First Look at Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Willis on the Set of THE EXPENDABLES 2

     October 11, 2011


Arnold Schwarzenegger has tweeted a photo from the set of Simon West’s The Expendables 2.  Since it’s a posed set photo with his co-stars Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, there’s no hint of how his character will factor in to the plot or if he’ll be wearing that god-awful shirt.  Schwarzenegger and Willis are rumored to have larger roles than they did in the first film, but that has yet to be confirmed.  There aren’t any details on the plot, but fans of the first movie will probably celebrate the threadbare story we’re likely to get.  Like the first film, the movie is designed more as a dream-team of action stars, but hopefully the sequel won’t waste them.

Hit the jump to check out the set photo.  The film also stars Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris.  Donnie Yen and John Travolta are rumored to co-star.  The Expendables 2 is due out August 17, 2012.

Via @Schwarzenegger.


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  • zillabeast

    Ok everybody! Now smile and say….Planet Hollywood!

  • Sands

    I hope in the sequel, there will be more amazing fight scenes.

    It would be good if they also include Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White, Kurt Angle and Bill Goldberg.

    • Matt

      Trying to remember amazing fight scenes in first flick

      • dude

        Man, you’re like the FOX news of action stars. Just move on.

  • mrbatmatt

    Wow, Larry, Moe, and Curley look BAD ASS in the new Three Stooges Movie

  • mrbatmatt

    And BTW, Arnold, Sam Axe called, he needs his wardrobe back on the set of Burn Notice.

  • Jorge

    Hey im excited to see the Arnold and Willis have bigger roles and that Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris are in this. I felt the first movie was missing them, high hopes for this one, It’ll be better than the first one I think.

  • GhostD

    If Donnie doesn’t sign on, Cung Le would be a good choice.

  • erik-a

    this kind of movies can turn you gay or can turn you a man.

  • Jake


  • Matt Goldberg Sucks…a lot…a lot a lot.

    I really hate you Matt. Quit expressing your hatred for Stallone. Keep your opinions to yourself. All you should have said is this is the first picture on the set. Thats it. I am sorry you will hate Stallone forever for completely destroying Scott Pilgrim vs. The World…deal with it.

  • Cant Wait!!!

    Where is Van Damme!? How bout Chuck!? Hope they do a whole cast shot like the first one. That would be a hell of a picture!

  • oMaR, YO


  • roger alex

    I’m the big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stallone,both have my favorite actor in the Hollywood.I’ll definitely watch THE EXPENDABLES 2.

  • Miles Bennett Dyson

    I expected arnold wearing a Hawaiian shirt… its so cliche

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  • DieRockyIBBack

    Stallone: “Hey Arnold how’s the hernia?”
    Arnold: “Fine Sly, everything ok with your prostate exam?”
    Willis: “Damn, Arnold your shirt reminds me I have to get a Halloween costume for Ashton”

  • Terry

    Sly isn’t even 5′ 5” so judging from the photo neither is Arnold. I heard he was like 6′ 3”. Ha ha! Not!

    • r tutor

      Correction…Stallone’s 5’9″…Willis is 6′…..Arnold’s 6’2″….cant wait for movie!..

  • roger thomas

    Stallone,Arnold Schwarzenegger are one of the most popular actor in the Hollywood not only Hollywood in the world.Both are also my favorite.

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