THE EXPENDABLES 2 May Be PG-13 Because of Chuck Norris [UPDATE: Sylvester Stallone Confirms the Rating]

     January 18, 2012


Chuck Norris enjoyed renewed popularity due to Conan O’Brien‘s Walker Texas Ranger lever and the Internet’s constant meme factory that came up with sayings to make the Sidekicks star sound cooler than he actually is.  Fans, both real and ironic, were excited to hear he was joining The Expendables 2, but his participation may have cut the movie from an R-rating to PG-13.

Hit the jump for what Norris had to say about getting the rating lowered.  Whether it’s R-rated or PG-13, The Expendables 2 opens August 17th.  The film also stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Yu Nan, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Liam Hemsworth, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[Update: Stallone confirmed the rating will be PG-13.  His explanation is now after the jump.

chuck-norris-dolph-lundgren-terry-crews-the-expendables-2-set-photoExpendables Premiere (via Arrow in the Head) translated an interview the Polish paper Gazeta did with Norris.  Here’s what he had to say about his participation on the flick:

“In ‘Expendables 2,’ there was a lot of vulgar dialogue in the screenplay. Fot this reason, many young people wouldn’t be able to watch this. But I don’t play in movies like this,” Norris explained. “Due to that I said I won’t be a part of that if the hardcore language is not erased. Producers accepted my conditions and the movie will be classified in the category of PG-13.”

It’s bizarre but not surprising that Norris would be more concerned with naughty language rather than violence.  It’s even less surprising that the MPAA shares his belief.  As for the producers, they probably wouldn’t mind the opportunity to rake in more cash by opening their movie to teenagers.

But how does Stallone feel about this?  He’s been the driving force behind these movies and even though he’s not directing the sequel, he must know that part of the appeal of The Expendables is letting his characters be macho enough to swear.  I don’t really care either way as long as the movie is fun, but I find it interesting that Norris would have this much power when there are so many other B-movie action stars populating the movie.  I’m also curious to hear what fans of the first film think about the sequel getting a PG-13 rating.

Update: So we know how he feels, Stallone sent the following note to AICN:

“Harry, the film is fantastic with Van Damme turning in an inspired performance… Our final battle is one for the ages. The PG13 rumor is true, but before your readers pass judgement, trust me when I say this film is LARGE in every way and delivers on every level. This movie touches on many emotions which we want to share with the broadest audience possible, BUT, fear not, this Barbeque of Grand scale Ass Bashing will not leave anyone hungry…Sly”


  • Mitch McCormick

    Looks like all those Chuck Norris jokes just went out the window.
    What a baby.

    • Big Meech

      So has no one ever seen WALKER TEXAS RANGER? Chuck has been soft for years. I am pretty sure he is all about the almighty one (he did do a show in Texas you know) so this is not a surprise.

      It kind of sucks because it will feel like the balls have been cutoff of this movie but I’ll see it nonetheless.

      For the people who thought part 1 it sucked what did you expect? What any 80′s / 90′s action movie fans ever wanted to see a movie with all these names in them. Take it for what its worth.
      you didn’t expect SLY or ARNIE to belt out Shakespeare did you?

    • LAME

      “What a baby.”? –> Yeah.. Because having vulgar dialogue makes you more mature.

      Don’t be silly.

      • Saigio

        I don’t see how making it a gorefest is any better than SHITFUCKASSCOCKWHOREBITCH.

        I mean really, the fact that he wants the FUCKASSBASTARD removed from the film so kids can go and watch the buckets of blood and guts is some fucked up logic.

  • R RATED!

    I love Chuck Norris, but you gotta be kidding me. I was never 17 in the 80′s watching Rambo as a kid! I wasnt 17 yet when I saw Terminator or Total Recall! Not even Cliffhanger! I mean, having a couple of f bombs didnt corrupt my mind. Its pure fantacy. Pure awesome violent bloody swearing fantacy. I am super pumped for this movie, I just hope this news isnt accurate.

