Kit Harington, Kate Mara, Saoirse Ronan and More Testing for Lead Roles in FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

     October 9, 2013


Despite last week’s news that Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) was being brought on to do a significant rewrite of the script, 20th Century Fox is still movie full-steam ahead on its Fantastic Four rebootJosh Trank (Chronicle) remains onboard to direct and Matthew Vaughn is producing the pic alongside Kinberg, and now word has surfaced that Fox is preparing to offer test deals to a number of actors that will read for the lead roles.  Names like Elizabeth Olsen and Allison Williams have been bandied about over the past year, but this new crop of actors includes Game of Thrones and House of Cards alums along with a couple of other actors who have been mentioned with regards to the project for some time.

Hit the jump to find out who Fox is looking at to play the titular Fantastic Four.  The film is slated to hit theaters on March 6, 2015.

fantastic-four-rebootAccording to Variety, Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), Jack O’Connell (300: Rise of an Empire), and Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) are in line to get test offers for Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, while Saoirse Ronan (Hanna), Kate Mara (House of Cards), and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) are poised to test for Sue Storm aka the Invisible Girl.  Teller has been rumored for the role of Richards for a few months now but Trank denied the casting at the time, so it’s interesting to see his name pop up here once again.

Michael B. Jordan is apparently the only name being mentioned as a possibility for Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch, and he’s had his eye on that role for a long while.  Scheduling issues may arise with some of the aforementioned candidates, as Fox wants to start production on The Fantastic Four during the first quarter of 2014.  O’Connell is set to play the lead role in Angelina Jolie’s historical drama Unbroken, which starts filming this December, and Ronan has admitted that she’s auditioned for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, which starts filming in Q1 2014 as well.  Game of Thrones doesn’t start filming season five until July, so Harington’s in the clear.

Obviously things are still in a state of flux with Kinberg reworking the script, but a couple of these actors may very well end up in the final roles.  Apparently no names have been mentioned for the villain or Ben Grimm aka The Thing just yet, but with a March 2015 release date looming I’m sure that’s next on Trank’s to-do list.


  • Romsy

    With each bit of casting news for this FF movie, it’s more and more obvious that they are going with the Ultimate universe story line where they are young prodigies that have a lab accident to get their powers. Kit would be a good choice for Reed, he plays the quiet/ troubled guy that can step up when it hits the fan well on GOT.


    gotta say none of the news about this movie has gotten me excited yet. I remember like a year ago there were rumors of adrian brody testing for reed. that would have been much cooler imo

  • Drake

    I don’t think Ronan will be in Episode VII. She’s said that pretty much everyone has auditioned for Episode VII, and I’m assuming that anyone actually being considered would have signed non-disclosure agreements. That said, I think Mara would make a much better Invisible Woman than her.

  • Guest

    PLEASE cast an age-appropriate Mr. Fantastic, and PLEASE use CGI to recreate Jack Kirby’s Thing. Get the whole thing to look like a late 60′s fF story, use as much of the original material as possible, and STAY FAITHFUL to it.

    Thanks ever so much.

    • PANTS

      We both know none of that is ever going to happen, apart from the CGI Thing.

  • Theodore Trout

    PLEASE cast an age-appropriate Mr. Fantastic, and PLEASE use CGI to recreate Jack Kirby’s Thing. Get the whole thing to look like a late 60′s FF story, use as much of the original material as possible, and STAY FAITHFUL to it.

    Thanks ever so much.

  • JK1193

    Still want Nick Frost to play Ben Grimm, although Chiklis is a tough act to follow as his Thing was the best part of the previous movies.

  • GunzOfNavarone

    Saoirse Ronan is a great actress but totally the wrong fit for this. I’d prefer her in Star Wars.

    • John Storm

      I can see her as Sue Storm but it would be a lost for Star Wars

  • Davis

    Apart from Michael B Jordan nothing about this is film has made me interested

  • matt

    I understand that they are going young and trying to adapt the Ultimate FF for a reboot, but I kinda hate that. I don’t think any of those names have the gravitas to play Mr. Fantastic or the Invisible Woman in a movie. Reed Richards is one of the smartest people in the world, guys like Stark and Cap come to him for advice.

    As for Jordan as the Human Torch, I just don’t see it. He’s talented but I just can’t think of him as the character. The whole Ultimate’s thing just feels like an excuse to have a younger, prettier, diversified cast when in reality Reed, Sue and Ben are all middle aged. Mara is the only one who I can see as playing one of the roles and she is probably the oldest one of the names mentioned, so that means she probably isn’t getting it.

    On a side note, kinda shocked to see that Kit Harington has started to become the guy from GOT who is in contention for all these big roles. Not to knock him, but I thought Richard Madden would be the obvious choice from GOT who Hollywood would be all over to cast in their big movies. Especially now that he is not on the show anymore.

    • Strong Enough

      what does looks have to do with being smart? besides it not like mr fantastic is such a golden hero.

      • Xander

        He kinda is since he is part of marvels first family and is pretty much the first superhero from marvel. As for looks, they are important since reed isnt supposed to be a physically imposing person. Hes supposed to be a quiet nerd.

      • Pk

        Richard madden would be perfect for mr fantastic and cast Alice eve as sue storm.

      • Strong Enough

        well all those guys are psychically imposing soo lol

  • Mr. Fraktastic

    I hope Michael B. Jordan don’t get the part and for the first time the Storm family looks related. Nothing against the guy he was great on Chronicle. The choices seem very young for the team i hope the studio choose to stay more faithful to the characters instead of thinking on the new politically correct or thinking on young cast only to get more sequels from the guys or because “it’s the FF for the new generation”

  • dungeons and draccus’s

    Saoirse is hot stuff right now.

  • CatheyBarrett

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