Exclusive: Simon Pegg talks PAUL, TINTIN, his next film with Edgar Wright, ICE AGE 3 and more

     May 6, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Two days ago I posted the first part of my massive Simon Pegg interview. In that part, all we talked about was his involvement in “Star Trek”.

But now it’s time to talk about everything else!

If you’re a fan of Simon Pegg’s, you know he’s about to start filming a new movie with director Greg Mottola and Nick Frost and it’s called “Paul”. The film is about two friends who do a road trip here in America and it’s possible it also involves an Alien named Paul. The reason why this film should be on your radar is…Simon co-write the film with Nick Frost!

The last two movies Simon was involved in writing were called “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”. Need I say more?

But while a conversation about “Paul” might be enough, that’s only the beginning!

That’s because Simon and I talked about his involvement in “Tintin” and what it was like to be directed by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. We also talked about what’s up with his next movie with director Edgar Wright, how did he get involved with “Ice Age 3”, and we also talked about what he’s geeking out over right now.

And for fans of the two of us talking about “Star Wars”, don’t worry. Watch the last part…

Since we covered so much ground on so many subjects, I’ve divided it up by topic. Each is clearly labeled with what we talked about so take a look.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to Simon Pegg for giving me so much of his time a few days ago. And I’ve joined the ever growing world of Twitter

note: some of these interviews are large files. Please give them time to load

Simon Pegg – Paul

· Simon says they are about to start rehearsals

· Still casting – says it’s going to be a mix of British and American comedians

· They’re figuring out how to make Paul real – says it’s going to be a mix of practical and CGI

· Simon gives a synopsis about Paul – about 1:25 in

· They’re filming in New Mexico on the 8th of June. It’s a 10 week shoot

· I ask if they’re going to shoot at Comic-Con this summer as part of the movie involves the convention. Right now he doesn’t know. He explains why it is so hard to film there

· I tell Simon that it would be NO problem to get fans to participate for free

· I ask if the characters of Paul could go to a panel about Spaced

· Says Comic-Con is just the beginning of the film and it sets up who these characters are

· Simon talks about how they got a lot of the Spaced fans to be zombies in Shaun of the Dead

· Why has it taken so long to get Paul in front of the cameras

· Simon explains where the idea came from

· How did Greg Mottola get attached to direct it

Simon talks about next film with Edgar Wright

· What’s the status of the next film together

· Simon says when Edgar finishes Scott Pilgrim and he finishes Paul they’ll work on it

· We talk about how Edgar is aging backwards

Simon talks Tintin

· Simon talks about what he did on the film with Nick Frost

· He talks about the process of making the film

· Simon tells some good stories about working for Steven Spielberg

· Says his characters will be in the trilogy and he explains who his character is

· Simon explains how Spielberg and Peter Jackson worked together

· He tells a great story about Spielberg talking to them about Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

· Says what he filmed was just for the first film and he hopes to be in New Zealand later this year for part 2

Simon talks Ice Age 3 and what he’s geeking out over right now

· Ice Age 3 talk – why did he take the part

· I ask what is he geeking out over right now – he talks about Battlestar Galactica

· We talk about Star Wars….of course

· Fringe talk

· Lost talk – we talk about watching a show on DVD versus watching it every week

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