Exclusive: Seth Rogen talks PAUL – Says He is Doing the Motion Capture and Talks About the Voice

     July 19, 2009


One of the films I’m most excited about is director Greg Mottola’s “Paul”. You may not have heard of it yet because it’s still being filmed, but the movie stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost (who also wrote the film), Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Jane Lynch. It’s a buddy road trip movie that features Simon and Nick as two science-fiction fanatics that meet an escaped Area 51 alien named Paul – who is going to be voiced by Seth Rogen.

So while we all knew Seth would be doing the voice, nothing had been announced about what kind of voice he would do. Was he going to sound like himself or would he do an accent? After the jump you can watch what Seth said about the character and he also reveals that he’s doing the motion capture for “Paul”!

And for more on “Paul”, here’s my exclusive interview with Simon Pegg.

Collider: You’re doing the voice of Paul

Seth Rogen: I am. And the motion capture of Paul as well.

Collider: What kind of voice is it going to be? Is it your voice or are you doing a voice?

Seth: As of right now it’s pretty similar to my voice. I don’t know, they could change their mind, but right now it kind of sounds like exactly what you are hearing right now.

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