Exclusive DUPLICITY Interviews – Julia Roberts/Clive Owen and writer/director Tony Gilroy

     March 22, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

A few things before getting to the interviews. Yes “Duplicity” came out two days ago. You all know I post everything on time, but I’ve been dealing with massive computer issues so that’s the reason for the delay. The other thing I wanted to mention is, the reason you’re about to watch these video interviews with Julia Roberts, Clive Owen and writer/director Tony Gilroy on Collider is I covered the international press day for our partner website Omelete and these are their interviews.

As you all know when we post any video on Collider there are two logos embedded inside. One is ours, and one is Omelete. We exchange plenty of stuff back and forth and these interviews are a result of our partnership. So a big thank you to them for making these happen!

Anyway, let’s get to why you’re all here.

As I’ve already said in previous posts, I loved “Duplicity”. I thought it had one hell of a script from writer/director Tony Gilroy, fantastic performances from Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Tom Wilkinson, and Paul Giamatti, and it told a fun and interesting story while always keeping you guessing as to what is really going on. Basically, it’s a great movie and one you should really go see.

So during my interviews with Julia and Clive we talked about making the film, the benefits of working with a writer/director, and how quickly did they know they wanted to make this film.

When I spoke with Tony, we talked about what led him to writing this film, what other scripts are lying around his house, and I even got him to talk about the new G series lenses that he used on this movie. If you’re a film geek, it was really cool stuff.

Of course other things were discussed in the interviews….so take a look. And for more info on “Duplicity” or to see some movie clips, click here.

Julia Roberts/Clive Owen

· They worked together on Closer. I ask if they always wanted to work together again

· When they were reading the script, how quickly did they know they wanted to be involved

· I ask about working with Tony and the advantages of working with a writer/director

· Shooting in Rome

· I ask about rehearsals and the back and forth banter in the script

Tony Gilroy

· What led him to writing this movie

· I ask about his writing process and how does he know when it’s working

· Did he envision Clive and Julia when he wrote the movie

· Does he have a bunch of other scripts sitting at home ready to go

· I ask if he’s a little sad that he’s not doing the 4th Bourne movie

· We talk about the new G series lenses that he used on this movie

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