  • bjemmi

    I used to be an action star, but then i took an arrow to the knee

    • darrin

      u said it before me

  • mrbatmatt

    wait a sec… something smells rotten in Denmark here… is Chuck Norris’ involvement, and popularity so integral to the story that with Bruce Willis, Stallone, Arnold, Jet Li, Van Damme, Lundgren and SO MANY OTHER action personalities that they would actually cow tail to one guy like that? The only way this will work is as an R-rated movie… I can see them toning it down, but I can’t see a PG-13 out of these guys… you’re going to get a bunch of guns firing, and big bulky dudes looking at each other with no dialog.

  • R RATED!

    I love Chuck Norris, but you gotta be kidding me. I wasnt 17 when I saw all my favorite action flicks back in the day. Wasnt 17 for Rambo, True Lies, Cliffhanger, or even Terminator! Come on! Get on the wagon Chuck! Its all good man. This movie is going to be amazing. Let it happen!

  • Don

    this is bullcrap

  • T2

    I just hope they are using this as a means of free advertising. Because I must say….I would be a little dissapointed! But Mitch, if you think about it……if Chuck Norris was the badass that all the jokes were saying, then he would easily convince SLY to turn the movie to a PG-13.

  • Lizard King

    The first movie was terrible. Specifically because of the writing. The dialog had no finesse or subtlety. Perhaps Chuck Norris forcing them to use words with more than 4 letters will allow for a more fluid and interesting script. I’m all for the change.

    • mrbatmatt

      Good point… in my little rant I forgot the first one kind of sucked… a lot.

    • Monsieur le comte des Poopypants

      Yes, that was the one movie I went to for intellectual stimulation last year and it just did not quite deliver. Nearly everyone in our late 18th century french literature club was quite disappointed. I think this year we will attend G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

      • snapperhead

        Bravo, Monsieur. You are the paragon of wit.

  • george

    fuck chuck.

    • Chris

      agreed. chuck norris jokes no longer valid. FAIL.

  • Sean

    Judging the quote, it’s not really Norris’ fault. It sounds like the producers adjusted the script to ensure he would sign on. Not that it’s that big of a deal anyway; these guys don’t really need potty mouths to destroy their opposition. It must be said, though:

    Chuck Norris doesn’t bend for Hollywood. Hollywood bends for Chuck Norris.

  • Womanshouldbeinkitchen

    i’m sure the uncut blu ray version will have your macho swear words.

  • Rockslide

    Its not like Chuck forced them to change things, he simply said, if you want me in it, here’s the deal. They could have just as easily said no thanks and both walk away. I’m sure the producers, if anything, just use it as an excuse to cut it down to the rating they wanted anyways to get more tickets sold.

  • jarvis3205

    Since Chuck’s on the right side of the page with Bruce & Van Damme…here’s to hoping that he’s a villian that get’s his ass handed to him ASAP!


    F*** CHUCK NORRIS. Walker Texas Dumf*** Ranger is the most boring sh*t ever with some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. Now he’s got the balls to come spread his taint over one of the few oldschool, gritty, over-the-top, action movies we have left? Oh hell no. I wasn’t thrilled to even see his involvement in EX2, but if he’s going to be in it, he needs sit his lame ass down in the back of the room, shut the f***up, and let the big boys run the show. If he behaves maybe they’ll even allow him to make an Afterschool Special version of his vision that they can bury on the blu-ray release that we’ll never have to see because most of us are going to download it anyway. Streets!

    • HailLoveZombie

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      If this is true then Chuck Norris has a SERIOUS backward-ass view on the age groups of his fans back in the 80s. Just about everyone were watching his films, and most were kids and young adults.

      If the studio actually agreed to this then they’re dumb as shit and the movie will FAIL!

      Honestly I think the main reason Norris was even asked to come on board EX2 was because of all the geek fanboy World of Warcraft chats (commercial included).

      Expendables should ONLY be a RATED-R MOVIE!!!! period!

  • James Freud

    I’m sorry but there’s just no way this story is true. If one of Norris’s ‘conditions’ were that the language had to be toned down before he participated, the producers would have said “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”. Norris just doesn’t have the status to pull something like that. George Clooney sure…..not Chuck Norris. You’ll get your R rating, people. Move along.

  • James Freud

    Story is not true, people. Chuck Norris doesn’t have the pull to affect this movie’s rating, bottom line. You’ll get your R rating, people. Move along.

