Exclusive: Josh Brolin talks JONAH HEX at Comic-Con and says Steve Helped the Film Get Made!

     July 29, 2009

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When Josh Brolin was promoting “Milk”, I participated in a roundtable interview and it was around the time “Jonah Hex” was coming together. When I spoke to him, I could see he was really trying to figure out whether or not to make the film and when I said a lot of good things about the project, I really thought he was listening to me.

It ends up he was.

Because when I spoke to Josh at Comic-Con a few days ago, he told me that I was one of the reasons he agreed to do the project! I know it sounds crazy, but you can see him say it! Check it out after the jump, along with Josh explaining the makeup process and why he wanted Megan Fox to be in the movie.

Josh Brolin

  • Says that I am one of the reasons why he ended up making Jonah Hex
  • Talks about the makeup process – says he was in the makeup trailer for over 5 days of the 46 day shoot. 3 hours a day he was in the makeup chair
  • Talks about casting Megan Fox

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