Exclusive: Gerard Butler talks GAMER

     July 20, 2009

Gerard Butler Gamer movie image.jpg

While Gerard Butler has been making a lot of romantic comedies since playing King Leonidas in Zack Snyder’s “300”, he’s about to return to the action genre in Neveldine/Taylor’s “Gamer”.  If you aren’t familiar with the name Neveldine/Taylor, they made “Crank” and “Crank: High Voltage”. Anyway, their next assault on humanity is “Gamer” and it gets released on September 4th. I can’t wait.

So at this weekend’s press junket for Gerard’s latest film “The Ugly Truth”, I made sure to ask him about returning to action genre with “Gamer”. You can see what he said about the film after the jump:

The full interview will be online very soon. If you’d like to see some clips from Gerard’s latest film “The Ugly Truth“, click here.

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