  • wertygo

    Yeah,yeah Chuck Norris this and that.Lets remember Chuck is the guy who asks Bruce Lee to teach him and said that Bruce was Greatest when he was alive, after Bruce’s death he starts to trash talking about Bruce.He said that Bruce wasn’t a black belted karate master but He(“THE GREATEST ChuckO”) was.So he (Chuck one of the slowest kinda karate guy who became Champion in Tournament where opponents can’t hit each other for real) says that he can defeat Bruce Lee not to himself but after his death.I’m not saying that Bruce was unbeatable, he loses sometimes(read his diary’s) and he never hide that or say that he can beat anyone.So, what you can think about Chuck Norris after this.
    Chuck Norris is big talker with a big ego that deserves his ass get whooped.
    P.S.Chuck Norris taught that he can beat Bruce Lee.It was before Bruce Lee wake him up with a Bitch Slap!!!

    • duh wut

      yeah Chucky appears to be an ego maniac. and ur absolutely right. he did insinuate that he could beat Bruce Lee AFTER Bruce was dead, while Bruce was alive, it was a whole other story. Bruce would have went up to him and smacked him around if Chuck would have dared say that while Bruce was alive. Really who goes around taking cheap shots at a guy who’s dead? Lost a lot of respect for Chuck after that.

    • John Soares

      Bruce Lee… actually wasn’t a black belt karate master. That’s not an insult. Its just true. Do you know anything about Bruce Lee? Not only did he not practice Karate, but one of his most famous quotes was, “The only thing belts are good for is to hold your pants up.”

      So if Chuck Norris ever said, “Bruce Lee wasn’t a black belt karate master” (which I doubt he ever did) he was saying something that is totally true.

      By the way… Chuck Norris actually is a 10th degree black belt in karate.

      I’m not sure how saying any of this can be considered trash talk. Its all 100 percent true.

  • Yahzee

    …. really? I was FUCKING surprised that Chuck Norris was still alive. He hasn’t had a proper job in ages and he comes trying to dumb down the opportunity to make The Expendables 2 better than the first. I thought only studio executives were that stupid. FUCK THIS…

  • Ricky G

    Isn’t this the same guy that slammed a hookers face down so hard into a pile of coke that it shoved the metal tube she was snorting coke out of into her brain? I think all she did was lip off to him too…but don’t say fuck in what’s CLEARLY a kids movie meant for the Beibers! Invasion U.S.A. all the way!

  • excpired

    Making Expendables 2 pg-13 is a good idea, considering you have to have the maturity level of a 7th grader to actually enjoy the films I think it’ll bring the movie to the proper audience it is intended for.

    But the MPAA and Norris must know that 7th graders swear more often than sailors. I don’t think I’ve heard the F word more times combined in my life than in my 7th grade year.

  • Smm

    Who f-cking cares about Chuck Norris??

  • twowolves

    I think Chuck is confusing his mention in WoW and online gaming in general as some kind of indicator of a new mass youth market. He is mistaken.

  • Joeyyoyoyo

    Fuck you Chuck Norris fuck you yeah yeah yeah!

  • Mark

    A good movie doesn’t need bad language. Some of the greatest movies in history have none at all.

  • Jay

    Wow…I literally won’t see this at PG-13….remember the A-Team?? think worse. This film needs to be Rated R.

  • TheUrbanShepherd

    I think the problem when it comes to Chuck Norris is people aren’t able to seperate the meme from the man. You can make as many jokes about him being stronger than strength itself, but in reality bringing a politically and socially conservative Texan, who believes in Biblical creation and has ‘no profanity’ at the top of the list of rules for his Karate dojo, into a violent action film starring actors (like Jason Statham and Bruce Willis) who are known for their rampant swearing in movies was bound to create a clash.

    Now you could get into speculation that maybe Lion Gate knew they could use Norris as a platform to lower the rating for better marketing and that the MPAA were pulling the strings all along blah blah but frankly I think the fans have themselves to blame for this.
    And by fans I don’t mean the people who grew up watching cheesy 80′s action flicks and who either liked the original film or at least were interested in seeing it for its connection to those movies, but those who still find Chuck Norris facts relevant and humerous regardless of the fact they were originally the ‘Vin Diesel facts’ or that they may never have seen an episode of Walker Texas Ranger in their lives or know nothing about Chuck as a person.

