walking from left to right and right to left on the carpet, so you almost always had someone to talk with. Trust me, it’s never like that.

Anyway, since a few of the interviews didn’t go for too long, I’m going to post some together in one article. In this one I’ve got Denzel Washington talking about “The Book of Eli” and Jackie Earle Haley talking about “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Both are after the jump:

Denzel Washington

  • Talks about his character and what The Book of Eli is about
  • Comic-Con talk – is there anything he wants to buy and will he walk the convention floor
  • Filming in New Mexico

Jackie Earle Haley

  • What does he want to tell the fans about his portrayal of Freddy
  • On set I could tell the makeup was difficult to wear, now that production has wrapped, how much better does he feel about everything he had to do

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