Will Mel Gibson Be the Villain in THE EXPENDABLES 3?

     June 7, 2013


As The Expendables 3 puts together its requisite cast of 80s and 90s action stars, it was probably only a matter of time before Mel Gibson joined the party.  According to Showbiz411, sources are saying that Mel Gibson might play the villain in the third installment of the action franchise.  Back in April, Sylvester Stallone tweeted/joked that Gibson should direct “EXPENDABLES FIVE”, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a place in the franchise for the rage-filled, anti-Semitic former movie star.  He’s already playing his first villain role in Robert RodriguezMachete Kills, and these supporting baddies may be the only parts Gibson can get for the foreseeable future.  Could anyone buy him as a hero again, and would any studio take the risk to find out?  Considering that his last movie, the surprisingly entertaining Get the Gringo, went straight to VOD/DVD, probably not (and even in that movie, he played an anti-hero).

The Expendables 3 will star Stallone, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, and Milla Jovovich.  The movie opens August 15, 2014.

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  • John

    Get the Gringo was great!

    • David

      Hell yes it was

      • Armando

        very underrated film

  • Hop

    I still like Mel Gibson, whatever he may or may not have said aside. He should just star in as many movies (good movies, preferably) as he can. Can’t wait to see him in the Mad Max remake.

    • werefon

      You think he’ll show up there? Tom Hardy now the Mad Max(good or bad is yet to decide)!

      • Hop

        I know he will show up there. He will have a small role as “The Drifter.”

      • werefon

        Well, now i have a second reason to watch it on a big screen! Damn! Need trailer!

  • Hop

    And you calling him a “rage-filled anti-Semetic star” is complete crap. The dude was drunk. Do you go calling Christian Bale rage filled?

    Shut up, Goldberg.

    • Still a fan

      Was he drunk when he beat up his now ex-girlfriend when she was pregnant with his kid? No doubt he has issues… but his issues are SERIOUS ones and Goldberg aint wrong. Bale at least had cause being stuck on a incompetent movie set, and you should also be aware that in Britain, yelling or swearing at someone falls under assault, you don’t have to be physically violent, which he wasn’t when he told his mom and sister to F off.

      • David

        He has problems like you, like all of us, but lumping anti-semetic into it shouldn’t happen. The man is one of the great directors of our time.

      • goop

        But… he IS anti-Semitic. He said some pretty blatant things. It’s not “lumped” in. It’s true. Why is it so offensive to you that it gets mentioned here?

      • David

        What do you base this on? What he reportedly said to the cop? That Jews are responsible for the war in the world? A case can be made that that is true in the middle east. That doesnt make him anti-semetic.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      What an idiot. Gibson has repeatedly ragged on Jews, drunk or not. Grow an effing brain.

      And, yes, I think Bale is rage-filled. So is Crowe. And Snipes. What’s THAT got to do with Gibson’s problems?

      • Hop

        Anti-Semitism is something invented by rich, American Jews to blame all their troubles on. Not promoted at work? Anti-semitism. Guy cuts in line? What an Anti-Semist!

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  • tweyel

    I usually support the Goldberg, but this is too much.

    Mel Gibson is not “rage-filled.” He was angry once when he was intoxicated.
    Mel Gibson is not a “former” actor.
    It’s sick that other stars in Hollywood are to self-righteous to work with such an amazing actor. I really wish they would let him make Maccabees.

    • David

      Yes please. And the Viking movie.

      • Northern Star

        Damn straight on that one, David dude, Mel was spotted in Dublin last June scouting potential locations for ‘Bezerker’ (his Viking movie), so it must be reasonably close to being production-ready… the sooner the better, Mel is one of the best directors of his generation, and any new directorial project from this master craftsman is a very welcome one indeed, go Gibbo!

        And that’s just typical slander from a faux Jew like Goldberg, I’d tell you to go screw yourself Matt, but I get the feeling you already attempt that on a nightly basis, you utter knucklehead!

        More Gibbo, less Goldberg, ’nuff said.

    • Hop

      I NEED to see Maccabees. That will be awesome. And I am patiently awaiting Beserker.

  • Doug

    With that facial hair and the freedom to go “balls to the wall” I could see a truly epic performance coming from Gibson, for bonus points they can put a beaver puppet on his hand

  • carl napolitano

    Love Mel Gibson!!!!!!!

  • The Beeznee

    Anybody that hates Mel Gibson for his off-screen antics is absolutely hypocritical and naive. What Gibson does behind closed doors is his problem and not the audience’s. I, personally, think that Mel is a phenomenal actor, and he has been unjustly chastised for things that should have remained private. Yes, he has issues, but I’m not looking for a role model. I want to enjoy the movie’s actors and characters, and Mel always exceeds in this aspect. Please have perspective before you all make rash judgements on things that really aren’t our business.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      And anyone who defends him is an idiot.

      • The Beeznee

        That’s your opinion but know this, douchebag. I am not condoning what he has done, but I rather like his acting and movies, and I will continue to like him because of his sheer talent and passion for movies. Pun intended.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        And thanks for proving my point, dirtbag.

      • Old Soldier

        At least he didn’t rape anyone and get More movie rolls. **CHOUGH-miketyson-CHOUGH**

  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/‎ tarek

    Please Mel, don’t be a part of this silly masquerade.

  • derek

    I wont watch anything involving Sly or Arnold. Sly just makes crap movies these days. I couldnt even sit through either of the expendables.

  • David

    You say anti-semetic like it’s a fact. What do you have to base this on? Did he force jews into concentrations camps? Or did he utter a line to a chatty cop while drinking? YOU have a lot to say most of the time, what have YOU said to others in your short history on this earth? I’m sure there are many things we could brand YOU. Don’t put Mel Gibson in the same category as Hitler because he doesn’t belong there. Be smarter than that.

  • David

    MEGAN ELISON!! ATTENTION MEGAN ELISON!! Fund this man’s Viking movie please!! You are the movie savior!!

  • Armando

    “You look like a fucking pig in heat Barney Ross and if you get raped by a pack of n-” BANG! “I was wondering when he’d shut up”

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  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/‎ tarek

    Say what you want, but Mel is one of the most talented Actor/director of Hollywood.

    And if you have any doubt about it, just watch Lethal Weapon, or The Patriot, you name it.

    And Apocalypto was a damn good movie. We need to see more stuff like this.

  • SombreroMacReady

    Killing it with that photo choice, Matt.

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