  • Khal Drogo

    Okay, I’m on the fence on this issue. While I’ll agree that many films over-indulge in profanity just to mask a lack of talent and creativity on the writer’s part, action films just seem “false” to me if characters seem to be deliberately avoiding foul language. Enjoying a movie is based upon suspension of disbelief, and I just don’t believe that grown men being shot at are not going to drop the f-bomb now and then. I also have to ask a question of those who commented above that they object to foul language in action films: Why do you find cursing to be offensive, but not people shooting each other? This question was broached in the article, but no one in the comments really wants to answer. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that swearing makes you uncomfortable, but not bullets riddling a human body? I think that bears further investigation and perhaps a little introspection (maybe even a visit to the shrink).

    I have issues with people who get soooo upset over language and sex in cinema, but see nothing wrong with on-screen violence. Personally, I don’t have any problem with any of it, because none of it is real… it’s all make-believe and illusion; but finding offense with one of those things and not the others is completely nonsensical.

  • Steve T.

    The one thing I hate about movies now is all the F bombs and bad language. Seriously, who talks like that? It isn’t necessary. Keep all the bloody violence in there but the language isn’t necessary.

  • Chris Etrata

    What’s next, Norris demanding he plays a villian who gets to shoot first and Sly only shooting in self defense?

  • Alex

    taking expendables and neutering it defeats the whole point of getting action stars together. I’m not paying money to watch Norris, Li, Van Damme, etc play kumbaya, I’m paying money to watch them throw out one-liners, kill whole armies and swear like a sailor.

  • Max

    I love the idea of a family friendly action film. I mean, who didn’t love those G rated movies such as “Invasion USA” and “Missing in Action”

    In case you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic.

    This man made a living off some of the most violent actioners of the 80′s and now he’s Mr. Values?

  • Reade

    The Octagon – R. A Force of One – R. Silent Rage – R. Forced Vengeance – R. Missing in Action – R. Missing in Action II: The Beginning – R. Code of Silence – R. Invasion U.S.A. – R. The Delta Force – R. Braddock: Missing in Action III – R. Hero And The Terror – R. Delta Force 2 – R. Hellbound – R. The Cutter – R.

  • spongefist

    When Chuck Norris whispers sweetly that he loves you, what you actually hear is “Bend over coz I’m gonna round house my cock into your arse”.
    This is why he thinks profanity is for losers. You’ll hear what he goddam wants you to hear regardless of what he is saying.

  • walken77

    Hmmmm. Sign on Chuck Norris gain a few more ticket buyers, take out the vulgerness and brutal violence that made the first one fun and make it PG-13, loss ten times that much of ticket buyers including myself. People watch these movies for the gratuity, take that out and you might as well make it a romantic musical. blah

  • Toastman

    Chuck Norris is so awesome he just makes every other action movie star seem only PG-13.

  • Toastman

    I’m on the fence here. On the one hand, The Expendables was intended as an homage to the over-the-top action movies of the 80s, and was intentionally avoiding the over-stylized action styling that is in vogue now. To that affect, going PG-13 seems to conflict with the concept of the films, and is likely going to piss off the demographic that made the first time a hit.

    On the other hand, you can get away with an awful lot these days in a PG-13 movie, so it is certainly still possible to make a hard-hitting action movie at that rating, and PG-13 films as a general rule perform better at the box office than R, so with so many names in the cast, the lower rating increases the odds of it being profitable.

    As for my personal feelings on it, I’m a big fan of the first film, but I don’t see graphic violence and frequent f-bombs as being prerequisites to making the film enjoyable.

    On a side note, there is nothing wrong with a man standing up for his principles. You don’t have to agree with those principles to respect Norris’s choice to hold to what he believes. In fact, it seems to be fairly common for entertainers to mellow as they age (and having kids probably has more to do with it than anything else, as having children can really affect your outlook on your life and legacy). As another example, Eddie Murphy became a star based on his foul-mouthed comedy, and now he sticks to doing family-oriented stuff.

