Exclusive – Megan Fox Sings About Simon Pegg and Explains What Director Michael Bay Made Her Do When Trying on the Costumes of TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN

     June 26, 2009

megan_fox.jpgWhile I already posted parts of my exclusive Megan Fox interview during the week (where she talked about the kid trying to hand her a flower and how she’d like to walk around Comic-Con as Slave Leia) it’s time for the last part and it’s just as good.

In the video interview you can see Megan Fox sing Simon Pegg’s name and she also talks about what director Michael Bay made her do when she had to try on her costumes for “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen”. Trust me, it’s a crazy story and you’ll either hate Michael Bay more, or have tons of new found respect. It could go either way.

But before getting to the interview, two things. First, a big thank you to Simon Pegg for giving me the first question asked in this interview. Not only did I get Megan Fox to sing on camera, but I’m sure it helped with all my other questions. Also, a big thank you to my partners at Omelete for letting me cover the junket for them.

Take a look at what Megan said after the jump:


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