Sigourney Weaver Brings “Va-Va-Voom” to Ancient Egypt in New EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS Images

     August 19, 2014


20th Century Fox has released a couple of new Exodus: Gods and Kings images from director Ridley Scott’s Biblical epic.  One of these new images gives us a closer look at Sigourney Weaver, who plays Tuya, the mother of Joel Edgerton’s Ramses.  Costume designer Janty Yates tells EW that Scott wanted the character to be “va-va-voom,” likening her to Jessica Rabbit—a woman on the prowl.  It’s a curious choice for the Biblical epic, though the rest of the cast is a bit stylized as well, with Edgerton and Christian Bale’s Moses both wearing their fair share of eyeliner.

Hit the jump to check out the Exodus: Gods and Kings images and to see what Bale had to say about taking on what he describes as one of the most fascinating characters he’s ever studied.  Exodus: Gods and Kings opens in theaters on December 5th.

Speaking with EW, Bale talked a bit about taking on the role of Moses and the appeal of the character:

“He’s one of the most fascinating characters I’ve ever studied. All of his trials, his troubled life and his doubts, his rages and his extremes.” The actor laughs at how Moses—who spoke to God, fought violent battles, parted seas, and struggled to free the enslaved Israelites no matter the cost might fare in the modern era. “Can you imagine if he was alive today? He’d probably be on trial in the Hague.”

Check out the new images below.



Here’s the official synopsis for Exodus: Gods and Kings:

From acclaimed director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Prometheus) comes the epic adventure “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” the story of one man’s daring courage to take on the might of an empire. Using state-of-the-art visual effects and 3D immersion, Scott brings new life to the story of the defiant leader Moses (Christian Bale) as he rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton), setting 600,000 slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues.

  • mattinacan

    i love my Egyptians white as can be

  • mattinacan

    i love my Egyptians white as can be

    • Lex Walker

      So…with less eyeliner?

  • To Be Continued

    She looks like her “Gatekeeper” in Ghostbusters.

  • Mike

    Dear Collider,
    Please never again use the term “Va-Va-Voom” in the title of an article describing Sigourney Weaver.
    Thank you,

    • nico


  • Vulcan

    Va-va-voom? People still say that?

    • Vulcan

      And out of any and every character to be inspired by for a Biblical epic, why Jessica Rabbit?

  • Mixed race rich kid NYC

    For some reason racist hollywood keep whitewashing black history
    For a black man to see this movie would be equivalent of paying a kkk member and part time cop to spit on your face
    #boycott #exodus
    #justice for #mike brown

    • Mike

      Really? First, the ancient Egyptians weren’t black, they were a melting pot of various skin tones. Ancient peoples skin color and ethnicities cannot be put into our modern racial labels, nor should they be. The world and it’s inhabitant’s looked alot different thousands of years ago. Because of that, we will never be able to accurately portray them in any films.
      Secondly, the rest of your post is the definition of extremist stupidity. And the unjustifiable shooting of Mike Brown and the unrest in Ferguson have nothing to do with this movie.
      Thirdly, what is the point in hashtags on disqus? They don’t do anything.

      • Mixed race rich kid NYC

        White skin is the only way to portray a melting pot of various skin tones
        Every leader is white but every servant and thief and slaves are black
        yep great way to portray a melting pot culture
        #justiceformikebrown #BoycottExodus
        Down with White Supremacy!!!!

      • jackman

        I’d also add that moses general who plots ramses downfall is played by a black actor, it’s a shame they didn’t offer you the part because i’m sure you would have been brilliant at devising away of kicking edgeringtons (a white dudes) ass and ending his white supremacist rule :)

      • Jack

        They even changed the facial shape of the Sphinx so it looks more white!! Is that accurate or white washing??!
        Rinse your eyes out and read a do some research.

      • Mixed race rich kid NYC

        He Can’t rinse his eyes out with a white sheet on his face.

      • jackman

        You must be a troll if you are going to trivialize the actions of scum like the ku klux klan by insulting somebody by labeling them as a member just because they don’t agree with your views. It’s why we have freedom of speech so thing’s can be discussed and debated and yet all your doing is pushing your own agenda through insults, it’s not doing you any favors as you just sound like an extremist of some kind incapable of having an adult conversation.

      • jackman

        They changed it to look like ramses who is played by edgerington so it had to look like him, but considering nobody knows who the pharaoh in the exodus story was i don’t think it matters, especially when the story is made up. It more then likely wasn’t ramses anyway, unless he drowned in the red sea when god brought a tidal wave down on him. I guess edgerington is playing ramses as well because christian bale is playing moses (a made up biblical character) and the story hinges on him passing himself off as an eygptian. If you cast a black guy as ramses then you would have to have had a black moses, imagine how the jewish community would feel if the king of the jews was played by denzel washington. There would probably be a massive outcry over that as well, although this movie will probably be banned in the middle east anyway so why would it matter. Maybe they should teach real history in schools so people can differentiate fantasy films from real life events, i think that’s the best solution myself.

      • Neo Racer

        We have a ‘black’ president, what else do we have to do? Commit racial suicide too? lol

      • Farrell

        yes, racism completely vanished the moment Obama took office.

      • Mixed race rich kid NYC

        So you’re just gonna ignore the family that raised him????
        Obama is mixed: Half white half black
        He’s as much white as he is black
        The one drop rule is so last century
        Get into the 21st century

      • Strong Enough

        take that bullshit to drudge report

      • Farrell

        I agree that the skin tone of those people is hard to know, but they most certainly were not the lily white faces you’re seeing from ALL of the major cast members…hell, the only black people I’ve seen so far are the SERVANTS for Christ sake. How anybody can approve of that and keep a straight face is bizarre to me. And since it is impossible to know exactly what skin color they had, WHY MAKE THE LEAD CHARACTERS ALL WHITE?

