Exclusive: Director Sam Mendes gives an update on PREACHER

     May 11, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Yesterday was the Los Angeles press day for director Sam Mendes new movie “Away We Go”. As I said when I posted the movie clips earlier, I loved the movie. The film has a brilliant script, beautiful cinematography, great acting, and Sam Mendes directed this thing to perfection.

Soto help promote the film, I sat down with Sam for almost thirty minutes and did one of the best video interviews I’ve ever done on Collider. We covered everything you’d want to know about, and if you’re a fan of Sam’s work, you’ll going to love it.

But with the movie still almost a month away from coming out, I’m going to save the interview for the week of release.

However, with news for Sam’s next project “Preacher” hard to come by, I figured you’d like to hear what he said about the status right now.

For fans of Garth Ennis’ comic book, Sam says John August is still writing the script. He also said he’s directing two plays and the earliest he’s making his next movie is in 2010. That means while“Preacher” is on the horizon, it’s not happening anytime soon.

The other bit of news he told me was he’s not involved in any “Road to Perdition” sequel.

Finally, while I could have cut this interview to be much shorter, I let it go a little long as he talked about his interest in graphic novels and how involved he is in the writing process. Also, it’ll give you a taste of the full interview. Take a look:

Sam Mendes

· Road to Perdition sequel/prequel? Says he is not involved

· Preacher talk – says John August is currently writing the script

· Is Preacher going to be his next project – says he is working on two plays in Brooklyn and then he’ll go around the world with them

· Says he will not do a movie till next year

· Sam talks about meeting Garth Ennis

· Talks about reading graphic novels

· How involved is he with the writing process

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