Exclusive: Producer Wyck Godfrey on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, ECLIPSE and BREAKING DAWN

     November 19, 2009


While many fans of The Twilight Saga just want to hear Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson talk about the mega-successful franchise, the person who can give you the news you really want is producer Wyck Godfrey.  Stewart and Pattinson star in the film, but they aren’t the ones making the big decisions about the franchise, and they definitely aren’t the ones who can tell you if Breaking Dawn is going to be two movies, or if the teaser trailer for Eclipse will be on New Moon.  But Wyck Godfrey can.  And that’s why at The Twilight Saga: New Moon press junket, I specifically requested an interview to talk with him.

After the jump is my extended conversation with the man bringing the Twilight movies to the big screen.  We talked about the constant demand by fandom for knowing everything now, could David Slade or Chris Weitz be brought back for Breaking Dawn, does he think Breaking Dawn could be two movies (“it’s certainly possible,” he says), is the Eclipse trailer on New Moon, piracy talk, and if he and the other producers already have plans for Comic-Con 2010.  It’s cool if you love hearing from Pattinson and Stewart, but this interview with Godfrey is the one that Twilight shouldn’t miss.

Wyck Godfrey

  • The difficulty of balancing the medias appetite versus giving the fans what they want
  • Talks about why it was smart to film New Moon and Eclipse back to back
  • Breaking Dawn talk – are they talking about making the film.  What’s the status?
  • Is he thinking about David Slade or Chris Weitz coming back for Breaking Dawn
  • 4:05 – Are they thinking about two films for Breaking DawnSays it’s certainly possible.
  • On New Moon, how did he juggle as the producer the story, the budget, and the bigger worldwide scope of it
  • 6:00 There has been a lot of talk that the Eclipse teaser trailer is on New Moon. Is that true
  • I mention that a good idea would be to attach the teaser trailer for Eclipse after the movie has been out for a week, that way fans would maybe want to go back. He smiles and says that’s a good idea.  Could that be the plan?
  • 7:05 Piracy talk
  • 8:05 – Comic-Con 2010 talk – Since Eclipse will already be out, do they have any plans to be there yet for the DVD or maybe Breaking Dawn

  • Don Anderson

    I have a major question in hopes that I will get a reply. The first of the two last Twilight Saga movies when Bella gets pregnant: Has there been ANY research on vampires? or is this all coming from the Author? What I am getting at is the simple fact that Edward being a “turned” Vampire gets Bella knock-up BEFORE turning her will produce a child referred to a Dampire. Bella was not turned and just because Edward is the Vampire that does not rule out the fact that the child will be a Dampire…this needs to be clarified. A Dampire turns into a Vampire Hunter. I would appreciate a response to this as this is what happens when a Human mates with a Vampire. Do your research. And a Dampire still needs to feed as well.