      • Christopher Sims

        To say the Egyptians weren’t black is incorrect as well. The definition of black is very Americanized. Black people from America were taken primarily from West Africa, different to Northern Africa. However, the movie depictions of the Exodus stories are incorrect to cast white actors to play any roles in the story. The Jewish people that were the slaves in the stories most resembled Middle Eastern people, since that is where they are from. The Egyptians were an African nation that had a melting pot of people LIVING and VISITING in Egypt, to learn or for enjoyment. The traditional rulers of Egypt are a range of colors but mostly resemble the people that still make up the population now, Middle Eastern Muslims.

        To be acceptable Hollywood would have to cast Middle Eastern actors, possibly Indian, and African people to be natives of Egypt. This is correct. Europeans, mostly Greeks and Romans, frequented the region but were not the ruling body. This is the point, neither Black nor White actors and actresses are necessarily correct. However, African people would be more correct as Egypt shared a lot of it’s linage with the Kush people to the South, which is now Sudan and some of Ethiopia, which people often use the word Nubian to describe.

        You may not be able to accurately assert which kind of people were absolutely in the country at the time but the Hieroglyphs show people with a Middle Eastern pigment to them. Just because there were light-skinned Africans, that doesn’t excuse the fact that the ruling people in Hollywood movies are always white, with a tan.

        I agree Mike Brown has nothing to do with this, but Hollywood has never and will never get this right.

    • jackman

      I agree dude, the fact is ancient egyptians were black people who worked there slaves to death building the pyramids, in fact according to this movie they kept the jews as slaves for over 400 hundred years. They certainly showed the world how to build and run an effective civilization. This needs and deserves to be shown, hopefully it will be one day and the film will also have an R rating so it can really portray the barbaric treatment of slaves as well. In fact i hope this movie is like 12 years a slave except for jewish people.

      I’d say you were a moron but with a user name like mixed race rich kid NYC i think it speaks for itself :)

      • jackman

        I’d also add that the above post made to mixed race rich kid NYC (who sounds like a troll) is sarcasm and i don’t believe in racial supremacy of any kind and taking credit for long dead civilizations or condone there treatment of people or how they built up there empires. All it does is create divisions in society when we should be moving past this nonsense, this film is just a movie and there are bigger concerns in the world in my opinion.

      • ted

        I don’t know what your post has to do with themovie, but it doesn’t sound constructive

      • jackman

        What i was basically trying to say to new york kid or whatever his name is is that he talks about white supremacy but ancient eygpt wasn’t exactly a nice place and i don’t know why people would take so much pride in it, i’ve heard people say that “white people didn’t build the pyramids”, but the pyramids along with everything else were built by slaves. In fact almost every civilization has exploited somebody and it’s not something i think that anybody should be particularly proud of, it would be like writing off everything that happened in the 20th century and just talking about how great western civilization was while conveniently forgetting about everything else.

        Further more it becomes an us and them issue with people dividing thing’s up in to races. Like anybody today is responsible for what happened in ancient egypt but it all becomes about racial supremacy and the fact is you cannot gloss over history, you cannot say don’t white wash our history because what “we” and i don’t know why people say “we” for because they were not there and were not responsible for the “incredible” eygptian civilization and conveniently forget about how that empire was built. Like i said some pretty bad stuff also happened at the time and it’s normally glossed over. Instead the discussion becomes about white suppression and white washing. I just think it’s ridiculous, i’d also just add i’m not white but i see this type of extremist behavior more and more and i think it’s very unhealthy especially when people are saying if you go and see a movie you are as bad as the KKK because it trivializes what the KKK have done.

        So i didn’t mean to be insulting in anyway but people taking credit for everything that happened thousands of years ago is pretty stupid, plus we’re all very mixed racially now anyway but this film is about the jewish exodus and about how a group of people were exploited and how one man lead them out of slavery so it doesn’t paint the eygptians in a very favorable light, then again i’m pretty sure there is no evidence that exodus happened anyway. But it’s a jewish legend, not a story about how great ancient eygpt was, if anything it’s saying the jews built all the thing’s that made ancient eygpt great in the first place and like i said there is no historical evidence of this so the movie is probably problematic on that front anyway.

    • Doom Occulta

      Egyptians are not black. Nor were the people in Ancient Egypt. The Jews who were enslaved by Egypt weren’t black either. Assuming everything in Africa has to do with black people is idiotic and shows how ignorant you are about the world. Your constant race-baiting is poison. If you weren’t angry when they cast Idris Elba to play Heimdall may be you shouldn’t be angry about a white guy paying Moses.

    • theonering

      The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise….what’s next? Last N***a on Earth starring Tom Hanks?

      • DEADP00L

        …i just spat my rebull all over the screen…

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  • DEADP00L

    Um…if Moses were alive today he wouldn’t be in the Hague he’d be in a mental institution or talking to burning weed. If not condemning just about every political body on the face of this earth for being a bunch of materialistic, mass murdering, homicidal maniacs – giving up on humanity and living the life of an emo hermit. And as I recall my Jewish history, Moses pretty much called us a lost cause and left us to worshiping our goats… again. Which would make him an antisemitic tree huger to today’s politically correct right wingers.

    Historical… that’s hysterical. Religion man… can do without it can’t live with it.


    I wonder what would happen to Jesus if he were around today…

    Considering he was Middle Eastern and there are no Romans… he’d probably have still been a carpenter, civilian, hating big banks and corporations, called an antisemitic left winger liberal self-hating Jew by the right wing brigade, been droned then called collateral damage or told it was his own damn fault and he brought it on himself.

    Seriously, it’s farcical imagining them all in today’s world. But I would pay to see that kind of movie.