Writers Hired to Adapt World’s Lamest Comic Strip, THE FAMILY CIRCUS

     October 19, 2012


I don’t know who reads The Family Circus, although I’m sure they’re perfectly nice people.  For those who haven’t read Bil Keane‘s 42-year-old daily comic (now drawn by his son Jeff Keane), it’s basically “Kids Say the Darndest Things”.  Fox and Walden Media have been trying to turn the strip into a live-action franchise since 2010, and now they’ve hired writers Nichole Millard and Kathryn Price (The Game Plan) to pen the script.

Perhaps The Family Circus is far more popular than I think.  According to Variety, “The Family Circus books have sold over 13 million copies, and more than 60 collections of the cartoons have been published.”  Of course, I’m sure there was data saying that Marmaduke would be a big hit.  If studios are bent on opening the Sunday funnies as they’re source of inspiration, perhaps they can pick up Liō, which is actually clever, and would be a challenging adaptation since the character never speaks.


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  • Really?

    Collider hires lamest blogger to write about movies, his name….Matt Goldberg

  • Hrothgar

    I read it all the time, when I was seven.

  • Anonymous

    I love this comic! Booo on you!

  • Lance

    I don’t think a Family Circus movie is the greatest idea, either. But picking on Family Circus is like picking on a five year old, when you’re in the twelfth grade.

  • CinemaViper

    Lame? Let’s see if you’re still @ Collider in 42 years. Why is it that people feel the need to bash anything with a sense of values? Sorry that we’re not cutting edge enough for you. This comic makes me smile when I think back to how much it is like my childhood. You’re childhood must have sucked.

    • Strong Enough

      shut the fuck up

      • Justin

        Yeah! You sure told him you jack-ass

  • Tim

    This article was skillfully crafted by only the best of the opinionated bigoted writers.

  • Neil

    “Lamest”?? Just cos you don’t like it doesn’t make it that.

    It’s definitely entertaining & there’s a certain innocence to it that’s very appealing. Also it ain’t easy to create a comic strip that’s funny where the characters don’t speak at all. I ESPECIALLY loved the ones wherein the entire comic would have arrows that you’d follow to see the entire day/moment in 1 of the kid’s lives.

  • You’re the Lame One, Buddy

    Stop, Matt. Just stop. Your readers hare you for being such a judgmental prick, so why continue being that way?

    • Anonymous

      Sounds an awful lot like a judgment.

  • CamdenHey

    In Matt’s defense, the adapatation will probably end up as another craptastic snoozefest from Fox, in turn only shaming the great heritage of funny cartoons that The Family Circus truly is.

  • James


  • Tony Bada-Bing

    I don’t mean any disrespect at all to Mr. Goldberg, but I’d like to offer constructive criticism. Isn’t it a bit unprofessional, as a journalist/reporter, to offer a personal opinion upon the subject they’re writing about? Isn’t a reporter supposed to just get the facts about a subject, organize them and report them? Seriously, what sort of a headline is that? Again, I mean no disrespect whatsoever but this just struck me as a very odd way to write an article.
    Secondly, what makes this comic strip lame? I don’t read comics every day, but the times I do I see this one, I find this comic strip funny. Sure, it’s got a family-friendly theme to it- but I don’t think that makes it lame. In fact, this would make it a great family film, as long as the writers understand the material and can make a good story for it.

    • Hi.

      This is Matt Goldberg you’re talking about. King of condescension.