Fox Announces Release Dates for THE FANTASTIC FOUR 2, WOLVERINE Sequel, Untitled Marvel Film, TAKEN 3, Ridley Scott Project, and More [Updated]

     March 20, 2014


20th Century Fox announced a bunch of release dates tonight:

  • The Fantastic Four reboot is still casting for a 2015 release, but Fox is ready to plan The Fantastic Four 2 for July 14, 2017.
  • The sequel to The Wolverine hits theaters March 3, 2017. [Update: Deadline reports that Fox has set David James Kelly to pen the sequel, which returns James Mangold to the helm with Hugh Jackman starring.]
  • An untitled Marvel film is scheduled for July 13, 2018.
  • Liam Neeson returns for Taken 3 on January 9, 2015.
  • An unspecified Ridley Scott feature is dated for March 4, 2016.
  • Matthew Vaughn‘s The Secret Service (now October 24, 2014) and an untitled Vince Vaughn vehicle (now March 6, 2015) switched release dates.
  • Frankenstein starring Daniel Radcliffe is pushed back from January 16, 2015 to October 2, 2015.

More on the Marvel stuff after the jump.

x-men-days-of-future-past-castIt was reported last year that Fox recruited X-Men: Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg to create a superhero movie universe in the vein of the Marvel Studio line that led to The Avengers.  Fox has the movie rights for two major Marvel properties: X-Men and Fantastic Four.

The untitled 2018 Fox/Marvel movie could draw from X-Men or Fantastic Four—either a direct sequel or spinoff films.  (Maybe the studio wants to revisit Deadpool or a Silver Surfer standalone movie?)  Heat Vision suggests it could be an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover in the report on release dates.  After all, a crossover on that scale would be the ultimate goal of a Marvel-style universe with the Fox-owned characters.

Here is the schedule for Fox’s upcoming Marvel movies:

  • X-Men: Days of Future Past - May 23, 2014
  • The Fantastic Four - June 19, 2015
  • X-Men: Apocalypse – May 27, 2016
  • Untitled Wolverine sequel – March 3, 2017
  • The Fantastic Four 2 - July 14, 2017
  • Untitled Marvel movie – July 13, 2018

Regarding the other announcements: Ridley Scott is always attached to many projects, so that could be anything.  I think the most intriguing possibility is Prometheus 2.

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  • Shawn Micheal Madden

    Definitely saying FF/XM. And I’m hoping that Ridley Scott project is the sequel to Prometheus.

    • Scullibundo

      Either that or Ridley Scott is finally moving on The Forever War.

    • The Flobbit

      Or Brave New World, or Blade Runner 2, or the Forever War, or the football injuries film, or Blood Meridian…

      Like Guillermo del Toro and Steven Spielberg, Scott is a brilliant director attached to so many projects it’s hard to tell when he’ll get around to anything.

      • MGS

        Unlikely to be Blade Runner 2, which is a Warner Bros. property after all…

      • Batt Damon

        Please for the love of god, I hope it’s not Blade Runner 2.

  • 80sRobot

    X-Force is probably the “untitled Marvel movie”.

  • George

    Ugh, f*ck off Fox.. Nobody wants your Fantastic Four reboot.

    They sure seem confident for a sure fire bomb in the making with Fantastic 4. They realize they are going up against Jurassic World, Pixar’s Inside Out, and Ted 2 all within a week of FF coming out? It’s gonna get shit on at the box office. I’m fine with them keeping X-Men, but for the love of all that is holy, just give up on FF already. How about using those resources to get those X-Force and freakin DEADPOOL movies off the ground? Now those are movies I’d be excited to see

    • Kota Lancaster

      Jurassic World (assuming it looks good) is going to probably absolutely crush Fantastic 4.

      • George

        Yup and releasing on the same day as a Pixar movie? Suicide…

      • TJW

        That’s what people said about World War Z when it opened a week after Man of Steel and directly against Monsters University in the corresponding weekend of last year (#25), en route to a 66 million opening weekend and 540 million world wide total. Different audiences.

      • George

        Similar audience for Jurassic Park and FF though.

      • 80sRobot

        Yeah, but that was zombies. The public has been eating up zombies like anything lately, thanks to Walking Dead.

      • Neven

        Fantastic Four doesn’t have Brad Pitt.

      • The Flobbit

        Fantastic Four has a terrible cast.

      • Neven

        That, sir, is true as well.


        I agree,you can’t predict what the public wants all the time. FF actually has star power and a director who made a science fiction/superhero movie already. Jurassic World has a lot to live up to and it could make or break.