  • Darth Vader

    Noooooooooooooooooo !!

  • Smike

    I will never understand the American sensitivity when it comes to “foul language”. In Germany, explicit language alone would propably get it a “12″ rating. But the incredible amount of violence is what got the first one an “18″ rating… The f-word and other stuff shouldn’t be an issue at all while you have heads shot off with a pumpgun. How can someone, let alone an entire country, be offended by mere profane language but not be disturbed by massively gruesome imagery?

    Rating “The King’s Speech” R for “foul language” was the most ridiculous decision ever. You need to get your priorities straight or you’re on the verge of turning into the same narrow-minded religious fundamentalists you’re presumably fighting in the Middle East…

    • Agent_Black

      ….the man has point.

    • Sccitylhh

      Love this comment.

    • LZ

      The MPAA doesn’t represent the opinion of our “entire country.” Yes, their ratings are a complete hypocrisy, but so is everything else they represent, including SOPA. Their infamous mouthpiece is corrupt, disgraced former senator Chris Dodd, and as a whole, they’re a bunch of corrupt, greedy, censor-loving asshats. Don’t get it twisted.

    • TheWonderfulSmike

      Absolutely Correct!!!!

      Thank You!

      …from a U.S. Citizen ;-)

  • rajah

    Who gives a fuck about Chuck Norris? He made R rated films in the 80′s His TV series sucked beyond belief. He has no presence never tried to learn to act.


    I honestly don’t really care. All the “gore” in the first one was badly CGI’d anyway. I don’t even remember any hardcore cursing, either for that matter.

  • Batboyuk


  • mikeyaz17

    ok… so.. first of all norris is one of the biggest douchebags on the planet and i WILL KICK ARSE when given the chance… and he will be informed that he just got his booty rocked by a gay guy… but the hypocrisy of him not wanting bad language in a movie but is ok with the extreme violence is a testament to just how fu*ked up this country is


  • Travis

    PG-13 means I’ll skip it…I was looking forward to this, but enough’s enough- a golden opportunity has just been blown to smithereens. Leave it to Hollywood to take a good idea and destroy it for want of more money. Say it out loud- The Expendables 2 will be 13-year-old friendly…

    Go back and watch Chuck Norris’ body of work and you’ll immediately realize how hypocritical and ridiculous this really is.

    Shame on you, Sly.

  • Baldrick

    It’s like megan fox lying naked on your bed with spread legs(the expendables 1)

    while telling you, you can watch but not touch(the expendables 2)

    It’s like the doctor telling you there’s nothing abnormal with your prostate(expendables 1),

    except for his dick pushing on it(expendables 2).

    • Prozac_Parade

      Dude …
      Nobody wants to see Megan Fox naked.
      She couldn’t even act naked, even without clothes.

  • Adam

    Don’t forget that Die Hard 4 was PG-13, and it was still awesome…

    • HuDaFuK

      Emm, no. No it was not awesome. Not even slightly.

      • Adriel

        actually, yes, it was awesome. probably the best one so far (although there is a new one in the works… but i don’t know why)

  • Prozac_Parade

    Chuck Norris doesn’t wait to hear what his movies are rated; Chuck Norris TELLS you what his movies are rated.

    First movie sucked. Second movie is gonna suck even more in Pg-13.

    I hope they kill Chuck Norris though, and then at the end of this one, they’re all sitting around drinking and he’s like “Thanks for not killing me, guys!” too.

  • Tim

    Good for him for standing up for his faith.

  • Stinky

    You hear that, Sly? It’s the sound of ticket sales dropping. Glad you feel the need to appease Chuck Norris over your fans.

  • Jay

    This is terrible news….You know this movie is going to suck now…think A-Team but worse.

  • TJ

    Aren’t we forgetting how violent the first movie was? Take out all the F-bombs and it still would have been rated R… I’m very interested to see how this pans out, did they cut out the violence too?

  • wtff

    What the F@#k, Chuck?!

  • Rukia

    PG-13? LMAO. So much for making this for the fans as a throwback to the action flicks of the 80′s and 90′s. Expendables 2 just became a cash grab bonanza.

