FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot to be Penned by Jeremy Slater

     July 13, 2012


Hot on the heels of the news that Fox’s planned reboot of the Fantastic Four will be helmed by Chronicle director, Josh Trank, the studio has tapped Jeremy Slater to pen the project.  The first family of Marvel that features the Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch and the Thing previously appeared in two movies, 2005’s Fantastic Four and the sequel, 2007’s Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Neither of those properties were particularly good and didn’t make a dent in the same way that other Marvel or DC properties have in recent years.  Attaching the director for the surprise superhero hit, Chronicle and now Slater, who has a Lovecraftian spec script for Tape 4 set up at Lionsgate, may go a long way in giving the remake some geek cred.  Hit the jump for more on Fantastic Four.

Heat Vision reports that Slater has been tapped to pen the script for the Fantastic Four remake, directed by Trank.  It looks like FF is surging ahead of Daredevil, who just lost director David Slade to work on directing the Hannibal television series.  Trank had been circling the project since at least mid-January, while Slater comes as a bit of a surprise.  Other than his horror spec, Tape 4, Slater has also written My Spy, a teenage spy comedy set up at Universal for Jake Kasdan to direct and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura attached to produce.  Perhaps the collaboration of fresh talent will help to pull Fox’s Marvel properties (other than the X-Men) out of the drink and back into mainstream conversation again.


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  • Jake Sullivan

    “Neither of those properties were particularly good…”

    I wish Collider would stick to news and keep their opinions out of it. Hell, I even agree with them in this instance, but it is still annoying that they wave their preferences around like facts.

  • SP1234

    Will only be interested if, no pun intended, one “thing”: keep Michael Chiklis as The Thing, please! He was the best part by far of the two movies, can’t picture anybody else besides him. He IS The Thing!

  • Mikey Filmz

    They should take a page out of The Avengers playbook and Make The ‘Thing’ more like the hulk, abig beast who can inflict major damage and provide the muscle of the group. Plus take a less practical approach with the makeup and go more motion capture combined with CGI like the Avengers did with the hulk :)

  • Mikey Filmz

    Hey wait is that ” Captain America ” ?

    • Get Em

      He was the Human torch long before The Cap

  • Mr.Rich316

    The casting really wasn’t the problem with the FF movies. It was crappy scripts. My only question is are they re-booting with an origin story or is it just a new sequel with a new cast? Really don’t need an origin story,the neither of the last movies are even 10 years old yet.

  • spongefist

    Just leave it alone.

    Fantastic Four is shit in any medium, with any actors with any script.

    They are just shit superheros with shit powers.

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  • sHawty

    Invisible woman i’m so ADMIRING you girl…you’re so more than AMAZING…. <3

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