Exclusive: Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg Interview THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON

     November 17, 2009


As I wrote this summer when I posted my exclusive Comic-Con interview with The Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, she has the difficult task of trying to bring Stephanie Meyer’s insanely popular book series to the screen. So while writing any movie is difficult, writing one that has so many passionate and knowledgeable fans is taking it another level. Luckily for her, the Twilight fans I’ve spoken with have really enjoyed her work and are anxiously awaiting the sequels.

When I spoke to Melissa Rosenberg a few months ago we talked about how the increased budget changed the way she writes and what did she have to edit out of books two and three to make them into movies.  This time I decided to ask about her reaction to watching New Moon, has she seen any of Eclipse, who came up with the way to keep Rob Pattinson in the movie as a ghost-type image, and I also tried to find out, hypothetically speaking, if she thinks more would have to be changed from the book in the eventual fourth movie, Breaking Dawn.  I also asked if she has an opinion on Breaking Dawn being two movies.  If you’re a fan of The Twilight Saga, you’ll love the interview.  Take a look after the jump:

Melissa Rosenberg

  • What was her reaction to seeing the film for the first time
  • How hard has it been to find the voice of the movie versus the fans expectations
  • Who came up with the way to keep Rob Pattison in the movie as a ghost type image
  • Has she seen any of Eclipse
  • How similar are the movies to the books and did she add anything
  • 7:00 Breaking Dawn talk – hypothetically speaking, does she think more would have to be changed from the book in the 4th movie
  • Does she have an opinion on the 4th movie possibly being two movies

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