Fox Renews FAMILY GUY and AMERICAN DAD, But THE CLEVELAND SHOW Future is Uncertain

     May 10, 2012


Well, at least part of Seth MacFarlane‘s portion of the Animation Domination line-up can celebrate today. EW has word that Fox has renewed Family Guy for an eleventh season and American Dad for an eighth season, each consisting of the standard 22 episodes. That means the Smith and Griffin households are happy, but the Brown family isn’t thrilled, at least not yet, as Fox is holding off on a decision to renew The Cleveland Show for now.

It’s not clear if they’re waiting until the upfronts to announce it (why not just hold all this information until then?) or if they’re waiting until the last possible minute to bring it back. Honestly, the animated series started strong, but it’s never reached the caliber of Family Guy or American Dad (which is vastly underrated and sometime better than the former MacFarlane series). Apparently there’s enough episodes in the works to keep The Cleveland Show going for a fourth season, so a decision might not necessarily come soon. Stay tuned as the upfronts get closer and more information becomes available on all series renewals and new series pick-ups.

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  • Calcazone

    American Dad is terrific, I don’t really care if the other two weren’t renewed, not that I hate them, I just don’t watch those ones anymore.

    • LEM

      I agree with you. American Dad is by far the funniest animated show on television and they have some of the best jokes of any sitcom.

    • Norm

      I’m in the same boat. I think AD is fantastic but I can’t stand Family Guy. That always seems kinda weird because all three shows share alot of the same DNA but there’s just something about FG that just turns me off. Cleveland Show is… okay I suppose. I enjoyed it at first because it was the most straightforward sitcom-y type of the 3 but it hasn’t been wowing me much lately. As long as they keep Bob’s Burgers and AD going for now I’ll be content.

      • LEM

        Oh yeah Bobs Burgers has gotten very funny. Their version of the Reservoir Dogs ear cutting scene was great.

  • Eric Nixon

    Does The Cleveland Show really do that poorly? Huh. I guess I’m in the minority (no pun intended). I typically think The Cleveland Show is the better of the three, and never became a fan of American Dad.

    • Travis

      I agree Eric. I don’t watch a lot of THE CLEVELAND SHOW, but I’ve watched it more than AMERICAN DAD. And any cartoon that manages to snag David Lynch for a voice role as a bartender will OWN in my book.

  • Jessica22

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  • ScaredForMovies

    I think Jessica22 wants to hand out some angry handy J’s.

  • JPA

    I’m a huge fan of Family Guy,but I think it should end soon. The last two seasons were pretty bad. You can see the decline in the jokes. They sould end it before it becomes another Simpsons.

    American Dad,on the other hand,it’s really good,and I’m happy to see it renewed.

  • glr

    I’ge been saying that American Dad is one of the funniest show TV for a while now and Rodger is the funniest character animated or otherwise.

  • cd

    Are they replacing the Cleveland Show with the Flintstones remake that McFarlane is supposedly working on? Just what we need to jump the shark again.

    Cleveland Show didn’t hit me as a particularly funny show. He look I’m animated and nude and operating a toilet looking device. Haha, funny toilet humor. And lets break away for another random 5 minute clip of 60′s people singing.

    McFarlane is a self indulgent overly spoiled lunatic.

  • Ben Carroll

    Used to like Family Guy but the jokes got old and repetitive, there’s not much or any character development anyway and the show’s been developing a real mean streak as of late. American Dad is the Seth MacFarlane series that does it for me and find more easy-going and relaxed. I really look forward to the next new series of AD.