Exclusive: Harold Ramis talks GHOSTBUSTERS 3

     June 15, 2009

Harodl Ramis.jpgThis Friday, director Harold Ramis’ new comedy “Year One” hits theatres. So to help promote the film, I spent the past two days in New York City as a reporter for our partner website Omelete.  In the coming days I’ll be posting the full interviews, but with all the talk about another “Ghostbusters” movie floating around the Internet, I figured I should post what he told me right now.

The highlight: if the script for “Ghostbusters 3” turns out as good as everyone hopes, they’re all in. Even Bill Murray!

The video interview and quotes after the jump:

ghostbusters_movie_image_harold_ramis__bill_murray_and_dan_aykroyd.jpgAccording to Mr. Ramis, “if we get a good script we’ll do it. I don’t think any of us feel we need to for our own careers or anything, but if people want to see it we’ll try to give it to them. But only if it’s good.”

I then asked do you really think it’s going to happen or is it a maybe?

He replied, “there’s a real script being written. We wrote a story – Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd and I are consulting. (Bill) Murray said he’d do it. Ernie Hudson is in. Almost everyone said they’d be in. Rick Moranis has laid low in show business for the last few years. It’s all about the quality. We don’t want to destroy a franchise that everyone loves with a bad sequel.”

While Hollywood loves to remake dead franchises and waste money on bad sequels, this is one that I really hope comes together. Here’s the video of our conversation. At the end he also tells me that the “Meatballs” movie listed on his IMDB page is “a myth. I don’t know where that came from.”

If you’re excited for another “Ghostbusters”, say it in the comments below!

Note: this interview was recorded with 16:9 cameras by mistake. Your eyes are not deceiving you.

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