      • Ridge

        even if it’s not good, every fan of the franchise will go to watch it at least one time and that’s enough to make some millions and distract people from FF

    • David

      I kinda want a fantastic four reboot. The past two movies were trash.

      • George

        So do I, but not from Fox. They need to go back to their rightful home

      • Batt Damon

        If it’s more First Class and less Last Stand it’ll be alright with me. It all depends on the filmmaker. Singer and Vaugn’s X-Men movies for Fox ruled. When crappy filmmakers like Tim Story and Brett Ratner are in charge the movies tank. Chronicle was fantastic, so I have faith in Josh Trank.

    • Ridge

      It doesn’t matter if it’s the best FF movie ever made, they are in the same month against this huge movies (Jurassic, Ted 2, Inside Out), there will be no audience for Fantastic, Jurassic World fans have been waiting for this movie since 2001, Ted 2 will atract the young/adult audience and Inside Out will take parents and kids, so there’s a little quantity of people left, I’m not a fan of Fantastic Four, but I hope make some money at least to establish to Fox that FF is not a very popular franchice and the idea of a FF/X-men crossover… come on, X-men all ready have tons of characters on their movies they don’t need more people with super powers

  • Kota Lancaster

    This reminds me of when WB started prepping for the massive success that Green Lantern was going to be, green-lighting and fast tracking a sequel before it even came out.

    • George

      Yeah this has bomb written all over it, and I urge everyone out there who’d rather see Fantastic Four go back to their rightful homes, to at least skip seeing it in theaters. That’s what I’m going to do. Just gonna Redbox that sh*t later

    • Batt Damon

      Studios start commissioning sequel scripts before the first film is released all the time. They need to be one step ahead of themselves in case the movie actually does take off.

    • 80sRobot

      All the Hollywood studios are good at these days is making release dates, not movies.

  • TigerFIST


  • Batt Damon

    I’m hoping that the 2018 release is an X-Men/FF crossover and they eventually announce an X-Force movie for the second half of 2016. I’d like that sooner rather than later.

  • ThisGuy01

    Untitled Ridley Scott Project…. um…. uh…. okay. So he’s making another movie. That’s nice. Is it sic-fi? Is it A Good Year 2? Something more would be nice.

  • what about Non-Stop doe

    Taken 3: Straight Tooken starring the incomparable Liam Neesons

    • Lee Harvey Cobblepot

      That’s my shit!

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  • Yahzee

    … “Untitled Marvel movie” = Deadpool, pretty please?

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  • Oliver Queen

    As much as i’m exploding from excitement for Age of Ultron and Episode VII, scrap 2015. 2016 will be the BIGGEST MOVIE YEAR. To quote Stark, let’s do a head count, we’ve got Batman vs. Superman (no matter how good or bad, a guaranteed Money Maker just cause of the title) and Captain America 3 (also a guaranteed MM due to the hype for The Winter Soldier with some calling it “the best marvel movie”) both on May 6th 2016, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th 2016 (again a MM since DOFP is anticipated to be one of the best superhero films of all time, people will wanna check out the next chapter), The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th 2016 (With AM2 shaping up to be the best webhead film, the sequel which will continue the arc of the Sinister 6 will also be a MM) and a second Marvel Studios film on July 8th 2016 (If GOTG and Ant-Man are successes, audiences will trust Marvel Studios to deliver a fresh superhero origin such as Doctor Strange or Black Panther). Now if these movies right here can’t protect the box office, you can be damn well sure they’ll avenge it! :D

    • Ridge

      2016 looks great but 2015 will leave us without a damn dollar with so many titles and sequels and I doubt it will have more hits than ’15

    • Doug_101

      The Winter Soldier IS Marvel’s best movie.

    • yrulaughing

      aside from superhero movies, we’ll also be getting Avatar 2, the Independence Day sequel and Planet of the Apes 3 in 2016

      • Sam

        I am already salivating!!!

  • Doug_101

    I’m guessing that the new Wolverine movie being in such close proximity means that Jackman won’t be in Apocalypse, which kind of ruins my theory for the end of DOFP.

    • Batt Damon

      Apocalypse is supposed to be set in the 80′s so he probably won’t be in it. They’re already gonna have to find a way to explain how the Professor didn’t know who Logan was at the start of X-Men yet tracked him down to be a part of the first x-men line-up in the 60′s. Having him show up again in the 80′s would only complicate things more. Then again, we’re yet to see a single X-Men movie without Wolverine in it….