  • Skani

    Don’t pour too much hatorade on Chuck. No way that Sly or anyone else let Norris’s demands tip the scales on this rating issue. I think the reason is pretty obvious: box office. It’s the same thing they did w/ AvP and has been a general trend w/ action. Attributing it to Norris is good for Norris (he sounds as though he still has pull and scores brownie points w/ the conservative audience), and it’s good for the $bottom line$.

    I do think it’s a poor choice for a movie like this. My thought at this point:
    1) pt 2 can’t be worse than pt 1 (right?)
    2) if pt 2 is worse than pt 1, we may wander into “so bad it’s ironically good” territory.

  • SC

    Chuck Norris is an overrated has been! All the movies he did in the 80′s were R rated. This movie just became the next A Team but worse. I was hyped for this movie but not any more. Way to go Hollywood nice to see you still do any thing for money you f@%king monkeys. I will not be seeing this PG-13 garbage. And for the people that are glad they are cutting out the foul language and violence go see finding nemo you morons. Fuck Chuck Norris You fucking has been! Who the fuck do think you are. These movies are supposed to be violent with foul language. There throw back to go great 80′s movies with lost of blood and guts. A real man movie! Fuck Chuck Norris, The Hollywood studio putting out this garbage!

  • Jake

    Chuck Norris had nothing to do with changing the rating.

    He’s got a minor cameo in the film, never asked to be included, and wasn’t even needed to make the cast seem impressive.

    If the studio wanted it to be R, then they just wouldn’t have hired Chuck. Simple as that. It’s obvious the studio wanted the PG-13 rating and Stallone went along with it for the $15 million paycheck.

    (I would ask how people could be so gullible over a story like this, but then, we ARE dealing with the Expendables fanbase.)

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  • Dominic Sparks

    Some of the best action movies out there used very little if any language. Look at the Star Wars movies, the Raiders of the Ark movies, and many, many others. I’m not usually offended by the language, but have been to movies where it was used so often, I got sick of hearing it. In real life, I assume people who continually use this language have very little education or are mentally slow, have gotten a reaction at some time to certain words, and they stuck. It could also be that some people have very little self esteem and think the language will make them appear tougher or meaner than they actually are. Make believe, just like in the movies. I have been known to use a word or two myself when startled or hurt. But being as well educated and self confident as I am, those occasions are the exception not the rule. And we all know that the movies are make believe and will do whatever will sell the most tickets to their targeted audience.

  • R D

    Only reason I am going to see this film is Chuck Norris is in it. I avoided the first one. I highly doubt I would have seen this film at the theaters if Norris had not been in it.

  • BUCK

    -Chuck Norris does not sleep. He passes out after two wine coolers.

    -For Chuck Norris, the roundhouse kick is not a signature move, it’s just the closest he can come to his high school cheerleading days, which he misses sorely.

    -Stephen Hawking once beat Chuck Norris in a foot race.

    -Richard Simmons once told Chuck Norris to quit acting like such a fag.

    -If you yell “Chuck Norris” into the Grand Canyon, it echoes back “is a pussy.”

  • DavyBozal

    The first movie was ok in my book but it seems the way people are talking that this movie sequel is gonna be so much tamer that you can bet that there would be more bad language in an episode of Dads Army and most of the old timers are about the same age as well . We shall just have to wait and see .

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  • Adriel

    Avatar- PG-13, Titanic – PG-13, The Avengers- PG-13, The Dark Night- PG-13, star wars episode IV: a new hope- PG-13. these are the top 5 highest grossing movies of all time. you can look at the top 20 highest grossing movies of all time and the only R rated film you’ll see was the passion of the christ at number 18 and then finally the hangover and a few R-rated films started to sprinkle the highest grossing list at number 54. just because it’s PG-13 doesn’t mean it won;t be good. the one thing about all those movies is that they were action packed. action is visual and the language is audible. it’s an action film, not a language film. quit being such babies about it. if you’re this sensitive about some words being removed you’re not mature enough to watch the movie.

  • KJ

    Call it what you want, I just don’t like the language and many movies I’ve seen seem to just throw it in just for the rating. Never seen a movie Id walk away from just because it lacks language that is usually thrown in haphazardly and Im more likely to walk away from it when it is.

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