Allison Williams Eyed for FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot and Set to Star in ROSALINE

     April 30, 2013


Girls star Allison Williams is making the move into features.  Williams, who plays Marnie on the polarizing HBO comedy series, has booked a starring role in an upcoming feature film and has landed on the short list for a highly anticipated superhero reboot.  Deadline reports that Williams will topline the Romeo & Juliet reimagining Rosaline, which tells the classic Shakespeare story from the point of view of Rosaline, Romeo’s jilted ex-lover.  Michael Sucsy (Grey Gardens) is directing the period pic from a script by (500) Days of Summer scribes Scott Neustader and Michael H. Weber.

The Shawn Levy-produced project was previously set up early last year with True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll in talks to play Rosaline alongside Dave Franco and Lily Collins as Romeo and Juliet, but that version of the film did not move forward.  There’s no word on whether Franco and Collins are still attached, but the project is said to be mobilizing at 20th Century Fox.  Hit the jump for news concerning Williams possibly starring in the Fantastic Four reboot.

allison-williams-fantastic-fourAdditionally, Deadline notes that Williams is “on the short” for the Fantastic Four reboot, which is in the “very early talking stage.”  So essentially it sounds like Fox and director Josh Trank (Chronicle) are interested in Williams, but casting is ongoing and no final decisions have been made.  It’s safe to assume that Williams is a contender for the role of Susan Storm aka “Invisible Woman.”

Very little is known about The Fantastic Four at this point, but we learned in February that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer scribe Seth Grahame-Smith had done a polish on Jeremy Slater’s script.  Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn is onboard to produce, and with a spring 2015 release date looming, we should start hearing more with regards to casting in the coming months.  The Fantastic Four will open on March 6, 2015.


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  • Chris

    She is not a very good actress.

  • Bob

    No, no, no. Elizabeth Banks as The Invisable Woman. Dave Franco as her younger bro aka The Human Torch. Not sure who for Mr.Fantastic and Thing.

    • Andrew

      He’s a midget

    • LEM

      Banks is too old for the role but there has to be a young, capable blond actress that would be better. We don’t want another awful Jessica Alba in a wig with blue contacts?

      • Bob

        I don’t think Banks is to old for the part. I think she is still beatiful and a great actress. She would make me believe who her character is; a smart,strong,beatiful woman who can kick ass. And I think Dave Franco is perfect for the part; his 21 Jump Street role made me think of him in the role instantly. Another choice is Chris Pine; he’d do a good job to.

        Anyway I also like someones suggestion below of Joel Edgerton motiin capture as Thing. His voice is good for the part and he has the look for the part kinda. And now all thays left is Mr.Fantasic.

  • sense 11

    Would it kill them to get an actual white blonde actress to play a white blond character.

    WTF is wrong with FOX?

    • Andrew

      Joking hopefully?

      • sense 11

        No I’m not joking, i want comic adaptions to actually resemble the comic. No blond Batman’s and such.

    • Convoy

      Isn’t that what hair dye is for?

  • Dan

    Personally I would love to see Michelle Williams or Carey Mulligan as the Invisible Woman In my opinion.

    • brNdon

      Yea. Because we need an Invisible Woman who looks like she is always about to cry.

      • Dan

        Mulligan? I think she’s a terrific actress. 100 times better than Jessica Alba.

  • Evan

    Come on guys. Invisible Woman should go to Amber Heard. End of discussion!

    • Rich woa

      mmmm just the though of Amber Heard in spandex.

      • Rich woa


  • amg907

    Mr. Fantastic – Jon Hamm or Aaron Eckhart. Viggo Mortensen maybe?
    Flame Fag – Jai Courtney
    Invisible Woman – Amber Heard maybe? But i’m liking Bryce Dallas Howard
    The Thing – Motion Captured character. Michael Chiklis did great last time. I dont know who should play him.

    • Dan

      Viggo Mortensen and Jai Courtney would be interesting. I would go with David Tennant and Shiloh Fernandez. Interesting choices for the Invisible Woman. As for the Thing, Joel Edgerton.

  • Guy Smiley

    I know nothing about this woman, except that she looks ridiculously hot in those glasses.

  • Nmaster

    at the end of the day it’ll be a monetary decision – who will bring in the most quadrant audiences – ‘girls’ or more appropriately ‘tweens’?

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