      • Doug_101

        In a conversation between Xavier and Magneto, they vaguely explained in X-Men 2 that Xavier was well aware of Logan’s existence prior to the first X-Men film. My theory for the end of DOFP, though, was that Logan’s mind gets stuck in the past and he stays with the X-Men, basically rewriting the timeline. Then, they recast younger actors as Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey and go from there for Apocalypse.

      • Doug_101

        In a conversation between Xavier and Magneto, they vaguely explained in X-Men 2 that Xavier was well aware of Logan’s existence prior to the first X-Men film. My theory for the end of DOFP, though, was that Logan’s mind gets stuck in the past and he stays with the X-Men, basically rewriting the timeline. Then, they recast younger actors as Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey and go from there for Apocalypse.

  • The Skins Factory

    X-Men/FF crossover? Could be interesting. It all depends on how FF does. I’m not sold on Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic. He seems more like Mr. Semi-Okay. Just doesn’t seem like a leader for the team. Rest of the cast is great. We’ll see though. I’ve learned NOT to judge a book by its cover when it comes to casting (Daniel Craig as Bond, Heath Ledger as the Joker, etc).

  • Norrtron

    I actually don’t want to see X-Men and F4 share the same movie universe. X-Men is such a huge property with so many characters I don’t think it needs crossover with anything else.

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  • alk

    sorry but they really need to stop looking so far ahead. 2018?!!? Who the fuck wants to even think that far ahead. We might not even be a country by then.

  • Steven

    Untitled Marvel film = The Punisher :D

    • unsocial

      Nope… Rights went back to Marvel/Disney a while ago… Not to mention the studio with the film licence previously was Lionsgate..

  • Pk

    Wait I thought the ff reboot was shelved for good?

  • bidi

    i bet the untitled Ridley Scott is an unannounced X-Men/Fantastic Four movie, since that’s clearly all they have.
    but in all seriousness, i want Fox to stop making X-Men movies. not forever. just for a little while. let the people breathe. i’m all for Fantastic Four, since people largely forget those movies. hell, i didn’t even see the second one till it was on tbs like last year or something. i just want something new. i’m sick of seeing the same stuff over and over and over again. Marvel can keep doing it because they’re giving us NEW stuff. including the ’90s garbage film, the Winter Soldier will only be what? Cap’s fourth total theatrical film? and that’s even assuming the 90s one was a theatrical release. i just want new stuff. so chill out with the X-Men, Fox. and when you come back – with a new Wolverine (because no one wants to see a 60 year old Huge Jacked-man doing this) – we’ll all watch it. and hopefully love it

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  • Atlasshruggedmyass

    There is no buzz or demand at all for this terminator genesis reboot
    There doing so fox should move FF to 4th of July weekend of 2015
    Instead of opening a week after “Jurrasic world” and opening directly
    Against a pixar film which will definitely open to over 60 mil.

    But seeing how the first week of march is the biggest release date of the
    Spring, FOX is insane for moving “secret service” to halloween 2015 and
    Putting a vince vaughn film in that date. Every vince vaughn film has
    Bombed hard for several years now, what in e hell were they thinking?! And
    Enough of all these terrible wolverine stand alone films!

  • EB

    Don’t forget that Fox has discussed an X-Force film. I bet anything that’s what it is.

  • yrulaughing

    that “untitled Marvel film” is most likely the X-Men/Fantastic 4 crossover, timed to compete with Avengers 3
    too bad there’s still no confirmed Deadpool movie

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    It would be a bold move to make a Sliver Surfer movie. It would be something new FOX instead of reboots and sequels,X-FORCE is along those lines but it looks cool.

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  • Joey

    The Woverine sequel for 2017 ??? Hugh Jackman will have to retire after that one.

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  • Seanpb

    The T-Rex?

  • Sam

    Jurassic Park 3 was rubbish, hopefully they will redeem this time out

  • Seanpb

    They were good in their respective roles, but the first film was a cannibalised interpretation of the book and the second was Spielberg’s King Kong, which completely ignored the brilliant source material.

    Even if they lifted half the stuff that didn’t make it from page to screen it’d be worthwhile. Motorbike chase, please.

    My point is the films we got – whilst very entertaining – weren’t really Jurassic Park films.

  • Ridge

    T-Rex is the only reason fans will go to watch this

  • The Flobbit

    I too, would really like a sequel – a dangerous, thought-provoking sequel with Shaw and David heading deeper into space, to find life’s origin. Kind of like 2001…

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    As long as PG-13 superhero movies keep bringing in boatloads of $$$, no studio is going to take a chance on an R-rated superhero movie. Not after Watchmen and Dredd under-performed (in spite of both being good films).

  • DNAsplitter

    I know. It just sucks.